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Updated: Link Building Guide to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2024

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It’s a well-known fact that backlinks proved to be a significant part of SEO. That being said, for making your website rank higher on the search engine results page, it’s worth considering building good quality backlinks to the site. But SEO techniques in link building guide turns out to be tedious at times.
“Long content receives 77.2 percent more backlinks over the short articles”

This link building guide 2024 (updated) shows how quality content can get a better rank on the SERPs. That being said, you will get certain powerful methods by which you can build quality backlinks right now. So here is a concise guide to creating backlinks for a website that you should take into consideration.

Long-form content generates more backlinks than short blog posts

Case Study From Backlinko

What are High Quality Backlinks?

A high-quality backlink refers to the natural, highly reputable, and highly relevant link. These are the ones that will be behaving in the form of the individual link and improve ranking.

Determination of the precise domain strength 

The strong domains with the DA, DR, or even the organic traffic that are trustworthy, according to Google, make sure about giving you a good backlink. It’s worth noting that the first ranking page on Google has an average of 3.8x more  get backlinks compared to positions 2-10. Always consider the backlink from the strong and authoritative domain and also build some trust. Then start passing on to your site. The calculation of the domain rating between 0 and 100 lets you know the quality of the backlink. 100 being the strong rating ensures that your website will be ranking faster.

High-quality backlinks are the ones that have the characteristics: relevance, link profile quality, outbound link quality, traffic, authority, editorial standards, and indexation.


Relevance is important than how many backlinks are there on the website. Link-building efforts should be focused on relevant opportunities. The Relevancy Pyramid comes with fewer link-building opportunities that prove to be 100 percent relevant to your website. Using some tools and resources for link building guide organizations can start website SEO.

The Relevancy Pyramid, however, is vulnerable to changes if you’re working in local SERPs. Focusing on geo-targeted opportunities is a must. Only then go with topically relevant prospects on the national level. With that, you can rest assured about getting the most natural and relevant link profile.


Get links to your site from websites with organic traffic. SEMRush can let you get the relevant idea regarding the website getting organic search traffic.


Website getting organic traffic has authority. Ahrefs‘ DR help prioritize link building techniques prospects based on their site authority. Also, go through the Domain Rating (DR). The stronger a website, the harder it becomes to get backlinks.

Link Quality

Manipulating third-party metrics like Ahrefs’ DR or Moz’s DA can give you the needed results by checking Link Quality. Analyze the backlink profile manually and run the website through Ahrefs. With that, filter their links by “do-follow.” Sort them to filter out the strongest links with the highest DR.

Editorial Standards

The harder it is to land a backlink, the more valuable it turns out to be.

Outbound Link Quality

Websites that hold strong editorial guidelines link out to quality resources. If you want the link to “live” around trustworthy outbound links, it’s worth choosing to enter your domain into Ahrefs Site Explorer. Then just go to “Linked domains” under “Outgoing links”: make sure to examine every prospective website and raise questions like how are they linking out and whether or not the outbound links are relevant.


Getting links on indexed websites is a must. If you don’t check it and go ahead with the process, the links will be worthless. For that, search “site:” In case you don’t get the name listed there, avoid the website.

Link building strategies for 2024

  1. Authority Transfer Technique
  2. Publishing the Skyscraper Content
  3. Email Outreach
  4. Leverage Public Relations
  5. Involving LIS Technique
  6. Considering the Editorial Links
  7. Guest Blogging
  8. Leveraging The Phantom Technique
  9. Getting the Backlink with the Help of Creative Infographics
  10. The Switch Up Technique
  11. Involvement of Oprah Technique
  12. Broken Link Building Technique
  13. Listicle link building

The effective ways to get high-quality backlinks in 2024 need a bit of research. Now the methods that you should consider for earning quality backlinks are as follows:

Authority Transfer Technique

The Authority Transfer Technique doesn’t prove to be technically a “link building” tactic. Still, certainly, it works as a powerful way to distribute link authority (PageRank) to important SEO-driven pages. It was one of the best link-building strategies in 2021.

Step 1: Identify pages on your site with existing backlinks. For that, you can use Ahrefsor any other tools.

Open up Ahrefs Enter your domain Start analysis. There, click on “Best by Links” that you find under “Pages” Sort by “Referring Domains”

Step 2: Go with the Addition of the internal links on those pages to relevant SEO-driven pages.

Right after that, go with the addition of the internal links.

Your internal should be focused on targeting topically relevant pages and the ones you’re trying to rank.

Also, pay attention to using exact match anchor text with your internal links. Make sure about utilizing the best backlinks for SEO method when publishing a new SEO-driven page. That said, it proves to be one of the best ways to give your page a boost through digital marketing updates.

Publishing the Skyscraper Content

Around 17. 90 percent of marketers stick to utilizing content pieces as their main way to generate more backlinks. Publishing the skyscraper content can help in building the backlinks from authority sites like HubSpot or

But here also you have the most important thing to consider: the links for website linking are only from the authority sites. Go ahead with the identification of the pieces of the content that are good enough on the internet.

Then you can just go ahead with the simple Google search. Make sure about using the target keyword, and you will see what content is appearing right on the top pages of the search engine results page.

Step 1:

First of all, you will have to just find the content in the Industry that is already performing quite well. Do a simple Google search for the keyword, and you will find the first page results.

SEO link building techniques

Step 2:

Search first page result

Google SERP - link building strategy

It’s obvious that the result ranking on the first must have lots of external backlinks

Step 3:

You should just go ahead with creating the content to stick to promotion to the people you are mentioning in the post.

Make sure about improving the pieces of the content around ten times better than the ones that are already ranking. Ensure including images, eye-catching images, optimized images, videos as well as an Infographic.

Remember that the backlink techniques in 2024 will be one of the most important Google ranking factors. With that, you can rest assured of the improvement of the content and the promotion. For better results, you can go ahead with the different methods for promoting the skyscraper content.

For that, you can also mention the renowned content marketer or the tool. Let that creator of the tools know about how you have featured their product in your content. With that, you can rest assured that increase in the number of likes, comments, shares, and backlinks around ten times.

After you are ready with your amazing content you can pitch to the sites that have linked to that content that you have created something better than them.

Email Outreach

Email outreach is basically a form of reaching out to people via email. The purpose is to promote a piece of content, request a backlink, or get a collaboration with influencers.

There are several ways you can start email outreach for your website.

  • Set Goals
  • Create list
  • Find email address
  • Prepare your own template
  • Personalize your mails
  • Be specific don’t add unrelated things
  • Follow up only once if required

You can use this email outreach sample to approach authors

Hi [Name],
I am reaching out to you because of your article: [Link] caught our attention as we were searching for [Title], your article is a great read!
I think our piece [Link] which covers an overview of [Keywords] can be linked to any relevant text in your article since we are within the same wavelength and share almost the same type of readers.
Do share your thoughts.
Thanks & Regards

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Leverage Public Relations

65 percent of digital marketers have mentioned how link building is the hardest part of SEO. in this regard; building relationships prove to be one of the best ways to build backlinks.

Relationships prove to be ultimately the way of generating high-quality backlinks to your website. When people don’t have appropriate knowledge about who you are, they won’t link to your website.

Remember that public relations don’t immediately increase rankings and give you the scope for future success. Leveraging public relations proves to be the most necessary step in your backlinking journey.

Gradually, it will give scopes for establishing yourself in the form of an expert in your industry. Do start being active on social media. Besides, also include transparency, and then the audience will appreciate it.

Staying active on social media gives the scope for starting to interact with a variety of people. Besides, the method also gives the appropriate opportunity to meet others in the industry and public relations.


Platforms like Link-able also provide a great place to build relationships with freelance writers and marketers who have access to other websites. You can connect and meet with experts who can help you build quality backlinks, although most are for hire through outreach.

Public relations gives the ultimate step to getting quick link building. Besides, you can grab the opportunity of establishing yourself as an expert for a quote on a particular topic.

A bigger email list means that there are higher chances of building more relationships. With that, you can get better opportunities for backlinks.

Involving LIS Technique

According to the SEO updates in 2024, involving LIS Technique plays a major role in link building guide. For this process, first of all, you’ll have to bring up the question of what qualities make people want to link to your website.

“Length Implies Strength” or LIS helps immensely to set long-term goals.

For more backlinks, pay attention to creating long-form content.

Remember ” Long content gets more backlinks than shorter”

In-depth content that is well-thought-out and adds massive amounts of unique value can give you the best results.

Considering The Editorial Links

A good link building strategy has its core focus on the earning of the authority of editorial link. Always make sure about providing the immense value right in the way for earning the quality editorial link.

Remember that there is never any viable strategy with a close relation with flooding the internet with the text and hoping for the best.

The main thing that you will have to consider in this process is that no company will give you the backlink to any random person running the website.

The blogs have the nature of accepting the backlinks because it is helping them out to most of the site. The site whose link you want will always want the same thing.

Always make sure that your SEO content strategy is relevant to the website.

Ensure that your content has in-depth and detailed researched details; it is well written. You have to show proof that the audience also read it at the second-grade level and feel comfortable reading it.

Make sure that you have the proper Idea daily regarding the kind of audience. Evaluation of the other guest post is also a must during quality link building. Pay attention to keeping in mind the best times when you can make a Pitch. By following the best way to create backlinks, you can achieve good results.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has always proven that it turns out to be the best way to create backlinks for a website. That said, you can get access to high quality do-follow backlinks.

At the starting point, you may see that it turns out to be a challenging task and will be taking a lot of the time because most of the guest blogging sites have a long process involving the request.

Sometimes, you will have to wait for a few days of the month to get a reply. But once you learn about the packing hacks, you can rest assured about getting the quality advantage.

  • All you will have to do is just open the Linkable website and sign up.
  • Then you can get all the skilled authors with great portfolios.
  • There, you will have to mention the website and the backlinks needs, and the people will be there to approach you and offer for building the links and getting the guest post published on behalf of them.

The other method that you can follow is finding the bogging sites available from Google.

  • In that method, you have to search the targeted keywords and offer the list of the website that will be related to your Niche.
  • Also, make sure about locating the email with the help of the email marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more.

Some websites will be readily agreeing to your proposal when you’re giving them the appropriate content. Again, some other websites will be paid and will be charging you for the blogging because they have high-quality do-follow backlinks and plenty of traffic on their website.

Leveraging The Phantom Technique

After some time, you’ll reach your target backlink volume for a specific page. But in case you are not ranking where you want to be, you’ll have to consider Phantom Technique.

Strengthen your existing backlinks instead of building more backlinks. Also, referred to as tier two link high quality link building guide, The Phantom Technique proves extremely powerful, and your competitors will never get the clue you’re doing it.

Getting The Backlink With The Help Of Creative Infographics

It’s worth noting that in 2024 the Infographics are turning out to be popular for bringing traffic to the website. In the digital era, the demand for visual data is increasing every day, and this is why Infographics are attracting customers to a huge extent.

With one of the best ways to build backlinks, it’s easy to understand and share for getting the valuable backlinks from the paid and a free popular website.

You can make a simple infographic using Canva.
Build high quality links using infographics

You can go ahead with hearing the Infographics. All you will have to do is create the Infographics carefully and select an interesting story for the audience. Then ensure about searching the trendy topic and also what the audience is looking for.

In the process, it’s always necessary to consider providing the full information regarding the topic with the help of the Infographic. For that, you can use many tools to create Infographics flawlessly. Some of them are like the Infogram, Photoshop, and more than that.

The Switch Up Technique

This technique proves to be a favorite way to build relationships fast. Build relationships with the websites before you ask for something. An exchange of value is an important point here. “Value” comes with money, help, or content. Acquiring links without having to pay people to give the best scope.

Building real relationships proves to be the best one for accomplishing the goal. Use the Switch Up Technique by following certain steps.

  • Go through your blog content, examine all your external links and look for links out to general websites. Some of the best ones are Wikipedia, CNN, or any authority website.
  • Go to Google, and there you will have to look for a replacement from a lower authority blog.
  • Change the link while reaching out to the person.

Scaling the efforts is a must. Learning about how you can create backlinks turns out to be stressful, especially when you are a beginner. It’s worth considering putting around 10 percent of the efforts into the creative backlink strategy while doing the rest with the creation of high-quality content.

Involvement of Oprah Technique

Super simple technique involves getting you to get interviewed and land links.

For this method, just Go to

Google → Enter “interview + niche” or “interview with + [YOUR COMPETITOR]”

As you reach there, pay attention to all prospects to your link building database.

Reach out and pitch yourself for the interview.

Broken Link Building Technique

Building high-quality backlinks using the broken link building techniques is a great way to achieve the needed results. The website always keeps adjusting, moving, and changing the web pages as well as the content. The links to those websites sometimes break or even start hitting the dead end.

If you see that you have clicked on the link on the web page, that gets the error page like 404 error page not found. There may be chances that the link has got broken or there is no existence of the page. This is the instance that keeps hurting the site’s user experience, and the search engines also become unable to crawl and index all such pages.

That is where there is an importance of the this techniques in the form of the powerful advanced link building exercise. You can consider using the these techniques for earning valuable links back to the site. The process is also very easy.

  • For that, you will have to just go ahead with identifying the broken links on the site related to your topics.
  • Spot the broken links and the nature of the previous sites.
  • Make sure about creating around two time’s better quality content than the previous site.
  • Now reach out to the site owner or the Webmaster and ask them to replace the broken link linking to the content of your website.

You can also consider it as a win-win situation. You can get the scope of winning with the utilization of the high-value links, and the site owner also wins by eliminating the broken links. They have the idea of how the broken links can be bad enough for their website.

The process turns out to be similar to guest posts, but there is only a slight difference in how the broken link techniques do not have the involvement of a lot of effort, unlike the guest posting method.

You can also use the existing content for the generation of quality backlinks with the help of the broken link-building technique instead of just creating new articles. Besides, you can also check the broken link building with the utilization of the tools.

Listicle link Building

The jaw-dropping fact is that Listicle content generates the highest unique backlinks compared to all other blog post content types. Listicle link building is one of the most important ways by which you can consider getting high-quality do-follow backlinks. For that, you can check out the entire site that will be listing the competitor sites but not you.

You can consider dropping an email to the journalist or the blogger and letting them know how you will be the better Contender than some of those already on the list. Some people are always happy to update and add the business to the site when you provide the information related to their website.

Remember that it’s all regarding the promotion of the product and selling the brand. For making sure that you get the high-quality do-follow backlink, go with publishing the ultimate guide. When it comes to content marketing, make sure that you include the ultimate guide because it has enough information that the users won’t be finding somewhere else.

Quality backlinks turns out to be the best method for the primary purpose that it can help in positioning the content in a viable way. Besides, it can encourage others to link to the site. Around 65 percent of marketers believe that domain rating/domain authority plays a role as the metric for overall backlink quality.

When it comes to the high-quality external link, always stick to the right approach for the domain relevancy and the quality content that will increase the external links and traffic. Visitors understanding the nature of the backlinks in SEO alongside high-quality backlinks features turn out to be the key to increasing the potential related to the inbound link.


1. What are high-quality backlinks?

In essence the definition of a quality link is the one which is genuine reliable, highly trustworthy and relevant. While the best backlinks offer the greatest benefit, you can enjoy good results with low-quality links. You should also try to avoid spammy links of low quality at all cost.

2. What are backlinks and how can you obtain them?

Links from other websites to yours, that back to a specific page of your website. Backlinks are also referred to as inbound links as they are visitors from another site that are directed to your site. The quality and number of backlinks you have can assist you in ranking better in search engines like Google or Bing.

3. How long will it take for backlinks to be visible?

It can take several days for a new URL to be listed.

The results show that a single backlink will take approximately 10 weeks to give the page to a higher rank on Google. If you’re lucky enough to acquire multiple hyperlinks at the same time you stand a greater likelihood of ranking higher than other sites at a rapid rate.

4. How can I get high-quality backlinks to my website?

There are multiple ways you can create backlinks for your site. It is always important to go for the quality of the backlinks than the numbers. Google always recommends organic links so, here you can check how to build natural links.

5. Are backlinks crucial for SEO?

Backlinks are crucial for SEO since they inform search engines that a different resource considers your content worthy enough to include it inside their web content. If a site earns more hyperlinks from other websites, they conclude that the site has valuable content.

To Sum Up

We’ve reached the end of the discussion for Guide to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2024. You’ve got the relevant ideas to get high-quality backlinks and the importance of backlinks in SEO. Backlink guides remain the same in the upcoming years it’s just how creatively you can use these techniques to get high quality links.

That being said, you can consider any of the above-mentioned best ways to get backlinks that can give the perfect scope to rank your website and stand out from the crowd.

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