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We are inviting you to write for us to create high-quality, researched, and well-written content on our article submission website. Become a contributor with authoritative and relevant blogs. Get the scope for reaching out to the massive audience with diverse pieces of content at digitalizetrends.com

Are you a digital marketer who is wishing to submit an article and reach out to a lot of audiences?

If yes, then it’s worth deciding to connect with us because we accept worthy and detailed content on our website.

Join the excellent list of contributors at Digitalize Trends with your digital marketing blogs on different subjects.

We have always been looking for creative and innovative digital marketing bloggers who can become our contributors.

Content Guidelines That You Must Follow and How You Should Pitch?

  • Always pay attention to more than 1000 words with around two or three keywords optimized in the content.
  • The subject line you mention in the email should contribute to Digitalize Trends and then the topic of your article in the email. Let us know about your background and skills.
  • Make sure about mentioning one paragraph with the previous article links and your portfolio.
  • Share the Google doc link of the guest pitch with the help of the email.
  • Ensure that you have the featured image for every article.
  • If you are using the images, stats from the other sources, pay attention to providing the credit or reference links.
  • The social media handle links will be applicable for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

So you are now welcome to become a contributor to our blog Digitalize Trends!!!


  • Please never send us the press release of the sale pitches and product promotions.
  • Do not try promoting the product or service with the help of the guest blog post.
  • Never include too many external links in the article.
  • Make sure about only providing the legit links and information.
  • You shouldn’t publish the article anywhere else before Digitalize Trends.
  • Don’t send us spun articles there is a big “NO” for Spin Content.
  • Your content shouldn’t have any plagiarism. In any circumstance, you shouldn’t copy the content from somewhere else. If we identify that you have copied the content, we will ban you permanently from future submission on our site. You can consider checking the plagiarism in the article through precise tools.
  • Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in the content. Please make use of Grammarly to fix the errors.

Never pitch the basic “how-to” or “what is” kind of the articles. We only accept the intermediate to advanced level kind of digital marketing blogs.

Share your ideas, concepts, and pitches with us.

You can send your blog pitch at our email id.

We will review your content submission and see if it’s the precise fit for our audience.  We typically take one week to reply to you.

If you have a query – contact us through E-mail.

What Benefits Do You Get When You Write For Us at Digitalize Trends an Article Submission Website?

Let us discuss what you will be getting as benefits.

  • You can get the opportunity of sharing articles on our blog section and get attention from plenty of subscribers.
  • We can also do the email campaigns to ensure the increase in post pitch.
  • With the content you are posting on all the social media channels, you can gain plenty of followers.
  • You can get access to the do-follow backlinks from the article in the author’s bio section. Besides the special request, we can also provide you with the links in the post that will be relevant and useful.
  • The sponsored posts on social media ensure increasing the visibility of the post.
  • In our blog section, you can consider doing paid promotions on social media with our assistance.

So What Are Our Expectations From The Digital Marketing Contributors Who Write For Us?

  • Before you choose to submit the content, make sure you go through our defined guidelines.
  • Any content that is less than the mentioned number of words is vulnerable to rejection. It’s worth looking at recent posts on our blog that will give you a concise idea regarding the posts we have published.
  • We would recommend you to first suggest the topics that you can write on. You can also email the rough draft of the content ideas with the help of the Google doc’s link.
  • It’s worth noting that only the pre-approved topics are applicable for reviewing or publishing

Here is The Highlight Regarding The Articles That We Accept Under The Different Categories

We prefer the topics that are as per current trends and offer significant insights. We accept the blog topics as per the below categories which are as per our reader’s interest.

  • Digital marketing:

Digital marketing planning, latest digital trends, tips, guides & techniques, and digital marketing strategies

  • Business:

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing analysis, Graphic Design, Online Store, Voice Over Services, Digital/Virtual Assistant, Online Tutoring, Social Media Management, and Podcasting

  • Technology:

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, IoT, digital marketing technologies, software development, mobile, and web app development

  • Gadgets:

Technology gadgets, Science, Alexa-compatible, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Vintage & Retro based gadgets, marketing gadgets, and gadgets for social media marketing, and the newest gadgets for enhancing digital marketing

  • Programming:

Coding Tips, knowledge regarding the Procedural-Oriented Programming Language, Object-Oriented Programming Language, and Functional Programming Languages

  • Social Media:

Social media marketing, content marketing, updated news regarding social media and market research, brand awareness, lead generation, relationship building, customer services, promotional sites, media sharing techniques, social media updates, and news

  • Futurology:

Futuristic technology studies, research & development, strategic foresight, futures thinking, and forecasting

  • Software and Lifestyle:

Latest software news, statistics, trends, best industry software solutions, IT project management, business intelligence, software lifestyle insights, software solutions for Tours & Travel, Transportation, Accounts, Administration, Construction, Healthcare, Media, and Finance.

  • Online Branding:

Online marketing, digital branding, sales, direct marketing channels, mobile app branding, and branding trends.

  • Startup Marketing:

Data analytics, marketing techniques, lead generation tools, growth hacking, product marketing, key performance indicators, pro entrepreneurial ideas, lean startup methodology, and startup development

  • E-commerce SEO:

Keyword research, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and link building for eCommerce sites

  • Blogging:

SEO through blogging, travel technology blogs, healthcare technology blogs, core technical blogs, blogging strategies, strategies for getting backlinks, and related topics

  • Healthcare technology:

Medical practice management systems, E-Prescribing Software, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Urgent Care Applications, Remote Patient Monitoring, Master Patient Index (MPI), Patient Portal, and Medical Billing Software

  • Others:

Assistive Technology, Entertainment Technology, Education Technology, Communication Technology, Information Technology, and Architecture Technology

How To Send Your Article To Us?

We prefer to receive articles in doc format or editable Google drive links. Send us an email to editors@digitalizetrends.com with author name, biodata, and social media links (Twitter or Linkedin). It’s better to give us your article topic before sending the whole content.

Once we receive a topic, we will reply to you with approval or not approval. After approval of the article topic, you have to send content that must be followed by the below guidelines.

Once we receive a topic, we will reply to you with approval or not approval. After approval of the article topic, you have to send content that must be followed by the below guidelines.

If we notice that the content is good then we will publish it and send you a link to the published article.

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