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10 Most Important Parts of SEO Should Be Done Right

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Many things have changed in the world of SEO; however, the fundamentals of it have remained unchanged. Many SEO techniques will drive more organic traffic and rank it higher on the web. For instance, keyword targeting done with the sole intention of improving organic ranking works no more; however, choosing the right keyword is still an important thing.

There are so many SEO techniques out there, making it impossible to determine which ones to add and which ones to ignore. Thus, what is truly the best SEO technique that will drive more organic traffic to your website? Both B2B and B2C marketing companies are looking for the most important on-page SEO elements to get more search leads and clicks on their website. Go through the blog and reach more people using these 10 SEO steps –

But before that, let gather some information on On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO elements. Let’s get started:

Why Is On-Page SEO Important?

On-page SEO assists search engines in analyzing your website and its content to identify whether the searcher’s query is relevant to your website. SEO helps in developing your website as per the developing algorithms of Google. It is vital to have a website with content that is visible to users and search engines. The content must be optimized with the latest practices that are used by search engines like Google and Bing.

The overall size of your business doesn’t matter; what matters is that the website’s on-page SEO must be optimized. Optimization of On-page SEO offers the best ROI amongst any other digital marketing strategy. It has a relatively low price with long-term benefits such as website growth and high-quality traffic.

It is why On-page SEO is essential for developing your website. Without it, you are possibly missing out on opportunities to rank high in the search engine list of your industry. On the other hand, without having a proper and effective SEO strategy, your website might get a low rank in the search list. It is the primary reason why most companies hire a professional SEO agency for optimizing their website on the search engines.

Most Important On-Page SEO Elements

On-Page SEO elements are crucial for the success of your website. Optimizing these key elements is crucial for maintaining an On-Page strategy. The three most important On-Page elements are –

  1. On-Page Content Quality writing with the right keyword placement reassures maximum search engine queries and matches the requirements of your users. Content marketing is also essential for all other areas of marketing social media. Google has outlined several guidelines for creating content for the website while making it user-friendly for Google search results. The content must be expert languages, authoritative and trustworthy. In addition, content must be of high quality and focused on the intention and meaning of your target keywords.
  2. Meta Data Metadata remains in the HTML code of each page of the website. It specifically includes your page’s title tag and Meta description used in SEO results to list your webpage. At the time of using a search engine for looking up a query, you can find the Meta title and Meta descriptions located in the link of that page. Optimizing your Metadata with good and effective keywords and detailed content will help your users and search engines learn what your web page offers.
  3. Internal Linking and Site Structuring  Having an excellent website structure is essential for the search engines to help your website to crawl properly. With easy use navigating bars, anchor links, and footers, search engines can link a potential user to the web page relevant to their query. On the other hand, if you have a website with confusing navigation paths, it might result in the search engine struggling while identifying your website’s page.

How To Do SEO In A Right Way To Drive More Traffic?

How To Do SEO In A Right Way To Drive More Traffic

With all the information, you can implement the best possible SEO strategy for you and your clients. Here are the top 10 crucial parts of SEO that need to be done right to get more traffic and engagement on your website.

You’re Industry and Your Audience Must Be Considered 

If you want to have a practical SEO strategy, you must ask the following question yourself –

  • The industry your company belongs to.
  • About your top competitors
  • Location of where your competitor has spread their business.
  • Primary SEO strategy execution policy of your competitors.

These questions would help you form the best SEO strategy for your website. It also enables you to focus on what has to be done next in increasing your business.

Up To The Mark Keyword Research

Keyword research is the primary thing to identify the potential target to go after and look for what they are looking for on the web. Also – what your audience is searching for is equally important to how they are searching for it. Therefore, even a slight change in keyword study can either create or break your SEO strategy. However, it is best to have a solid hold on the norms of the industry marketplace changes and buyer characters and how it largely impacts the complete SEO strategy.

Improve The Technical SEO

If the technical side of the SEO is struck out, then your entire website gets suffered. Here are some of the examples –

  • If you have created a website with every correct detail, you somehow left a small detail in the canonicalization plug-in.
  • In case you have created creating a large homepage slider that takes around 3 seconds to download.

All these conditions for SEO implementation get dicey. And it is why things are not always cut and dry in terms of effective SEO projects. When your site is gradually getting larger and more complex, then a single mistake in one part of the SEO strategy implementation can really affect another part of the SEO project.

Crawling: To Let Search Engine Spiders Discover Your Website

If the internal linking or your website architecture is out of sync, it will become difficult for the search engines to crawl to your website. Additionally, your website faces major issues 404 issues that effects web crawling and indexing. Technical implementation is another issue that prevents the spiders from crawling to your website.

The best solution for most SEO professionals is to ensure that the following line is removed from the robots.txt: “Disallow: /” Thus, it is essential to make sure that your website is completely functional and crawlable from scratch. Don’t wait until the audit would reveal that you have missed a step while setting up the website. Keep a close watch on your activities.

Taking Plan Into Actions

You can have the best SEO strategies for your website, but you can’t convert it into reality until you take action for it. You might have the best ideas laid out for your website, but it is of no use if you don’t bring it into reality. Take the initiative, and then get the rest of your SEO factors right. It will bring your ranking on top and convert your efforts into hard cash.

Links: A Major Ranking Factor

Interlinking is a major website ranking factor that you must add to your SEO strategy. However, some links can prove to be bad for Google according to Google’s guidelines. For example, spamming links are bad for the improvement of your website. Therefore, you must never use a link that can leave a spamming footprint on your website’s link profile.

If you choose links, they must come from non-spamming, high-quality authorized sites of your niche. As a result of this, keyword research requires a quality search. However, having a bad link on your website every once in a while is not a great deal. It will become a huge deal when bad links are added again and again on your link profile.

The key to having a good link profile is to make sure that you keep changing your profile link every now and then. It will help you to keep a healthy ratio of different types of links that you look after.

Website Analysis And Investigation

No other thing is as crucial for an SEO strategy as accurate reporting. Imagine not being able to report the results of the campaign accurately. In addition, it enables you to make precise adjustments that your business’s SEO strategy requires.

Every other industry has a different timeline for creating adjustments in the keyword strategy. Some might need a day, a week, or even time duration of six months before creating any changes in the SEO strategy. But if you belong to a swiftly changing industry, you need to incorporate a monthly research task for keywords to incorporate into the SEO campaign. It will help you to know what exactly your audience is searching for on the web.

After learning about the primary drivers – keywords and website’s landing pages will help you execute the SEO process and SEO strategy to your website. If you effectively work on this, you can properly adjust to your site and eventually look for the upcoming largest thing in your industry. All this makes it essential to get proper analytics and reporting of the SEO strategies.


Content is one of the primary activities that help SEO professionals in acquiring links that will increase the ranking of the website and streamline organic traffic to the website. However, if the content is not executed properly, then the content can end up being a curse for your website’s existence.

As we all know that the content is not equally created, and some content can be spamming, while some are non-spamming authoritative content. In simple words, if you manually write the content for the website, then you are all clear. It would help you to avoid weird things like reading levels, the complexity of the sentence structure, and other things to create content that ranks your website well.

However, keep in mind that writing web content manually will require a lot of time and effort. This is so because you have to take care of reading levels, sentence structure, and other essential things at once. Taking care of all these will increase the chances that you may end up creating low-quality content due to a lack of skills. If this is the case with you, don’t worry, you can get help from a paraphrasing tool. It will quickly paraphrase the text to improve its quality in terms of word choice, sentence structure, and readability without damaging the original meaning.

Good content must be created in such a way that it goes viral and resonates with your audience. It must create a lasting impact on your audience that your audience turns into your potential customers. It will help you to earn natural links that are otherwise critical while building non-spamming links.

A specific query might pop up in your mind: Whether it is possible to get the content right from the beginning? Then the answer is obviously – ‘NO.’

You can do several things right to bring about the best SEO-friendly content for your website. Some of these things are – keyword targeting, meta-optimization, no grammatical errors, on-page optimization, and optimized images. However, the most important thing is to continue getting the content right regardless of the fact that some things are not falling into place.

Database Of The Search Engine

Databasing is a completely different thing from crawling. These two activities are interrelated and are not equally special. Several things add a negative impact on the indexing action, such as no-index and no-follow. It is similar to doing something like not adding a proper sitemap on your website.

You can have a website without a sitemap with the use of the Fetch search engine, but it is simply easier and proficient in creating a sitemap and submitting it to fetch. Another condition can massively create a bad impact on your website, i.e., cannibalizing your pages and not recognizing hacking matters.

These issues lead to Databasing of double or triple the number of web pages of your website. In addition, it would create interference to the algorithm of Google’s ranking. But if you don’t do the indexing in the right way, you are somehow leaving some sections of your site unnoticed during its crawling on the web. It will lead to some crucial issues in the ranking performance of your website.

It is essential to execute a deep website review and take all the SEO things into account. While doing it, you can unveil the matter that you may not have otherwise taken into account. Uncovering such issues adds a huge distinction to your website’s performance.

Mobile SEO

The growth of Google’s mobile index beyond the first few waves can help you expect to see a great shift in algorithms and updates. Currently, the m-dot mobile website is not recommended and thus must be put to an end. Aside from the issues like duplicate content, some of the mobile sites also introduce canonical URL matters such as indexation.

However, it is recommended that all websites must adopt better practices of mobile-friendly and responsive designs. The prime reason behind all this is that it gives all the versions of your websites an equal opportunity to get indexed and stay competitive in the coming mobile index.

Key Takeaways

All these parts of SEO are highly professional and will help your web portal get to higher positions on Google rankings. These fundamental guidelines will also assist your website portal to move in the right direction that you have worked upon and offer you SEO-based business results in the form of website inquiries.


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