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How to Build a Precise and Flawless SEO Reports for Clients 

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Want to create SEO reports for clients to prove the value of your search engine optimization? This article gives you an overview of all the important aspects of creating a report, including what a report can show your client and how to structure your SEO report.

Why creating an SEO report is important? 

A lot of people overcomplicate SEO audits. You can go all out by polishing the client’s website almost to perfection. But there are many things that you can fail to notice, and if you still do, you can get your client’s website to make huge gains without doing much. You can use sample SEO reports for clients to help you ease the task. Your client must understand the value of your services and how it is beneficial for their business.

sample report

Creating a perfect SEO reports for clients can also work as a client withholding tool. Apart from growing credibility with your client, it can also build trust and retain them for a longer period of time. A high-quality SEO report for the client can also help build your client relationship, as this is the major part of your SEO manager job.

An SEO performance report can be a tool by which you can gain insights and build powerful campaigns for organic search. An SEO report for clients is not only for your client’s businesses, but it can work as a glance overview of your Performance and allow you to look at your problems and opportunities, but how do we do it? Well, we’re going to break down how you do the SEO auditing effortlessly.

Learn how to do a perfect SEO.

How do you make perfect SEO reports for clients?  

If you struggle to create a perfect client SEO report, this is the guide to take it to the next level. Get these techniques to make the perfect SEO Report for your clients.

Understand your client objectives 

Before creating any report or analysis, it is important to analyze that every industry has different needs, and you need to figure out what is important for your client. If you work particularly with one industry, you need to set one objective for your client. If you work with many different industries, you may need to create separate objectives for the respective clients.

Here are some basic examples of the goals your clients may have for their business-

  1. High-quality traffic to their website.
  2. Sell more products and services.
  3. Get more calls
  4. Increase Leads

You can set Goals here;

Set goals

Let’s say your goal is to increase traffic for the client’s website; start your SEO status reports for the client by putting traffic at the beginning of the report.

To show the increasing rate of overall organic search, you need to highlight the SEO site audit, optimize on-page SEO, backlinks, add meta descriptions, update tags, add external links, image submission, updating robots.txt file. Including what you’ve already done for your SEO report for a client will give clarity of where you stand and where you need to go.

Establish your Client KPIs 

Before creating an SEO report, one should always know what KPIs to include and the reason behind them. Firstly, always show numbers that everyone wants as measurable goals!

SEO work reports should show numbers that you can track over time.

It is important to show the bad numbers whey they happen too. Here is the list of some of the most important KPIs to include in your SEO report.


SEO report for clients

Your client needs to know where the website traffic is coming from. Out of all the SEO goals, website traffic is the most common. If your customer aims to increase organic traffic, your SEO report should comprise the customer’s website traffic produced by organic-based and explicit paid search.

 It will give your client clarity of the traffic and let them compare the traffic generated between organic and traffic with the paid ads.

Always include direct traffic in your SEO report for a client. This way, your clients get to know who’s bringing the traffic to their website


Now that we are aware of the traffic, let us talk more about it! An important metric to consist of right in your SEO reports for clients is the overall bounce rate, which specifies that the site doesn’t see the visitor’s outlooks and requests a modification. It could be your site speed, user experience, or quality of content.

Add all these KPI pages by page to give a decent overview of the landing pages. These KPIs are very important if your client’s objective is to increase engagement.

Rate of conversion 

It is crucial to include conversion data in SEO marketing reports. It demonstrates the good and values you bring to your client’s business!

These are the KPIs you need adding to your SEO report if the goal is to increase sales or downloads through the client’s website.

A conversion volume or a high conversion rate tells you how your SEO efforts are getting results; cheers to your SEO-optimized website. With all these performance indicators, you can easily verify the page that converts best and the ones are not meeting the goals.

To track this KPI, you can use Google Analytics.

Keyword performance  

A pivotal part of SEO revolves around keywords, and the most performing keywords provide the best results! Your monthly SEO reporting should include the specific keywords that improved the rankings, enhanced visibility, and average position in your target keyword search results.

keywords performance

You can use Google Search Console or SEMrush or some SEO report generator.

Link Building 

More than 50% of marketers believe that improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound priority. Link building is a crucial facet of SEO. Be it building your page authorities or site’s domain or driving referral traffic.

Make sure that you include the domain authority metrics of the backlinks on your monthly SEO reporting as wells as the lost referring domain.

It is because you need to make sure that the website has relevant inbound links, that not only your backlinks have a decent domain authority and credibility with anchor text. If not, it could lower your ranking, and you do not want that. By tracking new and lost referral domains, you can easily verify if something is wrong. You can use Google search console, Google Analytics, and Moz.

Speed and Performance 

Imagine you google an ‘xyz’ topic on your cell phone to prove a point, and click on a link that took too long to open on your device that you go back and click on another. This is how page speed and Performance works!

They are the key metrics that need to be included in your website SEO analysis report. It should always follow a 3-second rule, a 3-second page speed can drastically improve your SEO ranking. Especially if your competitor’s website has slower pages, it can give you serious results for your Branding Strategies.

SEO Report Layout

The layout is important too;

  1. Make sure that your SEO performance report for clients is effective and readable.
  2. Organize your data in a logical way.
  3. Avoid including data randomly in your report
  4. Make sure each position of KPIs makes sense for your client.
  5. Make it look professional, and include your data in a way that is easy to understand at a glance.

Moving Forward: Upcoming execution plan and strategy 

Always end your SEO report with a strategy for upcoming months. Including this section will acknowledge you to move forward.

Adding to that, you can always include a section for suggestions in your SEO reports for clients. This will enhance your SEO report and turn your report into something actionable.


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