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How to Rank First on Google Without Breaking The Rules in 2022

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A successful digital marketing campaign is incomplete without taking significant steps to make your website rank first on Google search results. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an integral part of marketing a business because an active online presence is what improves its visibility, increases user engagement attracts website visitors, and develops customer trust and your industry authority. 

The ranking higher on Google also generates useful sales leads and can grow your business organically. 

Google is the most important tool you can use in your marketing strategy, to catapult your business along the sales ladder. This is so, because Google is used by billions of people per day, and each visit carries a huge potential of getting your website discovered. 

A website with simple yet effective content and a user-friendly interface are believed to rank first on Google and attract a good percentage of online traffic. See below the result of how it looks alike.

first rank on google searchHowever, behind the shine and glitter of a website, there are several more factors that you should consider if you want to rank without breaking the rules. These come under the White Hat SEO methods.

We have for you, best tricks to make your website get on the first page of Google. Read on to find out!

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a term that consists of various ways, practices that are used to implement SEO (search engine optimization), and improve your website’s ranking, while keeping the terms and conditions of the search engines in mind, for instance, Google. 

Uploading high quality, keyword-rich content, and promoting legitimate products and services on user-friendly, fast loading and multiple device compatible website is an example of perfect implementation of White Hat SEO. Using natural link building strategies, white label social media marketing, and content marketing strategies are best practices. 

Engaging in these organic methods of drawing traffic online is important if you don’t want your website to get banned from the search engines for using Black Hat SEO techniques. 

SEO manager roles and responsibilities are all about not creating Black Hat SEO, a set of practices that are used to boost the ranking of websites and attract traffic while violating the terms and conditions of search engines. 

To avoid lagging, and losing precious leads, Let’s see How to improve Google search ranking?

5 Ways to increase website traffic organically and ranking on the first page of Google in 2022

Ways to increase organic ranking

1. Volume of Keywords 

  • It’s basically a concern of many that, How to rank for a keyword fast? SEO is basically identifying common terms- relevant to your niche that people are searching, and then using those terms in your web content, to make your website appear in front of these searchers, to convert them into leads. 
  • For this, the first step is to determine the search engine queries you want your content to answer. This will help in scooping out the keywords you can include in your blogs,  and webpage information. To choose the right keywords, and monitor their usage, use a keyword finder tool. 
  • For maximum results, you can use various sets of keywords for each webpage on your site.

volume of keywords 

2. Using Meta Tags, Alt Tag, and URLs

  • A Meta Title, also known as the Title Tag is the text that is shown on the Google search results page and browser tabs. It is the headline in blue that we click on, on the results page. They are significant for user experience, SEO purposes, and sharing content.
  • Meta Titles are used to display the topic of the webpage. Title tags are usually of 50-60 characters (with spaces) consisting of the most relevant keywords integrated into a creative, and concise sentence that describes your website/webpage.
  • On the other hand, Meta Descriptions are short one-liner descriptions of the entire content that the user is about to open from the results page. They appear under the Meta Titles, helping in increasing the click rate of the website. 
  • A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) can affect user experience and thus your website traffic and visibility with its structure. 
  • Alt Tags are for uploading images on your website. Google cannot identify images without an alternative text. To make your content relevant and search engine friendly, you can always add keywords to your Alt Text as well, helping you rank first on Google. 

3. Informative Content

  • High-quality, niche-relevant content is an important part of attracting traffic to your website. But using SEO keywords on the content is what aids rank first on Google.
  • Uploading easy-to-read, informative, engaging, and targeted content with proper SEO methods is the key to raising your website ranking and increasing online traffic organically.
  •  If you are having trouble coming up with content yourself, you can take the help of content writing services and boost your web engagement!
  • However, many think that excessively incorporating keywords into content will rapidly boost your website engagement. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Google can identity “stuffing” of keywords, and can blacklist you or reduce your traffic as a penalty for following Black Hat SEO techniques.
  • Value-adding content will always contribute to rapidly bringing visitors to your page.
  • So focus on providing valuable information with a good keyword volume, rather than just the keywords for the best SEO implementation.

4. User-friendly interface

  • Mobile-Friendly: Responsive websites can be loaded easily on phones and tablets are always favored by search engines while ranking. This is because local web users usually use these devices for surfing on search engines for informative web pages. Ensure the high-quality, seamless, and stress-free user experience of your website is a party to boosting your web engagement and search engine ranking for the long run. 
  • In addition to being mobile-friendly, designing an attractive but simple website is important for traffic too. This includes call-to-action buttons where needed, engaging content, and easy navigation.

5. Online presence on Directories 

  • As a local business owner, handling a Google Business Account, and consistently updating it time and again is a fast, free, and easy way to put yourself on local listings, Google Map, and Google Search. 
  • Accurately optimizing online business listing portals such as JustDial and Yelp is an additional step towards attracting online visitors. 
  • Customer reviews on your Google Business account as well as your listings on other platforms will boost engagement and keep your profile active, thus keeping its doors open to new customers. 


Contrary to popular belief, to rank first on Google is easily possible with consistent efforts and the right SEO strategies. Following the search engine guidelines to SEO or contacting content writing services for niche-relevant content will definitely increase traffic on your website to skyrocket your sales and customer engagement in no time at all. 


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