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Get More Holiday Sales with Google My Business Marketing

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching- in fact, for some, it’s going in full fledge.

It’s time to Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way! Are you prepared for this holiday season?

At this season, the holidays are in a boost and, you get more sales than any other season or occasion.

While we have different platforms to boost holiday sales, Google Business Profile (formerly, google my business) aids businesses in their searches by offering the most precise, accurate, and detailed information possible.

Google My Business marketing could be a driving force for the sales of local businesses with a chance to announce flash sales, and limited edition offers, discounts, and event announcements.

It is, however, apt to assume that the competitors are also boosting their businesses through Google my business marketing and will be going along to reach local customers. You can optimize your online store for better conversion. Therefore, a seasonal business is best composed to capitalize on customer interest.

Here you’ll find 6 Google my business marketing optimizations to improve your google page visibility and attract new holiday shoppers.

1. Why is Google My Business Important?

Google my business offers you to list your google business account with services, address on google maps, and local search results. You can display the information about your business, the location, what kind of services/products you deal with, contact details, or a link to your website. Google has also released its new feature of posting a link to articles, you can also add links to upcoming events. It adds great value to your branding strategies.

It improves your business’s search visibility

Setting up of Google business account listing is by far one of the easiest and the most effective ways to be found online. We’ve all probably searched at some point, ‘ice-cream parlors near me, and Google returns a list of locations where you can have your favorite ice cream.

Google business profile search resultsQueries like ‘where to buy’ and near me keywords have increased over 200% in the past two years. The businesses that showed up in the search query list have a GMB optimized page and are attracting you as a consumer.

Think about it in another context; if your business didn’t have a Google my business marketing account, you would not show up the consumer’s search results. Google business account is no longer an option- it’s an essential part of any business’s online presence.

2. Using Google My Business as a Promotional Channel

It is simple that advertising on google my business and using google my business promotional channel is convenient for searchers with as detailed and accurate information as possible with a limited number of clicks. Using Google my business as a Promotional channel will help your business with holiday sales opportunities.

These google my business posts will boost your business;

  1. Events – Hold an event with a Holiday theme and promote it on Google my business.
  2. Offers – Promote time-sensitive offers, videos, discounts coupons, sales copy, and graphics. What’s new You could list a few seasonal products, hampers and use them to attract the holiday shoppers’ attention.
  3. COVID 19 – Publishing all the safety measures and hygiene protocols.

Google Business Profile

3. Why is Google My Business Listing Important for Your Holiday Business?

Creating a Google business listing on my google page is an initial step to a thriving local holiday search. And for good, Google my business Listings holds an impact for businesses looking for local exposure. Google Local search will focus on the need for a google business account listing for new and established holiday business’s resulting in more holiday sales opportunities.

  1. Business address
  2. business category
  3. photos
  4. reviews
  5. ratings

A well-optimized google my business listing is most important for local searches. Get out yours and get your google business account optimized.

4. How to Use Google to Verify My Business? 

So, you’ve claimed your business on google; great! Next, Google will ask you to verify the business to ensure that you are the best person to manage this business on google. Now, you need to complete the verification process to manage your business’s information on Google easily. The most common way to use google to verify my business is through postcards. Google will send a postcard with a unique verification code to the business address you provided when you request a verification.

Ensure that the address you’ve entered with your business details is accurate and complies with our guidelines. It can take one to two weeks for the postcard to arrive. While you’re waiting, do not edit your google page. Some businesses can use Google verify my business through phone; if you see the phone option to verify your holiday business, using that is recommended since it’s the fastest.

5. Why google Ratings are Important?

It can give your business credit without having to spend any time. Google my business ratings, or for that matter, google reviews can give any potential business to prove themselves to their customers.

People can use google my business ratings and rate their business without downloading the app, making it fuss-free. Google reviews allow businesses to play regarding boosting your local SEO. Hotels have the highest number of customer feedback and views on google my business search and maps. No matter if the business is big or small, if they take advantage of Google reviews, they will rank higher in the search results.

6. Google My Business Tips and Tricks for Your Holiday Business

  • Focus on the Basics – Holiday searchers need to find accurate information on your Google my business listing. Audit the google my business listing after adding a new service/product and ensure you’ve got your SEO basics covered.
  • Make sure your visuals pop – Focusing more on the video content can be powerful for your holiday sales opportunities. Use pictures of happy customers on holiday locations, a welcome video from your shop manager describing deals and new offers to attract shoppers
  • Responding to customers on time – It is always the best course of action to respond to customers. Responding to customers on Google improves your online reputation, plus it’s always an advantage to get customer feedback.

Moving Forward

Local businesses need to rank higher, and it starts by having a presence on Google my business and starting with GMB listing.

Once your google my business account is set up, it will help you rank higher in local search results. Lay an excellent foundation for your business online!


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