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Effective Ways to Make Brand Awareness Strategies

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Times have been gone when businesses focused only on sales and numbers. The game has changed, and now companies wish to grow numerically and at the same time build a strong bond with the customers. This is called brand image and loyalty. The campaigns that focus on increasing the brand’s value are termed brand awareness strategies. If you wish to establish the Online Business Reputation of your company and make it a trusted brand, you should know a few strategies.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is defined as a consumer’s familiarity with the benefits of your products or services. To grow a business needs expanding customer base, which would mean reaching out to people who are your target customers but somehow aren’t aware of your offering. This is where creating brand recognization plays a crucial role.

But you might wonder if you need a strategy to create awareness. The answer is yes. People should recognize, associate, and later recall your brand. However, if you go randomly without any proper strategy in place, you will end up messing up. It is necessary to use the right marketing tools to reach out to the audience, and hence effective brand awareness strategies are a must.

It’s important that you choose the correct time for making brand awareness strategies. For example, you can start Halloween Marketing Strategies one or two months before Halloween is coming.

Since timing is critical, you should consider marketing strategies that are not disruptive to your customers. For instance, you may want to try Drop Cowboy ringless voicemail or a similar system powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This solution allows you to create and send marketing voicemail messages that customers can listen to at their convenient time. Since it’s not intrusive, customers can pay more attention, boosting brand awareness and conversion rates.

How to increase brand awareness?

There are several ways and approaches to connect with people. The internet itself is a great tool to maximize your reach with digitalization. Below are six digital brand awareness marketing platforms you can use to create a strong association and brand value.

Influencers – Associating with the experts

Influencers know a particular domain, and they share this knowledge on the internet with other people. For example, a fitness trainer would talk about exercise, diet, and lifestyle. He influences people who are looking for inspiration and guidance. He can be an excellent source for creating awareness for products related to health and fitness. So, you should seek association with influencers who will help you build your brand.

The influencers already have a defined category of followers, and hence you can easily design innovative brand awareness campaign ideas with excellent results. You can even ask them to talk about your brand at events or gatherings. Once they share positive reviews about your brand, people will get aware and may consider buying.

Feature your brand on product packaging

One innovative way of creating a remarkable impact on the buyer is to feature your brand on packaging when delivered to the customer. This enhances the buyer’s association with the product and impacts the back of the mind, which certainly improves recalling whenever the customer sees your branding.

A branded packaging serves as the first touchpoint since it gives the premium feel associated with a brand. Hence, it is a fantastic way to build brand awareness strategies. In today’s highly competitive scenario, you should use every opportunity to highlight your company.

Use SEO research data

A lot of people would arrive at your website through organic search. This means you need to be very particular in developing content and websites picked up by SEO. Brand awareness examples that are designed based on SEO are certainly successful.

A significant percentage of visitors check only the first few results during an organic search; therefore, ensure your website is listed in the top results. Your content needs to be unique and valuable to the end-user.

Make the best use of Digital Platforms

One of the simplest approaches to boost brand awareness is the optimal use of social media. Using social media for marketing is the most liked trend across the globe. According to research, 3.51 billion people use at least one of Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, or Facebook every month. This is a massive number for any business that wants to grow and associate with potential buyers. Below are two major platforms you should consider:


This platform is a huge success and is based on promoting stories via images and videos. People connect from all parts of the world and share their views on life, emotions, and experiences. This is also great for promoting your brand since people with similar interests are connected. If one person shares your product or service, it will reach people in no time. Also, read how to change the privacy settings for Instagram.


One of the most powerful social media tools for any business, Facebook can help build a strong brand. Consider this increased brand awareness strategies since you can communicate with groups and communities that have common interests. If the offering and community interests match, you will be assured of success.

Fly with Twitter

When you consider strategies to build brand awareness, you should never neglect Twitter as a platform. Twitter is a bit more formal than other social media platforms since you can directly publish articles, news, share events, and run campaigns to reach your future customers.

You can directly interact with people who mention your brand or even your competitors. However, it would be effective and best if you had a plan when you consider this platform.

Google AdSense

Businesses that understand the importance of brand awareness consider Google AdSense to be a powerful tool. Indeed, this is a paid medium, but it is most effective since your brand and website reach directly to the target audience due to their optimization technology. The auto ads are placed for the best visibility and assure the best results.

Google My Business Profile

Get benefits from the optimized profile of Google Business. Google business profile optimization adds efforts in bringing more business information for your firm. You can even add new events, offers, news, and posts. Read in detail how Google Business Profile helps boost sales.

How to measure brand awareness?

Undoubtedly brand awareness is an important marketing component in this competitive world. However, it is more important to implement the strategy in the right direction.

Once you are done using the available platforms, you should analyze if they are rendering the desired results.

This is where measuring effectiveness plays a vital role. Here are a few conducts to evaluate brand awareness and know if your brand awareness strategies are working:

    1. A survey is the best tool to know if the target audience is aware of and recognizes your brand. This survey can be conducted online with a relevant questionnaire containing the buyer’s perspective and behavior.
    2. Keep a count of your followers on various social media platforms. Be responsive to queries and tags by people so that you eliminate any communication loophole.
    3. Use data from Google Analytics and Google Trends.
    4. Maintain data for SEO strategy and time spent per page.

Key Takeaways

A well-planned and strategized brand awareness program helps you attain all the set goals with minimal resources. It is also essential to leverage the precise marketing tools to reach out to the targeted audience, and so influential brand awareness strategies are a must.

Hence, you can consider building a brand that has loyal customers and appeal to new prospects for further conversions.


Marting is a passionate business writer working in this field for over four years. His tips for branding helped many clients in their businesses. He enjoys preparing content that provides value to users.

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