Halloween Marketing Guide 2021

Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost Sales in 2021

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Hey!!! If you are new to interactive posting, the Halloween season is a great time to gather your Halloween marketing ideas for marketing campaigns, this kind of marketing is highly engaging and encourages the participation of the target audience. 

I’m sure you must be excited about creating new campaign plans and strategies for Halloween 2021, aren’t you? 

To help you out I have made a guide including some extraordinary spooky tips from marketing experts and successful business owners. A focused Marketing Guide based on Digital Marketing Trends observed this year and some real life experiences. 

Would you like to read more about how they run their marketing campaigns? Then go ahead!

In this blog, we will cover all the aspects which we can consider for Halloween Marketing Campaigns that too from some marketing experts and business owners who have applied these strategies to boost sales.

According to Kane Swerner co-founder of Memento Memorabilia, there are a variety of methods in which interactive content may be used to engage with a group of individuals. You can host online activities like a quiz or virtual fashion show of Halloween costumes. To motivate your users to interact, you can consider recognizing and promoting user-generated content (UGC). Invite your followers to submit or post their best Halloween photos for a chance to get a reward from your brand. 

Here are some Pro Tips for Halloween Marketing ideas which are derived from experts;

      1. Run an Email Marketing Campaign with Halloween Theme
      2. Devil in The Design
      3. Spatter Some Pumpkin Spice Over Your Google Ads
      4. Use of Location-based Campaigns To Attract New Customers
      5. Social Media Promotions
      6. Telling a Scary Story for Halloween Marketing
      7. Innovative Offers Instead Of Just Discounts
      8. Publish Halloween Themed Blog Posts
      9. BONUS TIPS: Leverage Digital Marketing Strategies

Halloween Marketing Guide and Examples To Boost Sales

1. Run an Email Marketing Campaign with Halloween Theme

Brian Dean, Founder of Search Analytics Platform Exploding Topics explains If you’ve already discovered the advantages of email marketing, you’re probably aware that making small changes to your email campaign’s theme can help you increase sales or raise brand awareness, especially for service-related businesses like plumbers, contractors, medical professionals, and even financial service providers. Connecting your services to a holiday like Halloween is difficult for many of these companies, but at the very least, you may share valuable content with your audience that has a mild Halloween connection.

Brian explains by an example, Dentists and doctors can write on the dangers of eating too much candy or the kind of candy that your children should avoid, and a security company can post about how to be safe while trick-or-treating. Include an image scaled for sharing on Facebook or Instagram that contains one or two of these suggestions if you share any tips via email marketing, making it easy for individuals to share with their family, friends, or neighborhood group. Just remember to incorporate some branding. Include a unique discount offer for one or more of your products or services in your Halloween-themed email marketing if you want to do more than just raise brand awareness.

Halloween Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Campaign Example for Halloween Marketing

Ryan Novak the owner of Chocolate Pizza Company has run a successful email marketing campaign on “Spookylicious Chocolate Pizza”, he says, “Unique and family-friendly” has been a positive focus in boosting Halloween sales of our gourmet chocolate treats. There is less emphasis now ongoing door-to-door to get a bag full of grocery store candy and more of a trend to family-night Halloween celebrations with a few higher quality treats. They have created a “Spookylicious Chocolate Pizza” that blends gourmet chocolate with homemade English toffee and tops it with chocolate candies and sugar ghosts in wild color schemes.

2. Devil in The Design

As we all know that people start pinging few days before Halloween which drags the attention. Incrementors SEO Services advises to Go for the kitsch. Make it cheesy. It’s Fall, so be cozy as well. Adding a seasonal flavor to your design is a great way to entice customers–it makes your page or emails more visually relevant. An autumnal angle on your shopfront exudes warmth and nostalgia. Be loud, clear, and informative. Color can be used in a variety of ways; if you’re stuck for ideas, just look outside.

Social Media Promotion for Halloween

3. Spatter Some Pumpkin Spice Over Your Google Ads

Utilize Google Ads for Promotions In accordance with Darshan Somashekar Founder & CEO, Spider Solitaire Challenge, Halloween is a good time to tweak your ad copy for any active Google Ads ads. Because Halloween is such a big deal for certain businesses, specifically targeting Halloween-related keywords may be more expensive than usual, but he advises not to simply update the wording in your advertisements while still targeting your typical set of keywords. If you’re used to running Google Ads ads but haven’t tried one expressly for Halloween, now is the time to do so so you can learn what works and what doesn’t. If done correctly, it will not have a negative impact on your business or advertising ROI, but it may assist you by increasing sales.

4. Use of Location-based Campaigns To Attract New Customers

Herbert Riggs, CEO of UnscrambleX is fond of using push notifications from your mobile app as they are a terrific method to notify consumers of special deals, promotions, and events you have going on at any time. Despite the fact that not all users of your mobile app have enabled push notifications, your own analytics will tell how frequently users who receive notifications respond or react to them. 

Herbert says “Combining push notifications with geotargeting makes them much more potent if you have a real location or store. Geotargeting works best when the region you’re targeting isn’t too big – no more than a 500-meter radius around your store – or if you’re targeting a competitor’s or complimentary business’s location.”

A hair salon, for example, could target clients visiting a nearby party décor or costume store, assuming that anyone seeking a Halloween costume or party décor will also want their hair fixed for the occasion. This only works if these clients already have your app installed, thus it’s best to use it in tandem with targeting customers who are near your physical site.

5. Social Media Promotions

Many experts and business owners think that Social Media Promotions are a great way to increase ROI for your business. Jason McMahon, Digital Strategist of Bambrick gives an idea to hold a Halloween costume contest on social media as it is an effective Halloween digital marketing technique. You can make a post on Facebook or Twitter outlining the contest’s terms and conditions as well as the reward. Your followers will enter by uploading a photo of themselves suited up in their costume on social media. This post will not only increase engagement but will also expose your brand to the friends of your followers. 

For better reach, he advises running a paid ad to increase the number of people who view the contest.

Allana a Certified Sleep Science Coach and Co-founder at Comfybeddy.com.au says, due to the presence of a pandemic, everyone suffered mentally and emotionally because there was just so much isolation coupled with uncertainty. We found that incorporating a fun game that entailed submissions such as art, videos, and pictures gave us the ability to engage our community of customers while also attracting new clients looking to join in on the fun and prizes. This was a great way to boost the spirits of our customers during an otherwise unfortunate time.

A spooky makeover for social media profiles – JessicaLipton founder of Elevate Delta suggests before initiating your Halloween marketing, you should come up with a marketing strategy for social media platforms to garner attention especially if you have a decent following.

Jessica says what would Halloween be without a little surprise? Use the element of surprise to drive up engagement on your social media accounts by promoting ‘Mystery Deals’. You can do so by asking followers what kind of deals they want, posting them on their social media, and tagging your business’ account.

Things to remember before running social media contests:

Social Media Halloween Contests

Costume Contest Announcement on Social Media

Steve Scott, CTO at Spreadsheet Planet alerts that the Facebook algorithm has been tweaked over time to penalize posts that ask for a share, make sure to reduce the possibility of this happening by advertising the contest through a paid Facebook campaign as well. The goal is to gather not only user-generated content for future posts but also to expose your business to a new audience, which shared posts are more likely to do. You can either award a prize to the top one to three winners, or give all contestants a discount ticket or coupon that they can use in-store or online.

Read this guide on the upcoming latest trends for SMM.

6. Telling a Scary Story for Halloween Marketing

A good scare is something that everyone enjoys says Alex Uriarte a personal injury attorney in the 1-800-Injured network. Around Halloween, you can satisfy that demand with a simple blog article or perhaps a podcast. You can make it a terrifying story or add some humorous aspects. You might be able to make a connection between the story and your company or industry. However, even if it isn’t directly related, you can still delight your audience so that they have a pleasant experience with your business and an excuse to visit your website every Halloween.

Richard Lubicky, Founder of RealPeopleSearch checked inventory to make sure no need to worry about that while focusing on marketing. He thinks the best method to improve your sales is to update some more Halloween-related content on your website. Adding products is a different thing. You need some blog posts, Halloween guides, and quick checklists for your customers to give them a complete experience.

This strategy is quite simple and helps you generate a lot of sales online.

7. Innovative Offers Instead Of Just Discounts

During the holiday season, everyone offers discounts. It’s so frequent that even with a discount offer, customers aren’t encouraged to shop at your store since they believe they can obtain discounts at any retailer over the holidays.

           – Veronica Miller, Marketing Expert, VPNoverview 

Melanie Cohen the co-founder of Ezixy- Product Search Engine is not fond of emphasize offering crazy discounts but she thinks offering something creative that makes customers say “I want this”. What they do for marketing is, find creative and unconventional costume designs and list them on our front page. Create packages that include all the usual products people buy for Halloween. The packages include treats, masks, costumes, makeup, and lights. People find the packages interesting and economical. Over the past years, the packages contributed about 35% of our sales during Halloween.

Melanie thinks early marketing is the best way to spread awareness, she starts her campaigns a week before Halloween to target their customers.

9. Publish Halloween Themed Blog Posts

Rather than writing spooky blog posts, think about how you might incorporate Halloween into your company’s products or services. Saskia Ketz here, CEO of Mojomox says you’ll be able to create a Halloween blog post that will be useful all year long as a result of this. 

Halloween recipes, decorations, Halloween party ideas, local pumpkin patches, Halloween movies, local Halloween events, Halloween costume ideas, Halloween pranks, Pumpkin carving ideas, and Halloween history are just a few of the Halloween subjects you can think of.

10. BONUS TIPS: Leverage Digital Marketing Strategies

Olga Voronkova, Digital Marketing Strategist at KeyUA talks about amazing ideas to use Digital marketing strategies to make your Halloween Marketing Campaigns Successful.

  • Seasonal videos: The most organic engagement comes from video content. Our company routinely uses video; creating a spooky-themed video is ideal for generating some scary good conversions
  • Theme-based display ads: This campaign uses customized targeted display advertising that follows people from site to site with disturbing messages based on their location, alcohol preferences, and surfing patterns.
  • Blog post: Like regular store promotion via a blog post, we can also make some unique blogs related to Halloween & attached related products in between the content.

Cindy Corpis, CEO of SearchPeopleFree aid few tips for businesses in increasing sales in the Halloween marketing season:

  • Customize Your Services/Products
  • Make sure to get started right away.
  • Create a Halloween logo and send Halloween-themed emails.
  • Make a spooky do-it-yourself video
  • Participate in social media.
  • Provide good bargains and discounts.
  • Organize a One-of-a-Kind Event or a Competition

So, what are you waiting for? Halloweenize your products, services, SEO and up your marketing game. Just with a little bit of work and creativity and employing the above ideas, celebrate the scary good results and get that extra boost in engagement, sales, and branding. Happy Halloween!!


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