WhatsApp Messaging Tricks

7 Interesting WhatsApp Messaging Tricks


There are quite a few interesting features to utilize if you want to make your text messages on WhatsApp stand out more. To find out what those features are, continue reading this article to know some amazing WhatsApp Messaging Tricks.

Type Using Emojis

Inserting emojis in messages is pretty easy and common. In some instances, it is easier and faster to express your feelings via an emoji than text. But what if you wanted to create an abbreviation, such as LOL or BRB, from emojis on WhatsApp?

This form of communication does not look that effective, but it can be fun to use now and then, especially if you want to add some flair to your messages.

You can use Emoji Letter Maker, Love Art, Emojidom Animated, and other similar apps to create a phrase from thumbs up or smiley face emojis on WhatsApp.

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Change Text Color

Similar to the previous section about emojis, you also need a third-party application to change the text color on WhatsApp.

Choose from different colors and send colorful messages after you copy a modified text from a third-party app to the WhatsApp Type Message window.

Try Different Fonts

Fonts are another interesting modification you can introduce. For one, you can change the font size. Increasing the size helps those who struggle with their sight.

WhatsApp has a built-in feature to change the font size. Open the app, go to Settings, and click on the Chats tab. Here, you will see the section for Font sizes. Click on it and choose between small, medium, and large font sizes.

Other than the font size, you can also introduce a unique style of the messages by trying fancy fonts. Again, because WhatsApp is limited in its features, you will have to seek a third-party solution.

Glyphy is an excellent option as it has an entire font section dedicated to WhatsApp. A simple font copy and paste can make your WhatsApp messages look like this:

ⓣⓔⓢⓣ ⓜⓔⓢⓢⓐⓖⓔ

𝓉ℯ𝓈𝓉 𝓂ℯ𝓈𝓈𝒶ℊℯ

𝘁⃥𝗲⃥𝘀⃥𝘁⃥ 𝗺⃥𝗲⃥𝘀⃥𝘀⃥𝗮⃥𝗴⃥𝗲⃥


тєѕт мєѕѕαgє

Of course, using such fonts constantly might be too much for those receiving your texts, so be mindful of this fact.

Highlight Messages With Bold Text

Bold letters are to be expected in communication apps. WhatsApp messages you want to emphasize can be made darker and heavier with bold texting.

To highlight your message, use an asterisk * symbol in front and at the end of your message. Here is how it should look. If your message is *Hello. How are you?* it will be submitted as Hello. How are you?.

If you are on a mobile device and do not want to use asterisks, there is an alternative method. Android users can type the message and select the text by holding it before submitting it. A pop-up will appear, letting you pick the Bold text option.

On iOS, tap and hold on the message until you see a pop-up. Select BIU, and then tap on Bold.

Use Italic Formatting

Similar to bold text, you can also use Italic messaging that slants your text to the right. Tapping on the text and holding on it while you are on a mobile device will bring out the Italic formatting option.

You can also use underscores to make the text slant. _Hello. How are you?_ will look like Hello. How are you? once you submit it to the recipient.

Try Strikethrough Text

Strikethrough messages are not that popular, but the option is still available on WhatsApp. Tilde is the symbol to use in this case. ~Hello. How are you?~ becomes Hello. How are you? after you send the message.

Combine All Three Formats

If you wish, you can combine all three strikethrough, Italic, and bold formats in a message. This is how it looks:

*_~Hello. How are you?~_* becomes Hello. How are you?
_~Hello. How are you?~_ becomes Hello. How are you?
*~Hello. How are you?~* becomes Hello. How are you?
*_Hello. How are you?_* becomes Hello. How are you?

We hope these amazing WhatsApp Messaging Tricks will be helpful to you. Thanks for reading the article, keep texting!


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