WhatsApp Introduces Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms is Now Accessible via WhatsApp on Desktop

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The recent wake of Covid-19 is exceptionally critical, with individuals being forced to maintain social distancing, to minimize the spread of the pandemic. This scenario has propagated several social media platforms to introduce innovative ways of helping users stay connected and how!

The widespread application WhatsApp has recently announced the launch of messenger rooms on desktop. Facebook has been working on the precise integration of messenger rooms on WhatsApp, since the launch in April. After months of research and trial, it has successfully implemented the feature and has already won the hearts of many.

What is the Messenger Room?

Facebook has rolled out this latest development and enabled WhatsApp users to rejoice for reasons more than one! WhatsApp chat rooms have been facilitated to merge Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook could incorporate 50 people in a single video conference and be initially available only on messenger. However, now WhatsApp users, too, can use it and make most of the time to stay connected virtually.

This particular feature is only accessible or available on the desktop or web version of the app. Although there has not been any type of official announcement, it is expected to arrive on mobile phones soon. The company had earlier spoken about its plan of testing messenger rooms with WhatsApp.

Salient Features of Messenger rooms:

Amidst the pandemic and the growing need to stay connected virtually, WhatsApp has increased the total participant limit and is now offering several features under its hat.

  • The messenger room calls can be conducted among 50 participants at a time.
  • The room comprises of a host who can lock the room
  • The host can schedule the messenger room, and participants can join it with the help of the link.
  • The host has the flexibility to either keep the room visible among friends on Facebook or with only a few
  • The rooms offer an added sense of entertainment and features filters, games, and more to keep users engaged.

How to create Messenger rooms via WhatsApp:

The room and its features must have intrigued you by now, and if you cannot wait to explore it and connect to your loved ones, here are two simple steps to create Messenger Rooms on WhatsApp.

Step 1. Users need to first update the web application to the latest available version, Version 2.2031.4.

The room can either be created by clicking on the three dots on the left corner of the screen, followed by the option ‘Create a Room.’

WhatsApp Create Rooms

This scenario further leads to a new window where users can reach out to the feature directly. Click the option ‘Continue with Messenger,’ and a room gets created.

Continue Rooms With Messenger

Step 2. There is another method where Facebook has integrated another shortcut method to messenger rooms in both individual and group chats.

Sign In With FB Or Messenger

To create a room through a chat, you need to click on the attachment clip located on the top right corner, followed by choosing the last option. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, and know how to use Messenger Rooms.

Key Takeaways

With the new advancement in the application, WhatsApp aims to connect individuals and time zones. Messenger rooms promise a new wave towards helping individuals stay connected and seek solace during critical times.


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