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If you desire to watch an old classic show or watch a Hulu Original series or a quick action flick, you can find your on-demand niche on the Hulu streaming platform. You can even upgrade your subscription plan to remove advertisements or opt for premium services.

So, Hulu is one of the finest value additions you can select for an on-demand steamer. Please read further to explore the pros and cons of Hulu and is its on-demand streaming services are worthwhile.

What is HULU?

Hulu was introduced in 2007 and is the eldest name in the streaming space that is still active and operating well even today. It was initiated as a free service that offered internet access. However, it swiftly matured to be more.

There are many ins and outs to Hulu’s constant success as a streaming website, like its massive library of series and shows that have been watched over the years to comprise many of its own popular movies.
So, Hulu is worth it for TV streaming and has a very massive marketing budget. In terms of its new and extensions of its older content, Hulu is difficult to beat by its competitors in the speedily growing media industry.

So, Hulu is worth it for TV streaming and has a very massive marketing budget. In terms of its new and extensions of its older content, Hulu is difficult to beat by its competitors in the speedily growing media industry.

Hulu + Live TV Plans and Pricing

Let us explore the plan & price of Hulu. Hulu has a starting price of $8 per month. It has a free trial length of 30 days. It fulfills the demands of on-demand content, is ad-supported, and has a streaming quality of 4K.
With Hulu’s 15+ years in the streaming business, the service has kept costs lower while sustaining a massive and premium content library.

Hulu endlessly extends its current library swiftly by extending its catalog of original shows and an extensive series of shows from other similar platform networks, many of which you can watch the day after they are released on other platforms.

You do not face any of the streaming issues with Hulu’s content in 4K if you have precise and compatible hardware.
The Hulu free trial offer is a leading edge over its competitors, who do not offer free trials at all. It is even worth considering that Hulu has provided numerous promotional offers than its rivals, and there have always been effective approaches to keep the service cost-effective for its diverse user base even today.

Hulu even provides a live TV selection that lets you tune into 85+ cable channels for some added cost. Hulu + Live TV comes in 2 plans or packages – the ad-supported Hulu + Live TV plan costs you $77/month, and the Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV package leads to a cost of $90/month.

These plans comprise Disney+, ESPN+, and limitless DVR space. You can buy add-ons such as Boundless Screens and the Sports and Español add-ons to extend your subscription package.

What Channels are Accessible in Hulu + Live TV?

Popular Hulu + live TV channels like FOX, ABC, and CBS are offered to its viewers exclusively. Below are the other channels that you can view on the Hulu + Live TV Package:

  • A&E
  • Animal Planet
  • ABC News Live
  • American heroes channel bet
  • Big Ten Network
  • CNN International
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Cheddar Business
  • Discovery Channel
  • Food Network
  • National Geographic
  • Marquee Sports Network
  • Investigation Discovery
  • ESPN Bases Loaded
  • ESPN College Extra
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • Fox News
  • Golf Channel
  • Universal Kids
  • YES Network
  • USA Network
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Olympic Channel
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • This package comprises 65 channels and 80,000+ TV-based episodes. Cloud DVR storage is obtainable for up to 50 hours. It backs synchronized streaming and 6 user profiles.

    What are the Pros of HULU?

    There are advantages & disadvantages of HULU. Here we have mentioned some of the key advantages of Hulu live tv subscription.

    Free Trial

    There is no requirement to buy a subscription if you are checking and trying the tv service of HULU for the foremost time.

    You can explore Hulu’s original content for free for a week, and then you can choose whether to extend your subscription with the basic plan which costs merely $ 5.99 monthly.

    Watch Hulu on Numerous Devices

    You can watch Hulu on a PC or TV through the Hulu application, phone, or tablet. This is effective if you have a big family or group of friends who all are keen to explore the same shows but do not want to purchase an added subscription for every person so, you can save funds and download content you like or need.

    Supported Tools and Devices

    Hulu is worthwhile with most tools and devices for streaming comprising Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, Android gadgets, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, iOS gadgets, and Chromecast.

    The list of supported devices also includes Chrome programs, Roku Streaming Players, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

    Home of Unlimited TV Shows

    Hulu is home to numerous TV-based shows and movies, comprising existing most watched series. You can explore diverse range of TV shows and movies that are still in their primary phases of production and are not obtainable anywhere else.

    Hulu is also a collection of on-demand content and possesses a massive library of such content. Consequently, you can explore and watch Hulu originals content repeatedly and you can also watch live stream-based shows.

    Offer In-Episode Extras

    Many shows on Hulu comprises bonus functionalities and features that let you explore more about the overall storyline and behind-the-scene footages of episodes.

    Hulu’s Live TV and Precise Streaming Services

    Benefits of Hulu plus over cable could save you funds if you do not have the cable subscriptions or do not want to opt for paying monthly bills. Live TV is the finest choice for subscribers who want to stopover cable. You even have options to relish YouTube videos and Sling TV.

    If you upgrading your access to unlimited screens with Hulu, you can get more advantages but this choice is only for live subscribers.

    Hulu Live TV will offer all the information you require. Hulu Live TV offers promotions and drop its prices as the part of these promotional offers. Many times, these subscription offers comprise access to ESPN Plus, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus.

    What are the Cons of HULU?

    Hulu is a good streaming service but its pros and cons go together with each other. Let us explore some of the disadvantages of Hulu with live TV subscription.

    No DVR

    Hulu does not have access to a DVR. So, if you need to record or save an episode, you require to do the same the subsequent day as there is no access to DVR functionality.

    Restricted Selection and Assortment of TV Episodes

    Hulu is a good place to get access to TV shows that are still in production, however, if you are exploring for explicit episodes, you may be dissatisfied. You will not get access to every episode of your desired shows, however, you can easily search and get access to specific seasons and the latest episodes.

    No Sports Programs

    This is a massive downside if you are a fan of specific sports. Hulu has a sufficient range of other effective content, but you will not be able to discover your best-preferred teams’ play.

    Additional Costs for “no ads”

    If you do not select a “no ads” add-on, which will cost you an added $6/month you will be shown advertisements in the background before and after each video, which will distract you.

    A Comparatively Small Selection of Content Material

    As matched to Netflix and other popular platforms, Hulu is small in size. While Netflix has 100,000+ films and TV shows, it provides access to merely above 5000. Also, it is accessible merely in the USA and Japan regions.

    Limited Selections from the Older TV Seasons

    Even though Hulu is updated with the latest TV shows, it is not the same case for older shows. There are typically not sufficient seasons for older shows on the available service.

    Inadequate Download Abilities

    Hulu has added the competence to stream offline content. However, it only allows downloading of its application on iOS, iPad, and Apple TV.

    Complex Pricing Plans and Schemes

    While some users wish to have a diversity of payment choices, many are finding the pricing plans of Hulu to be a bit unclear and complex. In addition, Hulu amplified its pricing plan recently, and they are much higher than contending services, except you sign up for their basic packages or plans.

    Hulu Errors

    Many error codes from their users get while streaming on the Hulu application. For instance:

  • Hulu Error 500
  • Hulu Error 504
  • Hulu Error 503
  • Hulu Error 400
  • Hulu Error 300
  • How Much does Hulu + Live TV Cost?

    Hulu + Live TV (With Ads) now comprises unlimited DVR at no added cost for $76.99/month. You can opt for a free trial and can cancel the subscription at any time. Hulu can also be used without Live TV and with Ads plan costs $7.99/month.

    Hulu does need payment information upfront; however, subscribers will not be charged till the end of their trial subscription time. All through the Free Trial period, subscribers will use Hulu + Live TV in a similar way that any of the paid subscribers will without any restrictions.

    Hulu + Live TV Top Channels Compared

    Hulu’s better enablement of live TV streaming services has turned it into a key competitor to other Live TV services. Hulu Live is a favored option for streaming live TV.

    However, with time, Hulu services are overtaken by other services like YouTube TV and FuboTV, relying on the specific user’s requirements. FuboTV offers 50 local channels that provide sports and a noteworthy dollar-to-channel ratio. YouTube TV is more cost-effective than HuluLive, as Hulu’s services cost more in comparison.

    With YouTube TV, the shortcoming is there is not much to watch currently except you watch selected channels. If you want to save on your subscription cost and do not mind missing out on local channels, Sling TV is the better option. It even provides local channels like ABC and CBS in some of the local regions.

    Hulu + Live TV-Supported Devices

    Hulu backs streaming on smart TVs, streaming sticks, web browsers, mobile-based devices, tablets, game-based consoles, and set-top boxes. It also supports Amazon Fire tablets. Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS 5.0 and later) and Android phones.

    If your device does not have the Google Play store or other Google applications you will not be capable to utilize Hulu. If you have any difficulty downloading the Hulu application, we suggest upgrading to the latest version of Android OS.

    Hulu + Live TV Channels, Content, and Add-ons

    There are 90+ live and on-demand channels to select from, comprising entertainment channels such as Bravo, Comedy Central, E!, BET, Freeform, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, TNT, VH1, Hallmark Channel, and USA.

    The list also includes channels such as Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Universal Kids.
    Hulu’s Live TV plan consists of on-demand content through diverse channels in the Live TV suite. On-demand Hulu content will possibly have ads, even if you have the no-ads package. No-ads applies merely to the regular library of Hulu.

    To assist you in personalizing your streaming experience, Hulu provides add-ons that you can add or get rid of from your subscription at any time. The free subscription comprises add-ons such as Disney+, ESPN+, and more.
    The Premium Add-ons include Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, Max, Cinemax, and STARZ. The Live TV Add-on categories comprise Entertainment Add-on, Sports Add-on, Español Add-on, and Unlimited Screens Add-on.

    Is Hulu + Live TV Worth It?

    When you sign up for Hulu + Live TV package you will easily get access to live streams and on-demand content from sports, entertainment, and news channels, along with content on Disney+ and ESPN+.

    Hulu is even effective selection for classic TV shows and movies; however, it is missing a few significant functionalities you will get on other streaming services. Nevertheless, if you like TV series and movies, you must once give it a try and check.

    Watch Hulu + Live TV Review 2024

    Hulu reviews and ratings are mostly positive. Hulu + Live TV is positioned at No. 3 in the ratings of the best live streaming services reviews of the year 2024. Whereas Hulu’s on-demand service ranks No. 3 on the list of the best on-demand streaming services of 2024.


    Hulu offers a friendly layout along with an integration of live channels and on-demand content. You can explore news broadcasts, primetime TV shows, and much more with Hulu.

    Although Hulu has some disadvantages, given that Hulu Plus Live TV provides you more with its highly effective and your favorite live channels, it is one of the precise streaming services to select for live TV streaming.


    1. What are the Pros and Cons of Streaming on Hulu?

    Cost-effective streaming, extensive range of on-demand library, access to local channels, and accessibility of Disney+ and ESPN+ are some of the pros of Hulu. The cons include expensive Add-ons, no access to regional sports channels, and no free trial obtainable for Hulu + Live TV.

    2. What is the Downside to Hulu?

    The no commercials price tier still showcases ads for some programs related to streaming rights is a downside of Hulu. Ads in the basic package are no less than television, however, they are horrible for on-demand content.

    3. What are Hulu’s Weaknesses?

    Inadequate global presence contrasting its business rivals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu’s service is chiefly accessible in the USA. This restricted geographical reach limits its worldwide growth and opportunities for scalability.

    4. Is It Worth having Hulu?

    The ad-supported package comes with ample commercials, so be ready to sit through pairs of advertisements. However, if you are exploring a streaming service with a range of shows and movies without paying, then Hulu is a better option for you.

    5. What are the Benefits of Hulu?

    The benefits of Hulu include a massive range of content passing through it. Most of the day streaming and television shows offer more content for less money.

    6. What is better Netflix or Hulu?

    Both Netflix and Hulu possess set of their own advantages. Netflix provides the most extensive series of movies and older TV shows, while Hulu provides a larger assortment of existing season TV shows and a set of movies.

    7. Which is Better, Hulu or YouTube?

    If a greater channel lineup and limitless DVR storage are significant features to you, then YouTube TV is the better option. On the other side, Hulu + Live TV’s on-demand library of movies and shows might attract some groups of users. They both are leading services, however, and you will not go erroneous with either of their selection.

    8. What are Some Strengths of Hulu?

    Hulu’s wide-ranging content library with a diverse range of content is its strength. It includes a vast assortment of TV shows and movies and a growing number of original films as well as series.

    9. What are the Features of Hulu?

    Hulu is one of the best and outstanding video streaming services with features related to on-demand content delivery, live TV, as well as, the enablement of entertainment channels.

    10. Does Hulu have a Free Trial?

    Hulu provides a free trial to new subscribers. With your free trial period, you will receive the complete Hulu experience with access just like any other paid subscriber would have.


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