Step By Step Guide To Resolve Hulu Error Code 500


Hulu error code 500 is simply an HTTP 500 error. These errors are caused by server-related glitches or faults. HTTP error 500 is displayed when a server cannot provide requested data to a system. This error occurs on Hulu, a popular streaming TV service. It is often accompanied with messages such as “There was an error at this page” or “Sorry, we experienced an unexpected error.” We’ve been notified about the problem and will be focusing on it soon. This error is what causes prompts like Hulu request prohibited or Hulu unresponsive. However, it might be easy to understand error code 500 hulu and you can find solutions to the problem.

Hulu Error Code 500 Troubleshooting Guide

After you confirm that Hulu is functioning, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Clear Browser Cookies

This error might pop up if you have too many cookies in your browser. So, for that first refresh the page to verify that Hulu is working.

Here’s how you can check that on different browser;

For Google Chrome:

    • Pick “More Tools”
    • Pick “Clear browsing data”
    • Empty the box that says “Clear Cookies and Other Site Data”
    • Then tap on “Clear Data”.

For Mozilla Firefox:

    • Open “Menu” >”Options”
    • Pick “Privacy and Security”
    • Tap on “Cookies & Site Data” > “Clear Data”.

For Safari:

    • Open “Menu”.
    • Tap on “Preferences”, then “Privacy”, and you will see the option to “Block all Cookies”.
    • Tap on “Manage Website Data” to see all cookies stored.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try the next option.

Cache removed

You can also try this quick fix. You can clear cached files and images by going to the “Settings” tab of your browser.

Even after clearing all cache, you find the same error then proceed to the next step.

Restart your streaming and internet devices

After turning off your streaming device, unplug it for a while, then plug it back into the router and modem. Surprisingly, this quick fix works for almost all Hulu errors.

Try another solution if that fails.

Check Your Internet Connection

Hulu recommends a minimum of 3Mbps for streaming on-demand and twice that for streaming live. To determine if your internet speed is abnormally slow, test it. You can use an online tool.

To save bandwidth, local ISPs often throttle internet speeds. To avoid ISP throttle, Hulu VPN is recommended. To determine if your error is caused by faulty Wi-Fi coverage, you can also try a wired connection using an Ethernet cable.

Verify the updates

Make sure you check if there is a new update. To access Hulu, go to ‘Google Play Store > menu > My apps and games’. Next, click on “Update” and select “Hulu”. This is how you can update your Android phone, tablet, and TV. For Apple TV, go to the App Store and look for the “Purchased” option. Next, click on ‘Settings >General’. Then, select ‘Update’. You can download any updates that are available and then install them.

Reinstall and uninstall Hulu App

Uninstall Hulu app as soon as possible. Then, install the most recent version.

If you have any problems loading Hulu, please contact other users from the same region to verify if they are having the same issue. If you are experiencing the same problem, contact the technical team at Hulu. You can also contact me through the Facebook page for discussion on hulu error code 500.

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