How to Split Screen on iPhone & How to Use it Correctly


The saying today is likely to have to be modified. If you have an iPhone You can split its screen . It’s at least twice as enjoyable as having just one screen. This feature lets you can access two apps or websites simultaneously.

This article will show you how to make use of iPhone split screen, and all you should be aware of. Apple isn’t the most open about this feature (for reasons that are legitimate) however, it’s not clear to everyone how to how to access the feature. This article will show you how to utilize the feature in the following article.

Additionally, we will discuss the limitations with the mode , and how you can enjoy the advantages of the split screen.

Split mode isn’t available on all models

iOS split screens aren’t something that many people use regularly. Even though iPhone screen split is a beneficial option, just a tiny portion of users are aware of the feature.

split screen

What’s the cause behind this? The reason is quite simple The reason is that not all phones are compatible with this feature. iPhone split screen feature.

The fact that your phone has the right mode is dependent on the specific version of your phone. This mode only works with the latest iPhone models.

Every iPhones with an suffix Plus Max, Plus or Pro beginning with the model 6 are covered in this group however, the less expensive phones do not support this feature. This means that you can utilize Split Screen mode if you are using An iPhone 6s Plus.

This mode is available for iPhone or the iPhone 13 Pro Max Pro Max. However, those with earlier (classic) iPhone models, like the iPhone 6 7, 8 9 10, 12, 13, and higher iPhone models (not all apps support this function), will have to make do without the option iPhone or iOS users.

Some Apple users are not aware of iPhone screen splitting in spite it is a very useful feature. If there is, then the iOS default mode integrated will not be a split screen.

How to Split Screen on iPhone

How do you share screen with iPhone or iOS split screen iPhone. It is possible to use the iPhone Split Screen Mode can be found in the menu and activated when you own one of the more advanced iPhone models, as mentioned previously.

The feature is hidden in the iOS menu, and it is hard to spot at first. If you want to split screen on iPhone Go in;

Settings app, Display and Brightness > Zoom > Display > Set > Zoom

Once you’ve set this selection, your iPhone will be in a position to switch to Split Screen mode. The only thing that you have to do now is hold your phone crosswise or horizontally if you wish for your screens to be split in the near future.

If you tilt your iPhone towards the side after you open an app, it will immediately switch to iPhone Split Screen mode. It is possible to view the current app , as well as other details like mail notifications as well as time, calendars in-coming messages, reminders contact, settings and many other Apple internal information in this mode.

If you’re using an app that supports this feature, the screen splits automatically that time.

Simply put, it’s an unmodified version of iPhone Split Screen Mode that provides more iOS information. A jailbreak, or jailbreak in contrast can be used to unlock other features, like iPhone Split Screen. Apple’s method, on contrary, isn’t authorized and could pose a number of security risk.

Alternative Splitscreen Options

The screen splitting feature of Apple is quite limited as it’s only available for specific devices, and does not provide an actual split-screen mode it is a true split screen mode.

Can you have the true iPhone split screen feature that lets you see two different content simultaneously? It’s true, and it makes the use of the iPhone twice as fun.

Another option is to install specially designed applications. A variety of apps are available on the App Store that are specifically made to emulate the iPhone split screen mode on your device. A lot of applications do a great job of displaying two screens either side-by-side or in addition to each other.

Another way is to use Air Display, which lets you use your Android phone as a second screen for your iPhone.

Android vs. iOS

It is possible for an iPhone to split screens. I don’t have one. I’m using a Pixel phone instead. Here are the steps to split your screen on an iPhone and here are the steps you need to do this on Android phones. Many phones will work with the new Pixel 6 but not all phones from other companies will be compatible.

Four best split screen applications will be listed in the following table.

1. WebDuo Pro

On the App Store WebDuo Pro is one of the top iPhone divided screen apps available today. The app is an original web browser that lets users to browse two websites at once. However, this option does not permit simultaneous use of two applications simultaneously.

This means that you are able to utilize split screens with this application in browsers such as Safari or Chrome and not on apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. WebDuo Pro is not free and will cost you $1.99.

2. Split Screen View

It is also recommended to use Also recommended is the application. It is available in an unpaid and free version that allows simultaneous display of content. This is applicable to websites as well as apps like Instagram or Twitter.

You are in complete control of what screen contents you’d like to make available with this application. One minor issue: the design of the app appears slightly outdated or out of fashion.

3. Split Web Browser

Split Web Browser a different application that lets you have and iPhone separated screen. Like that of the WebDuo Pro app, the application can be downloaded for free from the App Store and permits you to run two browsers simultaneously.

It isn’t possible to use it with other applications like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, or TikTok simultaneously Unfortunately. The good thing is that, even though it’s free the app is free of ads.

4. Split Screen

Web Browser app “Split Screen – Web Browser app,” an absolutely free application, can also be downloaded. One of the top split screen apps accessible is hidden behind the somewhat clunky name. It is possible to start using apps – social media apps or browsers immediately after you download and install it.


How can I turn on the split screen mode in my iPhone?

You can rotate you iPhone into Landscape orientation for split screen mode. It splits the screen automatically when utilize an application that supports this feature this poses numerous security risks. The screen splits into two panes when split-screen mode is enabled.

How can I multitask on the iPhone and iPad with a screen split?

To multitask with the iPhone or iPad Follow this guideline. In the first place, organize the various apps you are planning to utilize and unlock additional features.

The only thing is you have to do now is put all the applications simultaneously.

Does iPhone come with split screens on an extremely small screen?

The latest iPhone comes with a variety of new features. However, splitting screen on a small screen isn’t among the most popular.

While you’re doing something else, you can view videos. It’s possible to watch a video on the iPhone 7 has a small screen. Anything higher than an iPhone 8 has a large screen. This starts with an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 and 13.


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