iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 - what's the difference?

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 – What are The Biggest Differences?

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Apple’s new iPhone 13 is finally here and with the most sensible cost and size is given in all four new iPhones. The trend has begun to compare iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 as Apple says it’s a successor to iPhone 12. It is presumably be expected to be a smash hit as well. However, how about against its archetype, the iPhone 12?

There are a couple of configuration changes with a more modest score and a slight rise in weight. However, the more significant enhancements are in the engine as the Apple has helped the battery life altogether. It’s not new for Apple to bring updates in their latest gadgets. It has further redesigned the cameras and given a couple of different shocks, yet 120 Hz is not one of them.

All in all, what is going on with Apple’s new iPhone 13?

Let us briefly have the significant characteristics before going into detail with this new model and the distinctions with the archetype.

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Quick Comparison Between iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12:

So, here are a few specifications correlation between Apple’s new iPhone13 and the iPhone 12. Let’s quickly check the noticeable differences.

1. Weight – Apple’s new iPhone 13 weighs 173 grams with a thickness of 7.65 mm against the iPhone 12 weighing 162 grams with a thickness of 7.4 mm.

2. Display – Display size is the same in both devices with a 6.1” OLED display and 60 Hz. However, 120 Hz ProMotion functionality is available with Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro models only.

3. Processor – Apple’s new iPhone 13 comes with an A15 bionic chip processor against the iPhone 12 comes with an A14 Bionic chip processor.

4. RAM – Both the models offer 4 GB RAM.

5. Storage – Apple’s new iPhone 13 comes in three variants with regards to non-expandable in-built storage – 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB against the iPhone 12 coming in three non-expandable in-built storage variants – 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB.

6. Battery – Apple’s new iPhone 13 offers an extended battery life of 2 hours. iPhone 13 comes with 20 hours of video playback battery life.

7. Charger – Charging is the same in both cases with 20W wired charging claiming 50% charge in 30 minutes.

Both models are priced almost the same, with the iPhone 12 prices dropping by $100 to $699 as co compared to Apple’s new iPhone 13 priced at $799 in the USA.

Let’s discuss the detailed comparison of key functionalities of iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12:

1. Design and Display

Generally, Apple’s new iPhone 13 keeps the size and configuration styling of the iPhone 12, and that likewise implies a 6.1” screen. This site has proved to be extraordinary since it is a bit bigger and more helpful than the smallish 5.8-inch screen the Apple used to have on the iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro, however not enormous in all things considered.

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What Apple’s new iPhone 13 doesn’t have is 120 Hz ProMotion innovation for scrolling in the smoothest way possible, accessible on Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro series.

There are some new tones with no more accessibility to the old tones. For instance, there is no green model, instead of a pink rendition in Apple’s new iPhone 13. Also, the two cameras are currently adjusted in a diagonal slant manner instead of a straight line.

The variation in touch is that Apple’s new iPhone 13 currently weighs 173 grams, slightly additional than the 162 grams rightly on the iPhone 12.

Apple’s new iPhone 13 is a bit thicker at 7.65 mm versus 7.4 mm on the iPhone 12. We likewise welcome the 20% smaller notch to keep the Face ID.

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2. Cameras 

In recent years, Apple has taken on a path to separate iPhones, packing up the non-Pro models with two cameras. However, no committed telephoto zoom lens one gets on the Pro models. Apple’s new iPhone 13 likewise does not have a telephoto zoom lens yet does carry upgraded rear cameras.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 - camera comparision

Source: Apple.com

a) Wide camera is 12 MP having f/1.6 aperture and a size of 26 mm

b) Ultra-wide camera is 12 MP having f/2.4 aperture and a size of 13 mm

The principal camera accompanies a sensor that can catch all the more light, leading to 47% more, for shots that appear to be aesthetic in the nighttime, and in addition, better stability can be achieved by a sensor-shift OIS.

There are a couple of more camera highlights:

Cinematic Mode – Just like Portrait mode and specifically meant for video. The new iPhone will examine video film in real-time and obscure the background for bokeh impact, leaving just the subject in the center.

Photographic Styles – are way more remarkable than customary styles, and they accommodate AI to permit changes with tones, features, and shadows to work well on individual subjects of a photograph.

To add up things, Apple’s new iPhone 13 does not carry a LiDAR scanner, meant only for the Pro models.

3. Performance

Apple creates its A series of chips for iPhones, and they have driven the market as far as execution looking back at a couple of years, and this leads to the A15 Bionic processor in this new Apple’s new iPhone 13 model.

Performance comparision - iPhone 13 VS iPhone 12

Source: Apple.com

Apple’s new iPhone 13 likewise has a similar 4 GB of RAM as the iPhone 12, yet the base model presently has 128 GB capacity, twice the archetype at a low cost that is magnificent.

The Apple A15 chip is based on 5nm innovation, the same as that of the iPhone 12, yet it has 15 billion semiconductors versus 11.8 billion semiconductors seen on the A14 chip.

The speed sees a slight improvement, and it is due to the Apple knocking CPU speed for better single-core scores and expanding the cache that assists with multi-core outcomes.

4. Charging and Battery

Apple’s new iPhone 13 brings battery support. Keeping in mind that Apple doesn’t give the numbers, official records uncover that Apple’s new iPhone 13 has an almost 15% increment in battery life.

Apple affirms the fact of a 2 hours longer battery life in Apple’s new iPhone 13 by and large. This means that Apple’s new iPhone 13 delivers 15 hours of non-stop video streaming as compared to 11 hours in the iPhone 12. These are true Apple numbers and exceptionally great, considering the anticipation among the people.

On the charger front, Apple’s new iPhone 13 doesn’t include a charger or earphones, as was the case in the iPhone 12. Apple paints this whole as an eco-move, yet likewise considers this a straightforward move towards cost-cutting.

As far as the charging speeds go, Apple has always delayed the ultra-quick charging we see on numerous Android phones. We have a similar 20W wired charging via a MagSafe charger. It claims to charge 50% in just 30 minutes.

Summary of key differences between iPhone 13 and iPhone 12:

  • Apple’s new iPhone 13 comes with an A15 bionic chip versus an A14 Bionic chip on the iPhone 12.
  • The dual cameras are wider and ultra-wider with additional updates on Apple’s new iPhone 13.
  • The battery life is longer than the predecessor.

The Verdict on iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12:

It is way too early to say how Apple’s new iPhone 13 proves to be a successful successor, as it resembles its predecessor, the iPhone 12, on many fronts. However, certain qualities can make Apple’s new iPhone 13 a strong overhaul over the iPhone 12.

It’s probably not going to have a major effect as its archetype because of those common grounds. However, it is not even expected out of it due to a mere one-year gap between the two. Still, there are some significant upgrades here, with a significantly better camera and extensively more substantial battery life.

Considering a better storage capacity and a smaller notch, Apple’s new iPhone 13 quite possibly proves to be a beneficial overhaul. It comes with iOS 15 which anyways has high security than Android OS.

Apple’s new iPhone 13 has released on September 24 in the USA, which was Friday.

Whatever your take is, just share with us, and we will discuss it out openly to understand the broader perspectives.


1. Is it worth buying iPhone 13?

While the cost for both the iPhone models remains similar, users benefit from twice the storage capacity away. Quite some new components.

Android phone manufacturers have a reason to worry as Apple works on the greatest pain point. This battery life is exceptionally one of the features to look forward to in Apple’s new iPhone 13. The new feature of Apple Tap to Pay on iPhone will be available to this device as well.

Whatever the scenario may be, Apple’s new iPhone 13 is something to look forward to. Above is the detailed comparison you can check and analyze. What functionalities do you need and as per the budget, and then decide if it is fit for you or not?

2. When will the iPhone14 be released?

After the release of the iPhone 13, many have the question that when will new iPhone 14 to be released. An unofficial date for iPhone 14 is assumed to be in October 2022 which is almost a year later.


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