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Digital Marketing Top 7 Tips for Small Businesses

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Thriving in this world, every business needs to implement a marketing strategy. Whether through traditional or digital means, you need to make your potential customer base aware of the products and services you offer and ensure that they are attractive enough for them to make a purchase.

Large companies will have hefty budgets to spend on marketing agencies Toronto, but if you’re starting up it’s likely the pennies are tight so you need to think about how you will get the most out of your money. This guide should help you with some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Importance of marketing for small businesses

If you want your business to hit the ground running and increase its revenue, ensuring you have a digital marketing strategy in place is key to success. While you may have an incredible brand with amazing and unique products, it’s not worth your time and effort if people can’t find them.

Below are some great ways you can improve your marketing strategies and build your business.

Motion Graphic Design

By the end of the year, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video. This means that if you’re not creating video content to promote your products or services, you will be struggling to remain competitive.

Don’t think that because you have a small budget you can’t create compelling videos. Motion graphic design videos also known as graphic motion design are an incredibly cost-effective and compelling way to tell your consumer all the amazing features and benefits of your product or service and make your brand stand out. All you really need to do is find motion graphic designers or free and easy-to-use online tools available these days such as a video maker that can cater to your requirements. With an eye-catching motion graphic design video, your small business can showcase who it is, what it stands for, and why you are different.


If you want your business to show up when people search for your products or services online, then you need to invest in your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. SEO is the process of updating your web pages so that they appear high up on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) such as Google. When you implement SEO in your digital marketing plans, you can increase your chances of appearing higher on search engines and therefore increase traffic to your web pages, which helps boost your overall SEO score and turn browsing customers into paying ones.

Animated Social Media Ads

Video has become an important part of any business’s social media strategy and animated social media ads have been stepping in to stop scrolling fingers in their tracks and grab their attention. The great thing about animated ads is that they can portray complicated ideas or messages in an engaging and meaningful way. This makes them an incredibly popular option for industries such as dentistry, education, finance, and healthcare where the everyday person doesn’t have specialist knowledge.

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are one of the best ways to help build brand credibility and convert on-the-fence customers into paying ones. And with 82% of global internet traffic set to come from video by the end of 2022, customer testimonial videos are now more important than ever. Not only do they help you build trust with new followers, but they also help you to gain new followers by showing up as an authentic and reliable brand.

Company Story Video

A company story video highlights to potential clients, employees, and customers who you are. It gives them an insight into what your business is and what sets you apart from the competition and is incredibly effective in helping your brand be relatable to your customers. Because they aren’t as pushy as adverts or other forms of video, it helps you to connect to your target consumers which can help to strengthen and deepen trust with your brand making it more likely for potential customers to purchase from you.

Utilize your creative content

While a great digital marketing plan is key, making the most out of your content across all your platforms is also vital to ensure you get the most out of your investments. Results from a variety of studies have shown that when you use content across a variety of platforms, it allows you to target different consumer types and convey a message that is important to them. This helps you to gain more click-throughs and more conversions as it allows you to target a wider breadth of consumer types.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Believe it or not, one of the most effective ways to reach your customers is via email. In fact, a recent report showed that email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media. Of course, you need their email address first, but once you have this it means you can attract their attention with things such as promotional offers, competitions, and exclusive content.

The great thing about email marketing is that you can tailor it to each customer based on their behaviors, buying patterns, and the content they enjoy the most. This allows them to stay engaged with your brand and want to click through more to make a purchase.


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