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10+ Examples of Employee Welcome Kit for New Joinee


The best welcome pack and greeting cards for employees will please you. An employee welcome kit is the best way to start the hiring process. What should I do to make my first job better? There’s nothing to argue about. A freebie or welcome kit is a great way to welcome new hires and can be used for employees to know about completing the job. Your welcome kit should reflect your company’s mission and vision.

What is an employee welcome kit?

onboarding experience for new workers should begin by making them feel welcome and comfortable. Starting on the right foot with them and building an effective working connection is essential for their productivity and can improve the retention value. However, creating a workplace where co workers feel appreciated and accounted for requires more than just a little effort when it comes to creating a good workplace experience.

These kits may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but they serve an important purpose in orienting new employees to your company’s procedures, work culture, and operational style. You should provide a welcome kit or package to show that you care about your new employees and see them as valuable assets. The first time you connect with them, make their first week unique by providing a welcome package. This will be their first pleasant employment experience.

It’s important to set a good first impression with employees. You should prepare a welcome kit. Prepare a welcome kit that includes tangible items, as well as things like core values so they can get a sense of the company values right when they start. Why not make use of something like Ogilvy & Mather’s induction box?

What must be there in a precise new hire welcome kit? Ideas to make a perfect employee welcome kit:

1. Wellness boxes

Concept of gift with box of cosmetics on white wooden background Free Photo

Wellness Products

Mental health in the professional workplace is as significant as precise physical health. For new workers, things might go awry, and the workplace can seem a bit tense. Essentials for self-care are provided by the “Wellness Box” throughout this period.

2. Welcome aboard, kit

One of the finest ways to greet a new employee is to provide them with a welcome box full of office essentials. Supplies for the workplace are among the most basic but essential components of each new employee’s welcome package.

In this “Welcome Onboard Kit,” you may include all the important office materials they’ll need on a day-to-day basis. Hats, hoodies, socks or whatever else you can think of will help make your new employee feel like a part of the teamIn order to save them time on their first day, be sure to include all necessary supplies in their welcome package.

This is almost mandatory at this point! If you want to get your employee excited from day one, deck them out in high-quality gear so they feel like any other team member. A thoughtful gift item, like a hat or a hoodie, will be the perfect welcoming present for your new employee welcome kit.

3. Company Starter Kit

Isn’t it true that we all like receiving items that have been customized with our favorite companies’ logos? Among the most popular and extensively used employee, welcome kit ideas in the business sector are these professionally selected firm beginning kits or SWAG kit. Nothing can be a great welcome way than a “Company Starter Kit”.

4. Induction Kit

It is imperative that you educate your new hires on all of the company’s policies, procedures, and guidelines. You may always bring up the HR regulations in your meeting, but don’t expect them to remember everything you say. ‘Induction Package’ serves as a great example of a new employee welcome kit.

5. Go-Eco Kits

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Go Ecofriendly

You can’t go wrong with an eco-friendly welcome package for your new employee. A set of metal straws, a bamboo lunchbox and silverware, and a reusable water bottle are fantastic starting points for a sustainable lifestyle. In place of a box, you might use a fashionable tote bag that they can subsequently use for their weekly food shopping.

6. Care Kits

First aid kit

Safety Kit

In light of the 2020 pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of well being kits, which include safety essentials like sanitizer, wet wipes, and disinfectants. As a welcome gift for new employees, it’s a good idea to provide them. Make sure your employee welcome package has all of the necessary safety gear for your new hires to get started. Having a safety package like this will show others how much you care, which is something everyone appreciates.

7. WFH Kit

In this epidemic, working from home is the norm. A first day of work may be a little intimidating, though. No matter how hard things are becoming, your “WFH Kit” can let them know you’re thinking of them. New employees would be delighted to get a nice, personalized sweatshirt in employee welcome kit to wear while working from home. Comfy socks might be a fantastic complement to it.

8. WFH Survival Kit

Remote Worker's Survival Kit Gift Basket

Work From Survival kit

As thrilling as it is to start a new career and work from a new location, we all work from home due to social distance. This shouldn’t damper your enthusiasm for beginning a new career. The first day of work will be well-prepared for their new position with the help of the “WFH Survival Kit.”

Make sure the coffee shops and tea sachets in your employee welcome kit package are of high quality. In order to keep their serotonin levels up, include some chocolates in the pack.

9. Munch Kits

Any new employee’s first day on the job is likely to be chaotic. Between training and induction sessions, they’re certain to grow hungry. In such a scenario, the “Munch Kit” will prove to be a lifesaver. Snacks, protein bars, and chips packs all work well in this container.

10. Tech Kits

Employee Welcome Kit

Tech kit source – Indiamart

In today’s world, technology has become an essential aspect of almost every occupation. You should provide them with a “Tech Kit” that includes tools to make their jobs easier so that they can get more done. It’s a great idea to get your new programmer a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of headphones. You can also include a power bank and if they post your kit on social media channels then it will be a great way of marketing for you. While coding, he or she may listen to their favorite music.

Exceptional welcome kit ideas and concepts for new joiners

What are the best employee welcome kit ideas? Think about a basic office supply welcome kit, which includes pens and paper, pencils, rubber bands, and so on. Welcome gifts may be a great way to show your guests how much you care.

One of the best welcome kit ideas is to provide all the necessary office supplies from the start to show your new hires that you really care. Office supplies make a welcome kit for new employees. To get you started, here are a few new hire welcome kit ideas pro tip as you build your own company culture.

1. Company SWAG new hire welcome kit ideas

Your employee welcomes present will be complete with company SWAG pack (things we all get). Water bottles, hats, pencils, and hoodies are just a few of the many options for welcoming gifts. The employee’s name may be added to the Company SWAG to further personalise it.  Even branded company swag like office supplies can be in the list as well.

2. Snack box

Snacking is a favourite work activity for the majority of us. Snacks and drinks in a package will go a long way toward making the welcome kit complete. Snacks are a great way to keep your team full while also improving concentration. If healthy living is a cornerstone of your company’s culture, you might include healthy snacks in your employee welcome kit ideas.

3. Photo frame

Including a picture frame in the welcome package for new employees is a great idea. To help your new employee feel more at home, you can allow them to customize their workstation. The images might serve as a starting point for discourse.

4. Gift cards of various denominations

The welcome bundle would be incomplete without a few gift cards. You don’t know what your new employee loves and hates. Including a gift card with company name  and company logo in a welcome package is a great idea since the recipient may select exactly what they need or desire.

The majority of individuals find shopping enjoyable. Gift cards may be used in a variety of ways and are simple to give.

5. Books

Many may think that books are an unusual addition to the welcome package for new employees. It’s easy to learn new things through reading books, and they may also help individuals unwind. You might present the new joiner with a book that will assist them in succeeding at their new job. Inspiring new employees may be accomplished with the help of inspirational literature.

6. The inclusion of headphones

If you work in a noisy setting, noise-canceling headphones are essential. The inclusion of headphones in the employee welcome kit is a terrific idea. They will be able to focus more easily when using the headphones, which come in handy for teleconferences. Listening to music while you’re at work might help reduce stress.

7. Streaming subscription

When preparing a present for new workers, you might think beyond the box. Subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, Hulu are excellent additions to welcome kits. Coffee breaks, office supplies, or virtual water cooler discussions may be used to discuss the most recent episode of a favorite program.

8. Fitness bands

Organizations are actively promoting physical activity. People are more susceptible to lifestyle illnesses since their professions require them to sit for long periods of time. Gifts for new hires should include fitness band. People are encouraged to move by the bands. Step challenges, for example, might be included as part of your campaign.

Which company has the best new hire welcome kit?

Some of the company offers the welcome kits that reflects their company culture, here are listed some of them below-

1. Dropbox.com

If you’re looking for a contemporary workplace that lets you get back to the things that really matter, Dropbox is your best option with the best employee welcome kits by their marketing team.

Dropbox employee welcome kit

Source – Behance

2. Vimeo.com

Ad-free video platform Vimeo makes it simple for video producers to publish, share, and monetize their content, and they offer welcome kits to their employees including office supplies.

Vimeo employee welcome kit

Source – Vimeo

3. Nike.com

There are many different types of products that Nike Inc. creates and produces. A few necessities are included in the welcome package including a coffee mug, calender, and ear buds which are straightforward and on-brand in employee welcome kit.

Nice Welcome kit for new employee

Source – Nike

4. Salesforce.com

Salesforce, the largest CRM firm in the world, provides new employees with a welcome kit that contains traditional stuff like a computer, stickers, pencils, business cards, as well as a few recommended books to read during your first few weeks on the job.

Salesforce new employee welcome kit

Source – Salesforce

5. Breather.com

Breather is a Montreal, Canada-based flexible workspace provider. Ten cities across North America and Europe are serviced by the firm. A handwritten word of welcome may go a long way in making a new member feel at home.

Breather welcome kit

Saurce – Breather

6. Ogilvy.com

Ogilvy is an advertising agencies, marketing, and public relations firm established in New York City. There are eight behaviors of highly creative groups that David Ogilvy, the author of The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness, included in the Ogilvy employee welcome package.

Ogilvy employee welcome kit

Saurce – sage.hr

7. Infosys

A water bottle, a personalized letter, a employee handbook, and a few other necessities are included in the Infosys – software company onboarding package for new employee welcome kit.

Infosys new employee kit

Saurce – Infosys

8. Publicis Sapient

In addition to the standard office supplies, the company provides a well-designed welcome package for new workers, which includes items like stickers, a welcome letter, a notepad, employee handbook, a t-shirt, and a water bottle.

Publicis Sapient welcome kit for new emplyee

Source – LinkedIn

9. Nissan Digital India LLP today

The welcome package is straightforward yet on-brand, consisting of just a few items.

Nissan Digital India LLP

Saurce – LinkedIn

10. Zomato

Zomato’s onboarding package is straightforward but sophisticated, offering everything a new employee might possibly want.

Zomato employee welcome kit

Source – afaqs


1. Item to include in your employee onboarding kits

  • A copy of the new hires email or news release
  • Welcome message from the CEO
  • Documentation and forms
  • Management and team structure
  • Employee handbook

2. New hire welcome kit ideas from leading employers

  • Induction box by Ogilvy & Mather, a renowned advertising and public relations firm

Ad agency Ogilvy & Mather’s Cape Town office constructed an Induction Box using the eight habits of creative individuals envisioned by the business’s founder David Ogilvy as inspiration.

O&M’s induction box, which includes one item for each behavior represented, “makes these habits more real and entertaining for new personnel. Handwritten Welcome Letter The first item that should be put in every welcome kit is a handwritten welcome letter 

  • Percolate’s “initiation” bundle

In Percolate’s marketing technology business, new employees are welcomed with a welcome package full of creative compliments. T-shirts, coffee mugs, Kindles, stress ball, and other memorabilia are provided by the firm prior to the start of employment. This motivates new hires and team members to work hard.

  • Cactus

Denver-based ad firm Cactus provides new employees with a welcome package that includes a T-shirt and a baseball cap as well as a USB and a ruler. A crucial element of the company’s short history is included in the kit.

  • The welcoming kit provided by McGarrah Jesse

McGarrah Jesse, a top-rated American advertising agency, extends a warm welcome to a new joined with a beautifully designed Welcome Kit. This set of cards is designed to help new workers feel more at ease with the company’s brand and gestures.

3. What is the employee onboarding process?

Employees who have been with a company for years may be facing challenges. An improved onboarding process can create change that benefits all areas of the company, such as policy guidelines, higher employee retention rates, and lower turnover.

A statistics show that retention rates increase by 82% when a company has an effective employee onboarding experience.  Additionally, the custom welcome letters in each box; are a nice touch when looking to inspire a sense of company culture and team members on day one.

Organisations with a structured onboarding process experience higher retention rates ( 50% greater new hires ), as well as happier and more productive employees. Those that complete an onboarding program are 58% more likely to still be with the organization after three years.

Learn about the history of employee welcome kits and how they can improve new hires experience

4. How do employee onboarding kit ideas benefit companies?

Some of the benefits of onboarding kits ideas are listed below;

  • Helps to improve the on-job performance of the new team member.
  • In recent years, it is possible to increase the retention value.
  • It assists new employees in getting up to speed more quickly.

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