Apple AirPods sound issues

AirPods Low Battery Sound and Other Accessory Issues


The trend of wireless earbuds is hitting the market to a great extent. The AirPods are gaining topmost popularity for providing a truly wireless listening experience with great sound. But, like other technologies, they also have a fair share of faults.

In this article, you’ll find several Apple earbuds-related problems, such as AirPods low battery sound, poor output, and no audio.

Unreliable Pairing

Sometimes AirPods create difficulty when you try to pair them with other devices. The device may not appear in the Bluetooth settings list. Make sure that the device you’re trying to pair with is not having any charging issues. For example, if you’re pairing your AirPods with a MacBook that is not charging properly, you need to fix charging problems first.

Ensure that AirPods are not paired with your iPhone; if they’re, disconnect them. Once your device gets disconnected, open the AirPods case again. Hold down the setup button for some seconds until you see the LED light flash. Now pair it with a MacBook.

Poor Quality Sound

It is quite frustrating to listen to a poor quality sound even after purchasing highly expensive AirPods. If you’re experiencing the same issue, then update your AirPods to the new software. Check your AirPod battery status and ensure that its charging should not be too less or more.

The AirPods will use their power to produce higher quality sound, so make sure to keep them charged. Use the sound equalizer to set different types of music and adjust the music you’re listening to. Purchase memory ear tip foams to get a better ear-tip fit.

Sudden Call Drops

Call drops are common if you have internet connectivity issues. The chances are that the AirPods are not charged properly. To avoid intermittent call drops, make sure the AirPods are charged properly, and the internet is working. Try turning Bluetooth off and on again or tweak BlueTooth settings.

Tap the “i” icon next to the AirPods entry.

Then, choose the microphone, and set it to left or right.

Alternatively, turn off Automatic Ear Detection.

You can fix the call-related issues by trying this method; if it doesn’t work, visit Apple Retail Store for help.

No Sound in One AirPod

sound issues in airpods

If one of your AirPods is not working, you don’t have to worry as you can easily fix the problem by yourself. Check if your charging case is fully charged. If they are not, then put both AirPods in the charging case and charge them for about half a second.

Open the case near your device. Ensure if both AirPods are charging or not by examining the charge status on your iPad or iPhone. If you still don’t hear any audio, simply reset them or contact Apple Support.

Low Volume in One AirPod

So, you’re playing any music on the AirPod, but it is producing very low volume. To fix this issue, examine the volume status of your AirPods microphone and speaker. If there is any dust or dirt, clean them properly and determine if that solution works or not.

If it doesn’t solve the problem, move to Settings and then access Audio/Visual in the Accessibility option. Now go to the Balance and figure out if the balance is in the middle state.

Loud AirPods Low Battery Sound

Are you annoyed by your AirPods low battery sound and don’t know how to fix it? Your AirPods usually expel loud noise when the battery is at 20%, 10%, and 5%, and your connected devices, such as iPhone, receive a notification for low battery. Usually, this warning sound is louder than the AirPods’ default volume.

The louder alert noise creates an annoying experience when it is much higher than the music you are listening to. However, you can prevent it by keeping the volume as low as possible. Ensure that the AirPods battery should never be less than 20%.

Inappropriate Functioning

You have connected your AirPods but not getting any sound; the problem might be with your source device, such as the iPhone or MacBook your AirPods are connected with. To fix this issue, disconnect your AirPods and reconnect them. If still you can’t get audio, place the earbuds in the case for 15 seconds.

Then, turn off Bluetooth on the device your AirPods are paired with. Turn on AirPlane mode for a few seconds. Now turn the device to normal, and try to pair your AirPods. Check if it works properly.

The Conclusion

If you are listening to your favorite music and don’t want to make your entertaining experience annoying, then look for potential troubleshoot methods.

Although certain problems such as annoying low battery sound seem minor, they can significantly affect user experience. Hence, resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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