What's New in Angular 11

What’s New in Angular 11?


Angular has provided the ideal framework and platform for creating single-page client applications for a long time. Bringing into use TypeScript and HTML, it is always an experiment to get to life new features that can serve users better. Hence, there has been always a debt between Angular & React Frameworks. With its latest version of Angular 11, there is a new host of features to explore. Some of these features are all set to redefine your Angular using experience so far. Let us take a look at what Angular 11 has to offer.

New Angular 11 features that you need to know about

1. Compatible with TypeScript 4.0

The all-new Angular has brought compatibility with TypeScript 4.0, leaving compatibility with the 3.9 version behind. Such a switch makes room for the desired speed of the builds. As a result, Angular 11 is set to help you create builds quicker than all previous versions. Out of all the Angular 11 features that need to be discussed, this one is undoubtedly significant.

2. HMR Support (Hot Module Replacement Support)

Another change from all the Angular 11 alterations that needs to be discussed is the recent HMR Support. This feature allows the replacement of modules without hassle, as a full browser refresh does not occur in this case. Although this isn’t mainly a new feature, and developers using Angular have been utilizing it for years, HMR convenience in Angular 11 makes room for discussion. 

With the latest Angular version, the ease of configuring HMR support is commendable. A simple CLI command helps you achieve all that is necessary. A simple ng serve command with an hmr tag helps you with the configuration.

ng serve –hmr

3. Component Test Harness

The latest features in Angular bring APIs into use facilitating interactions between tests and components. A part that has well been in the market since the introduction of Angular 9 is beneficial for developers. APIs can conveniently interact with the components, keeping away changes that might occur in the DOM.

With its initial introduction, this feature showed compatibility with only Angular material. However, updates in Angular 11 have made the feature applicable to all components.

The MatButtonHarness can now easily be used on Angular material. The feature has extended its applicability to other components only to add to the delight of developers.

4. Webpack 5 Support

The function of Webpack is vital yet straightforward. Used to compile multiple files into one bundle, it offers tremendous utility to Angular users. The latest Webpack version released happens to be Webpack 5, and its introduction has created a buzz in the industry as users want to try their hands on it. However, considering how recent the release of Webpack 5 is, it is well-known that this particular version is not stable yet.

Nevertheless, Angular 11 shows compatibility with Webpack 5. It currently keeps up the tie through experimental support, and this means that you can always find an experiment ground on Angular 11 if you wish to use Webpack 5. The application believes that the compatibility with Webpack 5 can help them achieve the making of smaller bundles along with increasing the speed of the builds.

Here’s a command you can follow with a package.json file to give a shot to Webpack 5:

resolutions”: {

 “webpack”: “5.4.0”


5. Language Service Changes

Language Service in Angular is an indispensable tool for developers and code editors. This simple feature helps them deal with errors, hints, navigation, and completion when dealing with Angular projects. It works externally as well as internally to shape the best outcome. However, the discussion is that Angular’s latest features have made room for Ivy-based service that is more accurate and compatible.

Like several other features, even the language service functionality hasn’t reached completion and remains under development. Nevertheless, its behavior is comparable to the TypeScript compiler. This scenario makes it another interesting new feature that should be tried.

Linting Changes

There has been an exciting change in Angular 11 when we talk about Linting Changes. With TSLint being at the very core of linting for developers over the years altogether, there is now a new tool to look forward to. An upgrade to Angular 11 brings the ESLint tool to its users. This scenario means that core developers can no longer utilize the TSLint tool using the all-new Angular 11. A simple three-step process helps users make the switch from TSLint to ESLint.

Other changes in Angular 11 that will catch a developer’s fancy:

Several other little yet noticeable changes have made their way to angular 11. So, if your question is what is new in Angular 11? The answer seems to be quite elaborate. The new features, including service worker improvements, lazy loading support, stricter types of built-in pipes, changes in the formatDate function, automated migrations, and schematics, can easily be spotted.

Along with this, it is also essential and vital to know that Angular 11 has entirely withdrawn IE mobile support along with removing IE 9 and 10. Other than that, expressions in ICUs now undergo type checks. With so many new features on the table, there is enough room for developers to engage in new experiments.

All the features discussed above are only selected features that Angular 11 offers. A detailed list of features and the angular 11 stable release date can easily be found on the website development trends and we will try to cover up all the latest features in the programming world.

Switching to Angular 11 is a simple process, and all you need to do is use the following command:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Key Takeaways 

It is good to know that Angular 11 has actively put forward various new features that will be of immense help to developers. Also, an upgrade to Angular 11 from previous versions will assist you to feel the difference instantly. Commands for most new features are only a search away, and it is only a matter of time before developers get hooked to Angular 11, considering all the new features and their potential.

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