Angular 11 Features: Changes And New Deprecation


In November 2021, Angular 11 was launched as a production release. By fixing a bug problem highlighted by the community, the new version of the single-page app framework aims to improve the developer experience.

The new version includes a number of breakthrough changes aimed at streamlining the development process and making things easier for any angular development company.

Let’s look at some of the most recent Angular 11 features and upgrades, such as how to log, lint, and use inline fonts, along with a few other topics. After learning these features, you can ask a leading mobile app development company to incorporate them into your project as well.

New Features In Angular 11

Angular 11 includes some new features that fix bugs and other concerns that have been highlighted by the community. Let’s uncover these intriguing new updated features in this post.

Refurbished Hot Module Replacement (HMR) Mechanism

In Angular 11, the existing HMR (Hot Module Replacement) system, which allows Angular developers to replace modules without refreshing the entire browser, has been updated. A CLI command has been added to allow developers to configure HMR with far less effort.

To activate HMR, use the ng serve command with the hmr tag. Your mobile app development company can easily replace modules that earlier were a lengthy process.

Automation in Fonts In-Lining

Angular11 also has new tools that allow you to align fonts when developing automatically. This feature allows you to directly embed Google Icons and Fonts in your index html. By updating to version 11, you can make this new enhancement the default in old Angular applications.

Updated Language Service Preview

Earlier, there were limited tools that posed problems for even the leading mobile app development company to work with this framework.

The feature of Angular Language Service in Angular 11 offers developers a collection of functional tools to help them work more efficiently in the environment.

Its new language service is built on the View Engine and provides developers with a more comprehensive experience.

Shorter Build Times

Angular 11 adds to the mix faster development build cycles and durations. This phrase helps in the development process, such as: TypeScript v4.0

Angular Compiler NGCC

The ngcc update process is 4x faster with Angular 11. Users now don’t have to wait for their builds to complete due to this. Angular 11 also helps users prepare for TypeScript 4.1 by faster compilation and more ngcc updates.

Improved Reporting And Logging

Developers will notice a considerable improvement in the logging and reporting process with Angular version 11. This improvement became possible through changes to the builder phase reporting process.

This facilitates the work of the web development trends in 2022 and other experts. Angular’s new CLI upgrades will also make it easy for concerned individuals to access reports and logs.

Webpack 5 Support

Angular 11 improves on earlier versions by allowing users to try out Webpack 5. Webpack is a tool that enables developers to combine and save several documents into a single online record or bundle.

Not only does this save time, but it also saves the unnecessary effort of your leading mobile app development company. Webpack v5 is the most recent version in the Webpack series, released only a few months ago.

Forms No. 8

Important changes have been made in Angular 11 to signify updates in the asyncValidators typing. The status event has been emitted into the observable statusChanges in the latest version for simplicity of use.

Router Developers who used prior Angular versions have worries about the Route Reuse Strategy methodology. Future routes were frequently swapped for and replaced with kid routes, which worried developers.

Angular 11 has addressed this issue by recommending code changes. Developers can easily set their respective characteristics via “Navigation Extras” to resolve this issue.

Angular 11 : Revolutionary Changes & Deprecations

1. Support for TypeScript 4.0

To speed up builds, the angular team discontinued support for TypeScript 3.9 in version 11 and only supports TypeScript 4.0.

2. Pipes

The latest version of Angular has rectified the typing for the date and number pipes, which previously accepted any input. Datepipe will round off the millisecond component of the DateTime to the closest millisecond supplied.

The async pipe will no longer return null as a value for an indeterminate input. This can create compilation issues, which is why we consider it a breaking change, although it does reveal improper usage.

4. Browser Support/cleaning

In angular 11, Internet Explorer 9, 10, and mobile compatibility have been eliminated. They were only deprecated in version 10; however, they are no longer supported in this release.

5. Unit Test

Calling TestBed.overrideProvider after a TestBed instatement had no effect in previous versions; today, if users attempt to do so, they will receive an exception.

6. ViewEncapsulation

The ViewEncapsulation.Native property has been removed from the Angular 11 changelog. You can utilize ViewEncapsulation in this new version rather. ShadowDom. The existing pages will be automatically updated with the ng update command.

7. Angular Universal

The baseUrl parameter in the Angular 11 stable version is required for useAbsoluteUrl baseUrl to alter the protocol, hostname, and port.

Final Takeaway

Angular11 is jam-packed with game-changing features and lucrative add-ons. All you have to do now is an update to the most recent version to reap the rewards.

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