What is AR Zone App : Features, Functions, and its Availability

What is AR Zone App: Features, Functions, and Its Availability


AR technology is changing how we interact with different types of technology and AR Zone is an innovative application that brings this exciting technology as close as your fingertip to you. So in this blog, we will touch base on what AR Zone is, its features, and functionalities, and then move on to discussing whether it’s available on other Galaxy devices. Whether you are a technology enthusiast, an artist by heart, or just want to explore new possibilities of AR technologies this guide is going to give you a detailed tour of the AR Zone app and how can you benefit from various features.

AR Zone App – The Beginning of a New Era in Technology

The technology never stops and along with this, it has almost become impossible for any company to stay side by side with competition in the market. With newer technologies, one always needs creative ideas, and mobile technology is something that needs those the most. If we look at today’s scenario, Samsung seems like winning the game with its latest AR Zone app.

AR Zone is hot and trending in technology that is offering its users the best and most explicit experience areas. AR stands for Augmented Reality, with interesting features like AR Emoji and AR Doodle.

Though its exclusiveness is only open to Samsung Android users, it is the headliner with these extraordinary features boasting of its 3D view experience.

Okay then, if even after sufficient anticipation you are still clueless about what this feature is, let us tell you that AR Zone is an augmented reality app launched by Samsung which we will now get to know in detail through this blog.

Anyway, we know that you are eagerly waiting to know about this new application, so without delaying in any words, let’s dive into the blog.

What is the AR Zone App?

This app lets the users have an AR experience on Samsung Android devices. The features are selectable by the user and the ability to take photos as well as videos with all fun pieces.

You will be in a position to incorporate virtual aspects such as emojis, clothing items, make-up, or furniture in your images and videos. Therefore, it sums up for perfect 3D experience with an easy and friendly user interface.

With so many features in the application, the company of manufacturing is leading to pave a great way to customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s go through the features of this app, but before that, one should know the devices where this AR Zone app is available. The main Samsung models where this app is available are:

  • Galaxy S20
  • S20+
  • S20 Ultra and Z Flip

How Does the AR Zone App Work?

AR Zone is an app by Samsung that provides you with a thorough augmented reality experience with as much scopic intrusion as possible. 

Among the most effective tools for Samsung smartphones, is the Samsung Apps Store. This is a well-known application among many long-time Samsung users but rarely so for newcomers. 

A brief guide on how to use the app and what advantages it brings along right here. A free AR app that uses the camera of your phone to virtually turn your Samsung living room into a skating rink. 

How do I install and use this app? The AR Zone is a free app without ads but no in-app purchases. 

How to Use the AR Zone App

The first thing that welcomes one to this application is the simplicity that comes with it. Here’s a guide on using it:

  1. Slide the unlock bar towards the right then choose your apps menu.
  2. Tap AR Zone.
  3. You can directly tap on the feature you desire to use.


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Features and Functions of the AR Zone App

Speaking of the features, the app provides six unique features on technical grounds that every Samsung user can avail from his smartphone.

These include AR Emoji Camera, AR Emoji Sticker, AR Emoji Studio, AR Doodle, Deco Pic, and Quick Measure.

Further, some of its recent models that the company has launched also provide a 3D Scanner and some styling options. So now let’s move towards the features, and try to understand in detail what does AR Zone App does:

1. AR Zone Camera

The first feature is the AR Zone camera where you can make emojis of your own. Along with that, clicking photos and recording videos has become easy with no issues at all.

First, you can click pictures of yourself, colleagues, friends, and family whose emoji you want to create the emoji version.

Create the emoji version by going to the My Emoji section and finding the pic you clicked recently.

Additionally, you also get a wide variety of camera modes with more than one character. Also, record videos while turning the animation mode on.

Here is what you will need to do to make these wonderful imaginations come true:

  • First, go to the Home screen and tap “Camera”.
  • The camera menu will be improved, so check it out and select the one you want by tapping “More” then “AR Zone”.
  • Jump on to the “AR Emoji Camera” from the drop-down options.
  • Now in case you want to add a new emoji character then the camera will prompt a “+” sign.
  • The good thing is that you will be directed to the screen where you will be provided with simple guidance on how technically to utilize the feature.
  • This can be done with one tap, and you proceed to the next screen where you get the AR emoji app camera modes.
  • If you like recording videos, simply tap on the “Mask” mode. It allows you to record videos and take selfies with the mask emoji, in which for the latter kind, the selected emoji shall be animated into a three-second short loop.
  • Below the line are other options as you scroll down to view scenes, mirror, and play modes of operating the camera.
  • So, this was all for the camera mode, you can follow the steps and capture memories. Moving further on to the next, let’s talk about the other features listed in continuation of the previous one.

2. AR Doodle

If you are an adept fan of making Doodle art, then you have a great opportunity to exhibit your art of Doodle with the help of the AR Doodle feature.

You can easily create random anime characters along with abstract patterns through this application and this can be a perfect stress-busting way for you.

All you can do is use this feature to create your doodle art and include the same in the picture in the background of the image you have clicked. 

The best part of this feature is that it will be able to track a user’s face; so, whenever you are moving your head, the Doodle art will also move. 

The art will change as well if there is little movement in your head.

3. AR Emoji Studio

Another amazing feature that comes with the AR Zone is one of its own and it is that of the AR Emoji Studio from where different animated characters can be easily made.

You can select the characters that you like and have fun with the moments of life by changing the look of the whole experience. Using this feature one can even change their hairstyles, sunglasses, dresses, or even shoes. Cool.

Here is how it works:

  • All that it requires as you move to the AR Zone is just to tap on the AR Emoji Studio. In the case where you haven’t created an emoji, it’s better to choose “Create My Emoji.”
  • Some guidelines that you should follow for customization to proceed in the makeover will be prompted on the screen.
  • When you are through with emoji customization, press and hold back the symbol for other AR features that you want to make use of.

4. AR Emoji Sticker

After creating your emoji character using the AR Emoji Studio, if there is some edit still left or you wish to add more characters then go to “My Emoji.” Here’s what you will do:

All you have to do is proceed back to the “All” part where you will find several emoji characters.

Select contact numbers who are to receive the emoji and GIFs that you have made.

To create a GIF, tap the “Get Started” option and then follow the instructions on the screen.

5. Dedo Pic

Dedo Pic is another feature in the AR Zone app where you will also send your own moving present sticker to your friends and family

You can head to the Dedo pic and add some lip color, mustaches, and eye color, and let your creativity shine on the character. 

Here is the beauty of it all given that all Samsung users can make use of it by integrating it within their current devices to capture laughter-filled moments.

6. Home Decor Feature

And then, AR Zone also offers a Home Décor feature, wherein you can add virtual furniture along with other home essentials in the augmented reality world. Users can use it to see how you can bring colors and elements to an otherwise dull-looking space.

7. Quick Measure

Another striking feature of the app AR Zone is that it measures the size as well as the distance of any subject. It entirely brings up the bar of user experience since it adds up to a great level thus making things pretty easy for the users.

Important Note:

If you are not a Samsung user then surely you must be thinking over how would you be able to use such amazing features for free. Well, no worries as you can easily download the AR Zone app from the Google Play Store and you can enjoy creating your favorite emojis.

If you find the subclass of Augmented Reality (AR) very interesting, its variety of opportunities would be breathtaking. Be it a lavish gaming experience, a full-fledged 360-degree learning module, or a disruptive business tool, we cater to all your augmented reality development needs. 

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What is AR Zone on Galaxy S20?

AR Zone is a software function in the Samsung Galaxy S20 devices and some other Samsung devices. 

It is an ecosystem that Samsung provides to their users to leverage access to various Augmented Reality (AR) features and applications, such as AR emojis, AR doodles, and AR stickers.

On the other hand, by swiping up from the home screen to open the app drawer and then clicking on it, the AR Zone icon is located. 

In addition, some of the camera modes such as “AR Doodle” from Samsung may start the AR Zone automatically.


  • AR Emojis: create a 3D avatar of yourself and use it to send personalized messages and emojis.
  • AR Doodle: draw and add virtual images to the real world using your camera.
  • AR Stickers: add fun and interactive stickers to your photos and videos.
  • Quick Measure: Take size and distance measurements using the camera.
  • My Filter: Compose your photo filters with pictures existing in your gallery or gallery icons, and add them to photos undertaken when both in camera and video mode.
  • Deco Pic: Decorations and frames are added to make more fun from your photographs.


  • AR Emojis create my animated message just like me.
  • AR Doodle draws a drawing in the real world with various touch points.
  • AR Stickers will add a tinge of fun and humor to your photos and videos.
  • Quick Measure will help measure the size of objects just as their distance from you, which can be useful for certain reasons.
  • My Filter can be used to set home effects which you can use for creating custom filters applied to your photos that will give them an appreciable look and feel.
  • Deco Pic app can be used to bling up your photo by adding frills.

Top Benefits of the Samsung AR Zone App

Samsung introduces its own AR Zone app to experience the past and discover a new reality of this world. With this application, you can position an augmented reality (AR) character at your place and interact with it to explore more about anything.

These are some of the benefits of using Samsung’s AR Zone app:

  • It gives interactive content where people can explore their surroundings in a new dimension.
  • It lets people put an AR character anywhere they like and let that character interact with the surrounding environment, which creates a new way of exploring the surroundings.
  • It informs of landmarks and features of interest and it helps people learn about them when traveling or when they are discovering the city or town.

How to delete the AR Zone app?

While you would be interested in keeping the AR Doodle, the rest of the features like AR avatars, doodles, stickers, and emojis are generally things we bet you would want to remove from your device almost immediately.

AR Zone is a system application, that’s why once it’s on your phone you cannot delete it. It also means the app is safe from viruses or unsafe content but if you don’t want to see it on your phone you can get rid of it from your app screen. It will be visible only when you launch an app through your phone camera.

Here are some steps that you can follow to delete the AR Zone app from your phone.

  1. Open the App
  2. Move over to the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Toggle off Add AR Zone to Apps screen.
  4. The app will be removed from your home screen but will still exist on your phone.
  5. Upon downloading the said app, to access it or re-download it back to your phone’s app page, go to the MORE option in the phone camera and from there select AR Zone. 
  6. Once in the AR Zone, you will find a gear icon. Press this icon if you want to get back to the page for this app.

What Can You Do in the AR Zone?

What we currently have with this app is more of a gimmick than a solid piece of software that has the potential to be great. Many people think that it’s just another AR emoji app rather than the AR experience Samsung intends for it.

AR Emoji Camera enables the user to transform himself into an emoji and even in AR Emoji Studio, he can make AR doodles. There is also Deco Pic and AR Emoji Stickers which are way simpler to utilize than the others.

To fully experience AR features from this app, one needs to acquire an extra AR Emoji Editor app to aid in creating your own AR avatar that mimics your personality. Currently, the app isn’t that useful in that the in-app purchases aren’t quite expended much on the contributions of the app.

How is the AR Zone App Different from the rest?

AR Zone Samsung app is an augmented reality mobile special application. The adjunction of the word ‘special’ comes as a result of the uniqueness of features and characteristics compared to other similar applications.

The difference that comes with the AR Zone Samsung App is that it allows the users to experience the in-game feel with real-time interactions of objects and characters making them part of it. 

This doesn’t come with other apps only limiting to overview images on a screen. Other features in the AR Zone Samsung App that make it unique and give it a competitive edge include but are not limited to the following.

The AR Zone app was created by Samsung Electronics. Two months after its development, it became available for download at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Can You Download the AR Zone App on My iPhone?

This is where Samsung’s AR Zone app has been making headway among Android users, but what about iPhone users? Can you acquire the AR Zone app on your iPhone? Before we delve widely into compatibility with iPhones, get to know Compatibility.

The AR Zone app cannot unfortunately run on iPhones. The app has been developed by Samsung to be used only in its Galaxy bunch of smartphones. 

The app operates through Samsung’s hardware and software integration, which then executes the desired AR experiences it offers, thus being incompatible with iPhones. Below are other alternatives.

Alternatives for iPhone Users

Although the AR Zone app is not available for iPhones, they have access to a plethora of apps and functionalities about AR. 

Apple has been one of the first companies to have injected their capital into AR technology and provides several features built within their iPhones right after opening the box. Here are some that provide similar functions to the AR Zone app:

a. ARKit

ARKit is an innovative platform to help developers in creating augmented reality apps for iOS devices. There are quite several Apps developed with the use of ARKit and are freely available for download through the App Store.

b. Snapchat

Upon having an iPhone, there are several AR lenses and filters that are available on Snapchat. In the Snapchat app, augmented reality has proven to be both fun and interactive.

c. Pokémon GO

For game lovers, Pokémon GO is an AR-based game to play for them on iPhones. It fuses the virtual world with the real world where a player would catch the Pokémon in his or her neighborhood.

How To customize AR effects in the AR Zone app?

Before we can finally go through all this in our bid to customize AR effects, you must ensure that your Samsung device is pre-installed with the AR Zone app. 

In cases such an application doesn’t exist on your device, you can easily download the application either from the Samsung Galaxy Store or Google Play Store and have it installed on your device.

Once you’ve installed the app, open it, and you’ll be greeted with a user-friendly interface. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Launch the AR Zone App

  • Open the AR Zone app from your app drawer or home screen.

Step 2: Grant Permissions

  • Some of these AR effects may require certain permissions such as giving access to one’s camera or storage. 
  • Grant them if need be.

Step 3: Check out the library of AR effects

  • Features of the app contain a vast variety of face filters, stickers, animations and so much more. All these are in the form of AR versions. Scroll through to see what is available and for an idea of things that you can personalize.
  • Customising AR Effects
  • Now that you’ve learned the basic know-how of the AR Zone app, let’s get into how you customize AR effects to make your photos and videos interesting and one-of-a-kind.

Step 4: Select an AR Effect

  • Tap on the AR Effects icon within the app.
  • Search through the available effects and select one that gives you an appeal.

Step 5: Customising the Effect

  • Once you have selected an effect further customization is usually possible, this can include such things as being able to change the color used in the effect or resizing it or other parameters.
  • Customize the options here unless you get to the original effect that you wish to create.

Step 6: Apply the Effect

  • Once you have customized the effect, just tap on the “Apply” or “Add” button to add this effect to your camera’s viewfinder.
  • Now onwards while taking photos or videos, you can put this effect in real time.

Step 7: Capture your moments

  • Then, after having the AR effect applied, capture your moments either in photos or video.
  • In the frame, the AR effect will appear as part of your additional level of creativity in the content.

Top Alternatives to the AR Zone App


Snapchat is more than the service you used to use to make your pictures vanquish themselves. Snapchat sports some of the best-augmented reality experiences that exist on popular social media platforms today. Be it through its many face filters, lenses, or even humble AR games, Snapchat allows one to change their world on the fly. Don’t believe it? Here’s a proper look at what Snapchat can do with AR.

AR Features in Snapchat:

  • Filters and Lenses: Choose from a wide range of filters and lenses, from whimsical masks to fabulous visuals.
  • AR Games: Play interactive games using augmented reality like “Snappable” for some casual fun.
  • Landmark AR: See augmented reality landmarks at select locations around the world.
  • Snapchat is a good alternative for those users looking for something just a bit more fun and social from augmented reality? It is a great way to interact with your friends with your augmented reality antics.

Google ARCore

Google ARCore is a flexible AR platform, working across many Android devices. This platform provides developers with the functionality and tools required to create stunning AR experiences. Be it that you want to measure objects in your place or virtually place furniture in your living room, Google ARCore has you sorted.

AR Features of Google ARCore:

  • Environmental Understanding: Understand flat surfaces before building a virtual map of your surroundings.
  • Motion Tracking: Track your device motion more robustly, taking your reality to another level.
  • Cloud Anchors: Work together with other people within the augmented reality experiences.
  • Google ARCore is a strong choice for users going with cross-platform AR functionality of varied possibilities.

IKEA Place

One of the must-tries in AR apps, if you are into interior design or furniture shopping is IKEA Place. With this app, you see how you want to put your virtual IKEA furniture right in your home even before you decide on a purchase.

The AR Features of IKEA Place:

  • Furniture Visualization: Visualize how the IKEA furniture items will look in your home.
  • Accurate Measurement: Accurate measurement of spaces to guarantee perfect fittings of the furniture.
  • Realistic Rendering: A realistic experience of high-quality realistic 3D models of furniture.
  • IKEA Place is an invaluable tool for home decorators and furniture shoppers, making it easier to make informed choices.

Pokemon GO

Launched into the world of location-based gaming that gripped record early attention in the media, Pokémon GO is one such game that has also gained recognition as being one of the better examples when it comes to doing AR gaming right. Expose yourself to real-world travel, capturing Pokémon, and fighting exciting battles all on your smartphones.

AR Features of Pokemon GO:

  • AR Exploration: Find your Pokémon in the real world as your camera shows them to you.
  • AR Photo Mode: Have fun taking pictures and a pose with some of your favorite Pokémon by using the real world for the background setting.
  • Gym Battles: Pit your best Pokémon against rival Gyms’ Pokémon in an all-new sort of battle.

Pokémon GO is a first-class alternative that will enable you to play a little on augmented reality while offering your senses the chance to enjoy some beautiful open space.

Why Look for an Alternative?

When seeking alternatives to the AR Zone app, users generally do so because:

  • Varied Experiences: AR apps differ, and the experience of using different ones is never monotonous.
  • Device Flexibility: For some AR apps, you need a particular support device to use them while others do not require one at all.
  • App Specialization: Apps that are specifically designed to serve particular needs exist as well. For instance, there are those for interior designing while others are purely for playing games.
  • Enhanced Features: Alternatives may provide advanced AR capabilities.

What Is AR Zone App Provide/ Do I Need AR Zone App?

These are some of the features we discussed above in this ‘What is AR Zone App’ guide, but if wondering how this can be useful, check these out. 

To begin with, the app revolutionizes engaging users with dynamic features that include AR Emoji and AR Doodle making every interaction playful and immersive. 

Simply users in this app participate in their environment creating and experiencing that unique bond with the digital world.

Express Yourself Digitally: Personalization is what the app is mostly bragging about since it lets users create emojis and avatars that resemble them to help them express their in-real-life personality on the digital side. User-generated designs act as customized reflections of the users in the digital landscape mimicking looks, facial expressions, and personal touches for people whose lives are put together from millions of virtual meetings.

Unleashing Creative Potential: AR Doodle becomes a canvas for all to unleash their creativity on as they draw or add effects in the real world continuously. This feature is primarily for those inclined towards art and creativity and hence it gives them a platform where they can indulge themselves in unlimited imaginative explorations.

Fostering Social Connections: In boosting social experiences, AR Zone allows the sharing of the ARs created with friends and family either on social media or messaging. This creates some kind of community in the digital world that binds people more cohesively because they’re all sharing creative expressions.

Strategic Business Applications: In strategic terms for innovative marketing initiatives, AR Zone can very well serve businesses. An app provides an excellent opportunity for interactive advertisement campaigns for various products where a business, with the help of this interface, can define the creative edge to reach out to the customers.


What are the features of AR Zone?

The AR Zone app is an amazing combination of augmented reality experiences delivered to users owning Samsung Android devices. It gives the users the power to select a feature and take photos and videos that are full of interactive fun. One can mix the virtual stuff with the real world like adding emojis, clothes, makeup, or furniture to your pictures and videos.

What is the AR Doodle app?

AR Doodle: According to Samsung’s official website, AR doodle is a feature that allows users to doodle AR on various types of real-world surfaces.

Deco Pic: According to Samsung’s official website, Deco Pic is the feature in which users can AR decorate photos and videos with stickers and filters.

Quick Measure: According to Samsung’s official website, quick measure is a feature that lets users AR measure the width and distance between objects in the real world.

Why can’t I disable AR Zone?

Unfortunately, unlike some of the other pre-installed Samsung apps that can be uninstalled, AR Zone is a system application so once it’s on your phone you’re effectively stuck with it.

What are the features of AR and VR?

AR uses a real-world setting while VR is all-virtual. AR users manage their presence in the reality world; VR users are managed by the system.  In VR, a headset device is needed, but AR can be accessible just by a smartphone. AR enhances both the virtual and real world while VR app development only enhances a fictional reality.

What are the advantages of location-based AR?

Geolocation gaming uses real-time location in the gameplay. The trends of AR and geolocation gaming are providing immersive experiences, interactivity, and going out in the real world. These games add to physical activity and may have some effect of providing some level of education.


The AR Zone app is a fun camera extension to have on Samsung phones. However, with what people love about smartphones, it would be the new AR experience that allows them to make their photos and videos personal by using AR features and even sharing the same in real-time with people in their network.

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