Unmetered Dedicated Servers & What They Can Bring to Your Business

Unmetered Dedicated Servers & What They Can Bring to Your Business


Unmetered servers are dedicated servers without predetermined network bandwidth usage limits – making them ideal for businesses looking to avoid expensive overcharge fees as their business expands. To learn more about the benefits they can provide for your company, read the following article and the links therein – you’ll be surprised how affordable and approachable these machines are, even for smaller businesses.



Unmetered servers offer cost-effective and reliable hosting options that help businesses avoid bandwidth overages. This makes them particularly useful to organizations with rapidly expanding websites that need to transfer large amounts of data every month. Plus, with greater bandwidth, meaning faster page loads, these unsecured hosting plans are ideal for individuals or companies running websites, streaming videos or game servers.

Hosted hosting solutions such as Cloud VPS can be especially advantageous to media businesses that rely on high traffic volumes, like news outlets. By keeping their bandwidth from becoming an issue and continuing to build an audience, businesses may experience increased conversions and sales.

Example: A video streaming website could easily consume 20TB in just one day, yet with an unmetered plan, it would be difficult to exceed their limit and incur overage charges. They can even hit speeds of 10GBPS or more. Additionally, unmetered plans provide more flexibility for eCommerce websites that experience seasonal traffic surges.

ServerMania is an industry leader when it comes to providing unmetered bandwidth dedicated servers for business applications. Their global reach provides an array of hosting options tailored specifically to each business need – you can select the ideal one based on budget and application needs. Furthermore, their support service levels include telephone/email/chat support and full documentation resources. You may even choose custom solutions tailored specifically to your organization’s requirements.


Unmetered servers offer additional peace of mind and additional security for your site, enabling you to install as many security features without incurring bandwidth limits like this – giving your business the best chance at growth! Essentially, this allows for you to focus on protecting it, increasing traffic, attracting customers, and growing.

These servers are ideal for media companies that cater to a large audience or gaming providers with very large player counts. In particular, media businesses could easily exhaust their allocated bandwidth with metered plans, incurring extra costs and penalties as soon as the limits were exceeded. With an unmetered server, they can serve more visitors without worrying about overage charges or penalties.

When selecting an unmetered server provider, make sure they can meet the unique requirements of your business. For instance, ServerMania provides extensive documentation resources, telephone/email/chat support, multiple language support, as well as an active community that is ready to assist with any issues that arise. With such support services available to them, your server should run at peak performance while being safe from security breaches – saving both time and money in the process.

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Unmetered servers offer businesses in need of high-bandwidth applications like video streaming and gaming the flexibility of scaling without incurring costly overcharge fees. You can also utilize unmetered servers for large file transfers and ecommerce websites with high traffic loads. When choosing an unmetered provider, it is essential that they have been operating for long enough and possess an infrastructure capable of supporting your bandwidth requirements.

A quality hosting provider should offer a range of features and services, including unmetered bandwidth – which will help your website perform faster and more efficiently (source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/server-mania_what-is-unmetered-vs-metered-bandwidth). Increased visitor numbers to your website, leading to improved sales and lead generation.

Maximize ROI on ads campaigns and marketing initiatives while enjoying additional benefits such as storage space and speed. Hosting packages offer you many perks, from receiving a complimentary domain to the ability to add more servers at any time with one IP address, perfect for small to medium-sized companies looking to save both money and time by not needing to buy new servers each time your business expands.


File hosting requires constant file uploads and downloads that consume an enormous amount of network bandwidth, making this type of web service highly scalable and requiring dedicated server solutions that can accommodate fluctuating usage while offering optimal performance. 

These servers have become increasingly popular with companies seeking flexibility in bandwidth applications as they offer consistent data transfer speeds with no overage charges associated with them.

OneProvider, for instance, offers unmetered dedicated servers in various configurations – with various CPU core counts and thread counts, to meet your specific requirements. Choose between managed or bare metal options, plus select from South America to Europe locations so your content reaches audiences worldwide more effectively.

If you’re shopping for a dedicated server, it is imperative that you consider its security needs carefully. Many servers can be vulnerable to hacking attempts – you can minimize risk by keeping all operating system and software versions up-to-date, as well as having a solid backup solution ready in case a breach does occur.


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