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Tips for Studying Computer Science


In the article, we will give advice to students who want to quickly improve computer science learning. Let’s figure out what you can learn 5 minutes before the lesson and how to master the subject easier – on your own or in online courses.

How to start studying computer science

The training plan depends on several conditions:

  • Level of preparation. Primary school students need to start with the basics: computer design, navigation in the operating system, the capabilities of browsers, and basic programs: text and image editors, spreadsheets, etc. High school students who are already familiar with a PC can learn one of the programming languages. 
  • Goal. Efforts depend on what result you want to achieve – improve school grades, close gaps in knowledge, enter the Faculty of Information Technology in the future, etc.
  • Format. You can learn computer science on your own, study with a tutor, or enroll in online courses. Whatever format you choose, you will need to deal with assignments. If you have problems with them, ask – do my computer science homework – on a helping service. An expert will help you with your assignments quickly and professionally. 

Pros and cons of self-study of the subject

The main advantages of self-training:

  • No costs – you don’t have to pay for courses or private tutoring. All educational materials are available on the Internet: e-books, online services, YouTube webinars, etc.
  • Free schedule – you can study irregularly, for example, a couple of times a month, on weekends. With self-preparation, there is no need to stick to a plan.

But this method of training has more disadvantages:

  • It takes a lot of practice to learn computer science from scratch on your own. If you are preparing for an exam, you should devote several hours a week to self-preparation: study theory, program, solve problems for algorithms, etc.
  • No one to turn to for help. You will have to deal with complex topics and errors in the code yourself. You can search for answers on websites or forums, but the information on the Internet is often outdated or false.
  • It is difficult to assess your level of knowledge. YouTube video tutorials do not provide a comprehensive understanding of programming. You can learn the basics, but it won’t be enough to write programs. Only an experienced mentor will give recommendations.

Will online schools help to improve knowledge?

In 2022, distance schools have various preparatory programs – individual lessons with a tutor and online courses.

You can study with a teacher remotely. The format will not affect the quality of the educational process, but it will save you money because the price of online lessons is two times lower than the cost of personal meetings. Communication takes place via video link: the teacher explains the material, checks knowledge of the topic covered, shows examples, and analyzes homework.

You can also improve your computer science knowledge in online courses. Webinars are usually held 1-2 times a week in real time and recorded. If you do not have time to connect to the online lesson, then watch its recording later. It is convenient to combine courses with basic studies, sports sections, and extracurricular activities. All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet. Video recordings, abstracts, presentations, a selection of useful materials, and homework – all this is in your personal account.

In the online course in computer science, the curriculum is designed taking into account the age of the students. The teacher explains the new topic in detail, in simple language, and with examples. There are exercises or quizzes after each lecture.

How to learn all computer science quickly from scratch

Our training recommendations:

  • Prepare a plan and schedule. If you want to learn all sections of computer science quickly, then you need to study intensively, at least 1-2 times a week. Make a list of topics that you will study: storing information on a computer, working with text, spreadsheets, graphic editors, algorithmic tasks, etc.
  • Select study materials. These can be school textbooks, books on programming from scratch, and online simulators, for example, for touch-typing or for writing code. You can also study with video lessons, but it is better not to choose free webinars from the Internet but to take video courses in an online school – there will be no benefit from studying without practice.
  • Find a mentor who can answer your questions, help you deal with difficult topics, and point out mistakes.
  • Keep notes so that all important information is collected in one place.

Five minutes before the lesson: is it worth preparing?

Five minutes before the lesson, you can read the notes on the previous topic. But in order to prepare for a test, you need to start preparing in advance – preferably a week in advance, in order to have time to repeat the material covered, practice, and solve programming problems.

How to write computer science programs easily

To write computer science programs, you need to learn theory. Without theoretical knowledge, you will not be able to practice. You need to know the basics of object-oriented programming and understand what conditional statements, loops, functions, etc., are. To write code, you need to learn one of the languages: Java, C or C++, Python, etc. It will not be easy to master such a volume of information. If you want to learn how to program, take online courses.

Tips for adults studying computer science

Three recommendations from teachers of online courses for adults:

  • Decide on a goal. If you plan to work as a programmer, you need to choose a specialization: front-end, back-end, full-stack, mobile development, etc.
  • Select a programming language. The easiest way to learn is Python, Java, or JavaScript, and the more difficult language is C++.
  • Decide in what format you will study – on your own or with a mentor. If you study computer science as a hobby, then you can study it yourself without the help of an experienced programmer.

Already today, many specialists need IT competencies: from engineers to sociologists, which is why it is useful to develop them from childhood, for example, through programming. The skill of writing code not only opens the way to a promising profession but also helps to develop soft skills important for adult life, reveals creativity, and trains creativity and functional thinking (the ability to break down a task into subtasks and build sequences of actions).


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