Machined learning in mobile app development

How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

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Company owners and all the technical people frequently consume knowledge about the new and trending technologies. Therefore, machine learning in mobile app development is a smart move for the machine learning apps development services provider.

The technological world is moving rapidly, and the technologies are evolving and enhancing year by year. Earlier, we didn’t even imagine having a device that we could carry everywhere and access.

The impact that Machine Learning brings to human life is inevitable. Currently, we have innovative and intelligent machines, phones, and many devices all around. However, we will also experience robots in the future which will function the same as humans.

Additionally, mobile app development uses android machine learning to provide more benefits and machine learning app development services to the users.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is mainly a branch of Artificial Intelligence and computer science networks that will focus on data usage and algorithms to pretend the way humans perform tasks that will gradually augment its accuracy.

ML is an essential component in the growing industry of data science. Many applications have already been built by using machine learning, and it is very successful to a great extent.

Benefits of Using Machine Learning

  1. It gives the application a personalized feeling
  2. It enhances search abilities and result
  3. It enhances predictive analysis
  4. ML makes it easy to detect fraud
  5. It makes Ads relevant
  6. It can improve app efficiency
  7. It will support an app for audio and video detection
  8. It can be used as a smart traffic management system

Tips on how to use Machine Learning in Mobile App Develpment

  1. ML to provide customer support
  2. ML for smart search
  3. ML-powered virtual personal assistance
  4. ML for fraud detection
  5. ML for face and object recognition
  6. ML for the eCommerce app

ML to provide customer support

ML to provide customer support

It is impossible to have human supporters sitting behind the desk to solve every query asked by the users. So with the help of Machine Learning, your machine learning services providing company can implement chatbots as your online 24/7 customer support.

A chatbot is where customers can ask questions and queries and get support or solutions on time. If the problem is complicated and the chatbot doesn’t have the solution, it will connect you to the expert.

Such advanced features will attract users to your mobile app. For example, an appealing feature of chatbots is that they can recognize the writing style and identify the queries. Then it will work to provide a relevant solution to the user.

ML for smart search

ML for smart voice search

Machine Learning Android can help you to augment search in your mobile application. It allows you to provide better and pertaining results, making search more spontaneous and less hectic for your users.

Adding the Machine Learning algorithm enables the application to learn from the users browsing activities and gives the most relevant results. For example, with the constant flow of information, the algorithm can deduct:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What do they decline?

The machine learning program will scrutinize the data and form a logic based on the user’s choice. For example, you promoted your products and engaged users to your mobile application by doing such things.

ML-powered virtual personal assistance

ML powered virtual personal assistance

Machine Learning powered virtual personal assistance, which automatically collaborates with a user. The idea is to make users complete tasks traditionally performed by the secretary. It also includes reviewing text or an email, scheduling, or reminding your users about their appointments.

When you link a VPA in your application, you will enable your customers to go through the features of your application with voice commands. Since Apple launched Siri as voice assistance in the iPhone later, Google launched Alexa, Google homes, Google assistance, and windows launched Cortana as voice assistance.

ML for fraud detection

Machine Learning can consolidate and secure the overall app framework. Moreover, it enables mobile app developers to resolve the access rights of the users.

You don’t need to keep an eye and monitor the app steadily. The machine learning algorithm will observe and ban suspicious activities.

Mobile applications such as Uber use the Machine Learning algorithm to observe users’ previous transactions. It will also use face-identifying technology to regulate users using stolen cards as it’s one of the best Technologies.

The improved security is possible because machine learning in application development has empowered developers to integrate features such as:

  • Wallet management
  • Business intelligence
  • Image recognition
  • Shipping cost evolution
  • Logistic optimization

ML for face and object recognition

ML for face and object recognition

The unbelievable face recognition technology has been successful in social media applications such as Snapchat, which has never set back to surprise the users. It analyzes a particular face and recognizes it with all the features. Then with the help of machine learning projects for mobile applications, it can cover lenses, filters, masks, and much more through a smartphone front camera.

Your mobile application can get highly viable with face-recognizing technology. In addition, some famous medical applications will also use face recognition to quickly identify problems regarding a patient’s health as they will be able to scan medical conditions such as swelling and infections.

Plenty of applications can also read the mental health condition of the patients by using face recognition technology.

ML for the eCommerce app

The eCommerce applications based on mobile machine learning are the future of online shopping. Online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more use a machine-learning algorithm to suggest products to their users.

However, you will identify that the Amazon application suggestion system will modify itself depending on the products you search for or the products you purchase. It learns from you and other users and many other factors. As a result, it will help you provide a personalized user experience.

The best ecommerce app builder simplifies the process of creating a powerful online store app. With easy-to-use highlights and adjustable layouts, it permits organizations to upgrade their computerized presence and give a consistent shopping experience to clients, at last, driving development and outcome in the realm of online business.

Final Words

Machine learning algorithms are changing and enhancing by the passing time to provide a more personalized experience to the users and provide them the convenience to shop and use the applications. We can expect more from machine learning in the coming future with the changes.

Here are the tips you can go through before planning to develop a mobile application based on Machine learning. If you don’t know how to implement machine learning in your mobile app, you can hire an augmented reality developer to guide you.


Rahim makhani, CEO and Managing Director at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the internet of things development.

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