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How to Successfully Sell Your Content Site?

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As a writer, you are probably specializing in more than one niche. However, there might come a time when you are exhausted from a certain field and you just want to branch out. Of course, this can be very emotional and stressful, but there is a little angle that might even land you a substantial profit.

In today’s world, there’s always money to be made, and selling your content site might just be the perfect opportunity. Follow our tips to ensure a seamless sale and a guaranteed profit.

Initial phase

In the world of online business acquisitions, selling content sites is in high demand. That’s why investors are willing to pay top dollar for sites that meet their criteria. So, before you ask yourself whether it’s the right choice to sell your content site, think about how much you can fetch if you do so. Take the revenue you are generating from your site into account and see whether it’s worth continuing.

Even if the revenue generated is substantial, you might still be interested in selling a site that you no longer want to keep To calculate your content site value, take your monthly revenue and multiply it by twelve. This will give you the approximate value of your content site. But if you feel that your content site has a huge potential to explode in the future, you might consider charging more.

After you determine the value of your content site, you will have to find a platform on which you can sell it effortlessly. There are a million online platforms that you can use to sell your site. However, if you want the process to be extremely easy and quick, you can always work with an advisor or a broker and make the most of their large network of buyers.

Know what buyers want from you

In order to sell your content site successfully and make it worth your while financially, you will have to know what your potential buyers are looking for. For instance, if you built your content site organically from the ground up and you have a large amount of traffic coming in each day, it’s highly likely that your content site will go fast.

However, if you have no proof of where that traffic is coming from, potential buyers will probably suspect you of using bots and potentially turn down the offer.

In addition to that, the niche of your site will play a huge role in its popularity and demand. For instance, if it’s a tech site, it will likely be extremely sought after. However, if it’s a niche that’s not that popular, for instance, engraving tips and tricks, it will not receive a lot of attention and it might be even harder to sell it.

Keep track of your documents

A whole journey got your site to where it is right now. If you kept all your documentation, it will help you sell your content site a lot faster. A lot of site owners neglect this process and are likely faced with many problems as the closing process of selling a site approaches.

Besides P&L paperwork and risk assessment analytics, you should also consider proving your potential buyers with SOP documentation. With the help of this documentation, the new owner will have no trouble getting into the game and picking up the website where you left it.

The closing phase

After you receive an offer worth considering, you can enter the negotiation phase with the buyer and see whether the deal will fit both parties. You can try to negotiate for a full-price payment or opt for an earnout agreement which will incentivize the buyer to close the deal faster as it minimizes a lot of risk for them.

That being said, if your content site is making more than $3,000 a month, buyers are more likely to shell out six-figure sums in order to obtain them. After the deal is accepted, a certain amount of the sum will go for a fee to your brokerage’s advisor, and a larger portion will have to be allocated for tax obligations.

Bottom line

Selling a content site can be extremely lucrative if all the cards are played right. Knowing what the buyers want can greatly help you in the process of selling your content site successfully. By following the tips we outlined for you above, you might be able to sell your site for a substantial profit and start thinking about new business endeavors knowing that you are backed financially.


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