How to add photos videos in Pinterest

How To Upload Photos/Videos In Pinterest?

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Ideas need nurturing, and for that, it must be shared and discussed in a constructive environment until it matures into a plan. The internet has brought this opportunity into our hands in the form of a dynamic, expansive platform – Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the largest image and video platforms on the internet. It allows you to browse through millions of users’ creative endeavors, serving as a jackpot of inspiration for various topics. From character art to fashion design, and home decor to academic projects, Pinterest has a board for everything under the sun. It serves as both social media marketing and an image sharing platform for over 400 million monthly active users.

Significant features of Pinterest

Pinterest allows users to upload what is known as ‘pins.’ A pin is a post of an image, video, animation, or gif accompanied by any relevant links and descriptions. It can be bookmarked and saved to your board if it is an idea you love. Your pictures can be uploaded to the board from your profile to be shared with the world.

Users who have been inspired by your ideas can also add notes to your pin, reviewing or improving on it. Boards are another handy feature on Pinterest. They are a collection of your saved pins that appear on your profile. These boards can be segmented into subtopics as per convenience. If you prefer to keep the panels on your face a secret, they can also be hidden. You can also collaborate on group boards to find as many ideas as possible. A visual search option is also available, allowing users to search with images.

Pinterest has reached the farthest populations of the world. It has created a platform where users of any age or cultural group can feel comfortable posting, and it has an extensive reach. Whether you are racking your smart brains for great inspiration or feeling empowered to share your stroke of inspiration with the world, Pinterest can connect and stimulate.

How to post your own pictures/videos on the Pinterest desktop app?

Sharing your ideas with the world has never looked more appealing! Uploading a pin from your computer is so easy. So how does one upload to Pinterest?

If you have been asking around on how to upload pictures to the Pinterest desktop app, the procedure is quite simpler and just takes a few clicks, a matter of seconds.

1. Navigate Pinterest and find your profile picture on the upper right hand of the screen.

2. Click right on the button to go to your profile page.

3. You will see your boards and your pins.

4. You will see a white-colored button with a ‘plus’ (+) icon on it in the bottom right-hand corner.

5. Click on the button and choose the ‘upload a pin’ option.

6. You will see spaces for your image, and text boxes for a link/URL and a description.

7. Click on the space for the image, and you will be taken to your files.

8. Choose the file that will be your pin.

9. Add any relevant link or URL if available.

10. Add a few sentences of description.

11. Click on save and choose whichever board you prefer when prompted.

12. Your pin has been created!

How to pin or add a video to the Pinterest app?

With the prevalence of smartphones, apps have become the be-all and end-all. Using mobile applications to their full potential can make our lives easier. Pinterest also has a mobile application available for download. This enables you to upload your ideas from your compact, portable device anytime, anywhere.

The process of uploading pictures on the app is quite similar to the process for uploading photos on the desktop website.

1. Open the Pinterest application and straightly go to your profile

2. On the bottom right-hand corner, a white-colored button with the plus (+) icon will appear.

3. Click on this button. You will see a space for images, and two text boxes for a link or URL and a description.

4. Click on the space for the image. You will be taken to your photos.

5. Choose your file and add any relevant links and a few lines of description

6. Click on save and choose your preferred board.

7. Your pin has been created on the mobile app!

How user-friendly Pinterest Platform has inspired its everyday and business users?

Pinterest has been active for about ten years now and is valued at about twelve billion dollars as of 2019. The app has begun to serve many diversified purposes. It has become a hub for budding artists of many fields, creating niche communities and inspiring many. It has also drawn businesses to showcase their services and create a ‘visual storefront.’

Newer features of Pinterest include personalized recommendations and product catalogs. Brands can create ‘product pins’ that convey a copious amount of product information. To help with brands’ marketing, Pinterest has also begun to offer ‘Pinterest Analytics,’ similar to Google Analytics, that provides relevant statistics on the website traffic.

Pinterest has become a priceless gift to many users. It has allowed artists to find like-minded people and join supporting communities. It has introduced these budding artists to concepts beyond their wildest imagination.

Even for the casual internet surfer, Pinterest is an integral part of the experience. It has become the go-to website for anyone in a creative slump, struggling for inspiration. It has created another indispensable platform on the internet, connecting those with the ideas and those desperate to apply it. There is no doubt it has become a mainstay of the internet.

Key Takeaways

So, we can conclude that Pinterest has turned out to be the most prominent image and video platform online. Pinterest platform has stirred its regular and business users. Explore the Pinterest app today itself and create or update your profile. Also, uploading a pin from your computer has become exceedingly straightforward, and enjoyable. Pinterest welcomes you and awaits your ideas to be shared!


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