how to find best selling products on amazon

How To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon?


Finding a profitable niche and product is one of the most difficult and demanding tasks for sellers who want to get their business on Amazon. It is on this that the success of the activity and future earnings depend. In our new material, we will analyze what sales strategies are in this marketplace and how to look for a promising segment. Also consider a selection of popular products and categories, among which you can find good ideas to start. So, see below how to find best selling products on amazon.

How To Find Best Selling Products on Amazon:

To find beneficial items, you want to do all necessary investigations. This incorporates really looking at patterns on Google and different commercial centers, inspecting top merchant rankings on Amazon, and utilizing item research devices to investigate requests and levels of contest. It’s likewise essential to sell in a specialty you knew about.

Searching for items to sell doesn’t have a test. See below how to find best selling products on amazon…

Best Sellers Rank:

Best Sellers Rank or BSR is a built-in component of the Amazon platform. For each item on the platform, it is computed and made available. Even though it will often feature the same products, it differs for each Amazon platform, therefore use caution if you compare the BSR on the US Amazon platform with the BSR on the UK site.

Best Sellers Ranks are different for each class. So what one should seriously mull over a “great” Best Sellers Rank for Kitchen and Dining, maybe a terrible BSR in the Gardening section.

Look For Your Competitors:

Did you know that small sellers thrive selling niche products? From handmade items to custom and unique jewelry and even live bugs. Thus, they reduce competition from large sellers and Amazon itself.

Amazon is really good when it comes to increasing sales. It has a section that shows featured products below the product description. This encourages buyers to consider the products offered.

Use Amazon Seller Tools for Product Research: 

You can search for a profitable niche and product to sell on Amazon using various tools: 

Jungle Scout is a powerful product research tool that helps sellers on Amazon find profitable products to sell. With features such as product tracking, sales estimates, and keyword research, it provides valuable insights into the competitive landscape and allows sellers to make informed decisions about which products to sell. It also offers a Chrome extension for easy access to data while browsing Amazon.

Besides this ZonBase is another great tool that will do all the research work for you. 

This is one of the simplest and most convenient tools that helps to analyze the popularity and seasonality of various keywords. Using this service, you can determine existing and emerging trends, and evaluate the popularity of the topic and the dynamics of demand by months.

To get the necessary data, just enter the query of interest in the search bar. First, you should take general requests on the topic, and then move on to mid-frequency ones. The dynamics of demand will be displayed on the chart. Using filters, you can select the region, period, category, and type of search. There is also a function of comparative analysis of two queries.

If interest in a product drops, it will most likely be quite difficult to sell it on Amazon.

ZonBase is an Amazon FBA tool that runs in the Chrome browser and allows you to find the most in-demand products in selected segments.

To get started, you need to log in and select a segment and a specific product category in the search bar.

The product should be analyzed according to the following characteristics:

  1. Average monthly turnover.
  2. Average rank. The lower it is, the better the sales. Positions with a rank below 10,000 are rarely sold, so you should not consider them for entering the marketplace.
  3. Average price. It can be taken into account when choosing the optimal price tag for your offer.
  4. Number of reviews. This is an important criterion that often tells you how successful a product is selling.

After collecting information, you need to perform a detailed analysis: calculate how quickly this or that product will be sold on Amazon and how much income it can bring. You also need to take into account additional costs: FBA fee, purchase and delivery costs, and others.

Top and Best Selling Product Categories To Sell On Amazon:

This service shows a selection of products with increased interest from the audience. For convenience, all products are categorized. See below the top categories in how to find best selling products on amazon.

Books & Stationary:

Books are one of the most popular commodities on Amazon these days because of how they present themselves. Because books are easier to sell than some other products that have a more difficult sales procedure, it is a suitable niche to investigate. The different book genres that authors create include current, dystopian, romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and more.

As for stationary and office supplies, it is the reams of paper that arouse the desires of connected households and boost orders. Five of the top ten sales are for white A4 paper. Indeed, in this period of confinement, between children’s lessons and derogatory certificates to be printed, the stock is considerably reduced in French households.

Clothes, Footwear, and Jewelry:

Many people would be shocked to learn that Amazon is the top fashion store in the United States. Amazon had rising success soon after introducing Amazon Fashion and The Drop.

Popular and trending brands including Savage X Fenty, Michael Kors, The North Face,  and New Balance have made their way onto the virtual marketplaces of Amazon

Depending on the season, different types of clothing are required. For instance, the best-selling page during the winter and holiday seasons is likely to include soft pajamas, socks, slippers, and flannels.

Kitchen & Dining:

Bedding, cooling, cleaning supplies, air purifiers, furniture, heating, and products for the kitchen and dining area are a few of the popular items in this category. Together with storage and organization solutions, there are also seasonal and home décor items that place highly on the BSR list.

Grocery & Gourmet Food:

Amazon also has a Grocery department. In this universe, sales are literally exploding even if our supermarkets and neighborhood food stores remain open during this period of confinement. And it is toilet paper that occupies the first place with prices displayed that are nevertheless quite uncompetitive.


At the time of writing, one of the top categories on the bestselling list is electronics. A Fire TV Stick, an Echo Show, and an Amazon Smart Plug are currently the top three-selling items in the electronics category. You may see the complete list of the top goods in that category by clicking on the category link that is located directly beneath the category name.

Products from Amazon and other branded companies are the most popular items on the list of electronic bestsellers. Due to the brand’s requirements for validation, a new vendor cannot readily enter this market. However, a USB hub, the Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub, which is a unique kind of device, may be found at position 23.


What to sell on Amazon depends on many factors: the initial budget and opportunities to start, the current demand in the market in general and on the marketplace itself in particular, and the entrepreneur’s own interests and knowledge. Choose the product and niche in which you understand and where there will not be too much competition.


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