The Top Tips When Investing In UPS Units For Your Business

The Top Tips When Investing In UPS Units For Your Business


It is great news that you have decided to invest in UPS units for your business because in this digital age, your business cannot afford to be off-line for any length of time at all. In order of your business to be at its most efficient, it needs to be able to rely on its IT systems and data platform. Depending on where you are located, you may experience power disruptions more than other areas and it is during these times that you need the right kind of backup in the form of UPS power supplies. Knowing which kind of UPS unit to buy is where the difficulty lies and so any help that you can get in choosing the right one needs to be considered.

It’s likely that you will have many different questions including how much do they cost and also you might ask What’s the difference between Single Phase vs Three Phase UPS. You also need to consider the costs of experiencing downtime and to compare that to the price of buying suitable UPS units for your business. There are a number of different power issues that your business may need to put up with like power surges, brown outs, planned and unplanned outages and even accidents. The following are just some top tips when investing in UPS units for your business.

  • Figure out the capacity of the UPS – You need to figure out the size of the load that you’re going to need in order to be able to take advantage of UPS protection. If you have IT servers or anything that uses high processing power then you need to work out the power consumption of this as well as your computers and any other networking equipment that your business uses. Don’t forget about other important pieces of office equipment that you need to use every single day and don’t forget about the alarm systems as well.
  • What runtime do you need – If a power failure does occur forward a reason, you need to decide how long you want the UPS to run for. If your business has some kind of backup generator then you may only need a UPS to run your equipment until it starts up. You may however one enough time to be able to shut down your servers and computers so that you don’t lose any essential data.
  • How many outlets do you need – When figuring out the capacity that you want to buy for your UPS units, you also need to work out on many devices that are going to need UPS support. It is incredibly important that you buy a UPS unit that provides you with enough outlets for your business needs and follows health and safety compliance.

Then there is the installation to think about because UPSs come in many different sizes and they can come in power or rack-mount form and others. You might also want to look into the different sets of features that they offer like remote monitoring, remote outlet control and the availability of replacement batteries.


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