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5 Important Tips and Tricks to Consider for Increased Sales in WooCommerce


Every WordPress enthusiast knows the true power of WooCommerce and what it can do for businesses, no matter how big they are. If you are a store owner that wants to unlock the full potential of WooCommerce, continue reading this article. 

Building a WooCommerce store for B2B sales

eCommerce is tough and competitive, so it’s important to build a WooCommerce b2b wholesale store for your business. Yes, it’s as obvious that you need an online presence, but you will be surprised to know the percentage of people who ignore this crucial information. 

The biggest disadvantage of not planning to create a WooCommerce B2B wholesale store is that you risk seeing your sales stagnate, or even worse, being swallowed up by the competition. Even though the Internet has opened up a new market for entrepreneurs, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the effort for your business to survive and thrive. 

What else do you need to keep in mind?

Sales agents and representatives are a vital part of the operating structures of many firms. However, WooCommerce, by default, provides little support for agents, as the platform is designed and optimized for regular retail stores.

Client management and relationship management are crucial for any firm, especially those with a big customer base, significant transaction values, B2B, wholesale, or affiliate models. Agents serve as the link between the business and the client. They may perform various functions, including providing sales guidance, taking and arranging orders, and even managing and handling individual customer orders directly. 

In order to build a WooCommerce b2b wholesale store, you need careful planning and, of course, time. Nothing comes easy, but the rewards are equally as sweet. 

Advantages Of Selling Products Via WooCommerce 

Selling products through WooCommerce offers you several advantages. There are now a number of Internet platforms where you could offer your products as an external dealer. However, the operators of such platforms charge monthly fees or product-related commissions. You save these additional costs with WooCommerce.

 In addition, you present yourself alone on your site. At Amazon, Ebay, you are directly competing with many other providers. On your website with WooCommerce, you can present yourself attractively and present the advantages of your product in detail. For example, you can make reading or audio samples available to interested parties. If the customer buys, he does not have to wait long for his goods and pay shipping costs.

To help you use WooCommerce on WordPress optimally, discover our five expert tips for best sales via WooCommerce. 

1. Don’t Overlook the Power of Coupons

Who doesn’t love receiving a favorite product at a lower price? Anybody. A good way to boost your sales is to offer your potential customers discounts. The psychological effects of a discount sticker have been proven in physical stores, and it is no different on the Internet. 

Discounts are attractive to people who shop online because they feel like they’re getting a bargain. This is where the WooCommerce plugin comes in handy. It’s easy to create coupons just by browsing the coupon section. You need to create your first coupon and fill in the necessary information. Your customers will only need to enter the coupon code to receive their discount, making the process simple and easy to use.

2. WooCommerce on WordPress: Cross-Selling Strategies

“People who bought this product also bought these.” A subtle strategy, but oh so effective. To implement this kind of strategy, you just have to use one of the main features of WooCommerce called “product information”. Then click on the related products tab. You can then fill in the information to upsell at a higher price or cross-sell with other products. Higher priced products will appear at the bottom of the page, while crossover products will be added at checkout to incentivize a last-minute purchase.

3. Improve Your Site’s Performance

WooCommerce can do many things to boost your sales, but the plugin can’t improve your site’s performance. Use Google Analytics to reduce bounce rates and keep your customers on your site longer. Ensure your entire site is responsive by optimizing your images, reducing the number of scripts, and enabling caching. 

4. Send Notices to Bring Customers Back To Your Site

By the use of MailChimp, remind your customers that they have products in the cart. A large portion of people who shop online use shopping carts as wish lists. Therefore, a good way to boost your sales is to periodically remind them that they have items in a shopping cart on your site.

5. Be Careful When Choosing Plugins

The disadvantages of WooCommerce are the downsides of the advantages: For WooCommerce itself, the core, there is no guarantee of support – you don’t pay for it. At the same time, the high flexibility and the mature ecosystem make it easy to “artificialize”. 

Wholesale For WooCommerce is a WooCommerce plugin that allows users to see wholesale prices for all of the products on their WooCommerce online store. It offers outstanding features such as adding wholesale pricing to each version of a variable product, adding a percentage amount, adding a fixed amount, saving the shown amount, minimum quantity, and settings to modify the content of the frontend labels. Admin must manually allocate a wholesaler buyer by selecting their role as “Wholesaler”; wholesale charges are only visible to Wholesaler role customers and not to any other customers.


For experienced users, WooCommerce proves to be a simple distribution channel for online selling. The user can adapt the online sales to their individual needs. Knowledge shows that there are many things to consider when selling such products. If you are not very familiar with the technical and legal details, it is best to consult an expert and get professional support when setting up your online shop.

By Digitalize Trends

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