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These Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using VPN


As more people become aware of their privacy when surfing the web, virtual private network (VPN) services are becoming a preferred security solution and are no longer reserved for those in the information technology industry. 

That said, using VPN is not as easy as switching it on to become protected. Some people who have only started using VPN may be committing mistakes that can still cost their privacy and security. 

This article will share some of the most common mistakes you must avoid ensuring security and protection when browsing the web. 

Choosing The Wrong VPN Provider

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It doesn’t matter if you’re doing everything right when using a VPN service if you started with the wrong provider. This choice may lead you to pay more while putting your privacy and data in danger. 

Thus, ensure you take the time to do your homework and look for a reliable VPN provider before paying. You can check review sites and articles on the best providers available today. For instance, if you’re from Egypt or traveling there, you can check this article on the best VPN in Egypt to find the best provider available. 

Not Keeping It On All The Time

One of the biggest mistakes most VPN users make is turning VPN on and off, depending on their browsing activity. They only turn it on when they need to, like when logging into a public Wi-Fi or having an online transaction, then switching it off immediately.

If you’re worried about your privacy when browsing the web, you should never turn off your VPN. Ensure your VPN is activated before switching on your internet connection. You can only turn it off when you’re no longer connected to the internet. 

Even if you’re connected to a trusted network or not using any financial information, most cyber threats, like a man-in-the-middle attack, can still provide attackers with more juicy information than your banking or financial details. 

Relying On Free VPN Services

The best VPN services will cost you. So, if you don’t have the budget, you might opt for free VPN services. Besides, even the most reliable VPN providers offer a free product version. 

However, you must be aware that free VPNs only offer basic services. These include basic security and privacy protection on limited networks. Plus, most free VPNs are flooded with annoying ads. 

Free VPN services also have limitations in terms of data limits and speeds. So you can’t keep them active all the time. Therefore, investing in a paid service is the best option. If you want to make the most out of what a VPN can do.

Moreover, unlike most free VPNs, top paid providers have zero-logging features. This means they don’t store any information or data on your web activity. So, if a government forces you to hand over data, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Relying Too Much On VPN For Security

Some users put too much trust in VPNs. They think a VPN service is enough and that no other measures are necessary to ensure online security. 

A VPN is an effective method to block privacy vulnerabilities. However, it’s not the only comprehensive internet security and protection tool. You should know that VPN can only mask your IP address and ensure anonymity when browsing the net, but it doesn’t block viruses or malware. 

Hence, if you want robust security and privacy, you should consider investing in other security tools such as antivirus software. 

Not Taking The Time To Review The Settings

In general, most VPNs are ready to use right out of the box. Yet when you’re getting started. you need to check the settings to ensure that all features and functionalities you paid for are activated. 

Some vital features, such as the kill switch, are disabled by default in most apps. The kill switch feature disconnects your device from the internet if the VPN service drops out, making it a critical safeguard against unwanted data breaches. 

A quick trip to the settings can give you access to everything that your VPN service can do and allow you to customize your protection and security. 


The five points mentioned here are some of the most common mistakes you can easily avoid when choosing and using a VPN service. Whether you’re still looking for a VPN service or have been using one for years, this article has hopefully provided you with the necessary information to properly leverage VPNs to protect data and have safer web browsing. 


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