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Tips For Starting Your Music Shop


You can make it in the music industry in several ways. Either you can be a musician or be a retailer that sells instruments or CDs. However, it would help if you had some things in place to start your music shop. You’ll also want to know that the New Zealand music industry is growing and have made $17.7 million in physical sales.

Undoubtedly this will increase the scope for opening more music stores to provide an unforgettable experience. Plus, despite the rise in popularity of listening to music and buying instruments online, the music store hasn’t lost its charm in people’s eyes.

So, you can have a profitable business and woo your customers with a great music store. Merely follow the tips in this article to start your music venture.

Start Your Music Store with These Tips

Before starting your music store, you need to ensure some things are in place. Having a proper business plan and securing your licenses and insurance is the first step toward a successful music business.

These tips will help you kickstart your music business:

Ensure Your Licenses and Business Structures are in place.

Before starting a music store, you need to procure your licenses and create a business plan. You’ll need to decide whether you want to be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC. It would help if you got your insurance like liability, workers’ compensation, and automobile.

Further, you should choose a good location wherein you get a lot of foot traffic. Try to set up near schools, colleges, or inside malls. It would help if you also had a business plan that would work for your store and decide your products well.

Hire Knowledgeable Staff

Suppose you want to thrive in the music store business. You need to hire knowledgeable staff. Your staff should be friendly and knowledgeable about the products you sell. For instance, if you sell musical instruments, your staff should know the variety available. They should see the product’s features and have music knowledge to guide beginners and professionals.

Ensure your staff interview process involves getting to know everyone personally and trying to hire musicians.

Ensure A Variety of Products

Whether you sell musical instruments or music CDs, you must have a variety. If you sell musical instruments, you should keep stock of various guitars, electric guitars, flutes, keyboards, pianos, etc.

Suppose you sell music CDs or records. It would help if you stocked CDs of various genres, artists, bands, and albums.

Participate in Community Events

Another important aspect of music stores is to participate in community events. This will automatically increase your visibility. You can be sponsors for music fests or music competitions. Alternatively, you can provide gift cards from your store to competition winners.

Suppose you sell musical instruments. You can rent out instruments to local artists for local events. You can probably create a stall at music fests and market your store merchandise. This will boost your visibility.

Create A Website

Creating a website for your store is the best form of marketing. You’ll be able to provide the option for online shopping for your products. Moreover, you can create blogs with music content that can help beginners.

Further, having a website allows you to increase your visibility and creates an online presence. Moreover, it helps you tell your brand story and why you are passionate about your music store.


Starting your music store can be daunting. However, if you plan your business structure, decide on your products, hire knowledgeable staff, have various products, and market it well, you can run a successful music shop.

Further, it would help if you involved yourself in community activities like music fests, competitions, and other events. This will help you promote yourself better. Moreover, create a website that talks about your products, have blog content educating beginners, and boosts your store.

So, with the right location, products, staff, and marketing, you can start a thriving music store business.


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