best smartwatches for 2020

The Latest and Best Smartwatches for 2020


Watches today are beyond the ordinary game of tracking time; instead, it has outgrown itself to a new realm. These accessories are revolutionizing themselves with proffering more opportunities and technological gimmicks than ever before. There is surely and certainly more than one reason why they are not called a watch instead of a smartwatch.

The integration of advanced technological features such as fitness and health tracker materializes benefits with individuals realizing its need more and more. With the dire need to incorporate this futuristic technology in your everyday life, the smartwatches have indeed ushered a new ballgame in 2020. You can Check tech news and product reviews before purchase.

Suppose you have been thinking that a smartwatch is just about receiving notifications at the drop of a hat, well no more. Smartwatches today are a revolution in itself and doing a lot more than the ordinary. After analyzing a few of the best smartwatches in the present-day market, let us look at the ones offering the latest innovation and technological advancements for 2020.

  1. Apple Watch Series 5 : The Apple Watch Series 5 is precisely the latest and also the most advanced smartwatches of all time. The watch series offers a one of a kind user experience that you have never experienced before. It provides an always-on display that enables the right kind of assistance you need. With the help of the watch, you can view the time at a glance and a lot more.The best smartwatch for iPhone comprises an in-built compass, which is exceptionally beneficial for any adventurous activity. Moreover, the inbuilt map enables users to view directions at all times of emergency. This scenario also helps users to track the outdoor workouts while offering a swim-proof design. It is built to get adjusted to the conditions around you, with an ambient light sensor’s aid.It is always-on display does not necessarily drain the watch’s battery and is available in incredibly stylish titanium and ceramic finishes. The Series 5 watch is a powerful and versatile watch that offers health or fitness-related features. Its ability to morph between a smartwatch, a sports watch, a fitness tracker, and various health devices make it the year’s top tool.

    The unisex watch comes in 40mm and 44 mm sizes while offering more screen space than the ordinary smartwatches. The sensors can be accessible by a third party app for you to use. The presence of an ECG monitor unlocks the ability to regulate heart health monitoring along with detecting irregular heart rhythms. The in-built battery can offer a run-through time of around 24-48 hours.

    Key Features:

    • Works on iPhone solely
    • 18 hours of battery life
    • Always-on display
    • Offers LTE/4G options
    • Suitable for swimming
    • Tracks fitness
    • Tracks heart rate and performs ECG
    • Can view notifications and accept calls
    • Offers compass
    • GPS enabled

    Price: $499

  2. Fitbit Versa 2 : A lot more affordable version of a smartwatch, as compared to the former one, Fitbit Versa 2, is one of the best as well as top smartwatches in 2020 that is typically focused on tracking fitness. The thin and light build is quite appealing to a number of users in addition to the light, slim, and unisex design. With offering 1.34 inch AMOLED display, the watch is here to redefine good looks without making the wrist feel a lot too bulky.The screen is extremely user friendly that can be used to cycle and reach one’s goal. Guided breathing exercises and other workouts can enable a better smartwatch notification. It now facilitates third-party apps; however, it needs to be turned on in a manual way. This scenario offers most of the sports and fitness tracking features than a user would be expecting from the Fitbit ecosystem; however, there resides no built-in GPS.It has wonderfully potent sleep metrics that perform efficient sleep tracking and offer a sensor, activated to offer oxygen variation readings from the blood throughout the night. It can serve as an essential indicator of sleep issues. Furthermore, it is imbibed with Amazon Alexa, which promises to make heads turn.

    A huge selling point of the watch is its battery, which is bound to offer you service for as long as five to six days at a stretch, without the need to provide charge. Hence, this makes way for hassle-free weekdays and convenient usage.


    • Great battery life
    • 1.34inch AMOLED display
    • Can track swimming
    • Can track activity 24*7
    • Works both on iOS and Android
    • Watch faces can be customized
    • Imbibed with Amazon Alexa assistance
    • Track and monitors sleep

    Price: $199

  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 : The latest watch assortment from the Samsung parent brand is here to give Apple smartwatches a fierce competition. However, unlike Apple’s operation, Samsung watch works both on Android and iOS smartphones. The best fitness smartwatch features a heart rate monitor in addition to LTE that is enabled to track your sleep and activity well.Its unique circular design exhibits a visually appealing texture and comes in both 40mm and 44mm model. It is based on Samsung’s Tizen’s operating system, and the watch boasts several useful features that give other smartwatches a run for its money. Its unique fitness tracking skills are extremely impressive and have the ability to keep users moving in an extremely negligible, however purposeful manner.It is also great for users who wish to wear the watch for notifications, and it offers excellent support for the Android notification system while letting users reply with their own voice. In addition to its built-in keyboard, the watch also comes along with an in-built GPS technology that features an all automatic workout-tracking feature while facilitating easy food, water, and sleep tracking. Its improved running coach feature offers real-time pace metrics along with a rundown of everything you need prior to a workout.

    It is equipped with robust smartwatch features that offer Samsung Pay, an onboard music app via Spotify, along with a varied heart health tracking functionalities. Users have the flexibility to keep track of blood pressure, ECG, and fall detection. Its battery life has been designed to be at complete par with its competitor, Apple watch. It tends to max out at a continuous usage of about two days; however, it majorly depends on the features you use.


    • Works on both Android and iOS platform
    • Enables offline Spotify storage
    • Water-resistant up to 5ATM
    • Comes in a case size of 40/44mm
    • Offers a battery life of up to 2 days
    • Can perform sufficient swim tracking
    • Samsung Pay
    • Can track blood pressure, perform ECG and track heart health

    Price: $144.99

  4. Skagen Falster 3 : An advanced technology smartwatch has it all and is super packed with the latest innovations. The unfussy, highly performing smartwatch works both on iOS and Android. With offering a cool and minimalist design, Android’s best smartwatch also offers an AMOLED 1.3-inch display, which makes it simple and straightforward for users to use and read.Furthermore, its availability in a wide range of colorful, comfortable and cooling looking straps to be easily tailored as per the user’s needs and requirements makes it one of the most preferred smartwatches of the year 2020. Its size and the design have been crafted perfectly, which is embodied with a stainless steel body and size of 42mm, a size that does not overpower the wrist. It comes in a silicone strap on the X Kygo model, which is exceptionally comfortable, and the versions are available on the standard Flaster 3 version as well. Its impressive sweat-free and versatile texture makes it an appealing accessory of the present times.It is equipped with the necessary tech that you would require in the present times and is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform. Offering 1 GB Ram, it enables efficient storage and tracking of daily activities. Not can you track your heart rate, but also make use of GPS, Google Pay, a speaker, a microphone, and other features for improved daily activities.

    The smartwatches beauty is the thinness it offers, which comes in 11mm with only a very few devices that look and feel the same. Providing a commendable performance promotes an accurate heart rate sensor equipped to track your heart rate, especially beneficial during a workout. Hence, it is one of the best accessories for individuals looking for much more than just the features.


    • Works on both iOS and Android
    • 42mm case
    • Google Pay
    • Can track heart rate
    • Waterproof design
    • Customizable watch straps
    • Provides a healthy battery life of up to 24 hours
    • Imbibed with a GPS
    • Interchangeable watch straps

    Price: $226

  5. TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE : If you are one of them who adores and loves big things and in big packages, TicWatch Pro is certainly the one you need to bring to the table. Unlike the former watch, the TicWatch, on the other hand, is equipped with a dual-layer display that benefits prolonged battery life. With this, you can acquire a long-lasting battery life while enjoying the feature-packed best budget smartwatch.It offers a built-in GPS that can efficiently track activity while offering sustainable heart-rate monitoring and other features like Google Pay. However, you simply cannot ignore the watch’s LTE connectivity that takes care of all your needs, once you have the watch on your wrist. With the watch’s help, now you can send texts, accept calls while use data anytime on the go. It is a supreme device to operate, and you would not mind spending the price it comes in. Although it is 45mm, it is a lot bulkier than the same size smartwatches. It offers a 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage, which can benefit a present-day user to the utmost being a smartwatch you can buy.Features:
    • LTE connectivity
    • Good battery life
    • Dual-layer display
    • Google Pay
    • 1GB RAM
    • 4GB internal storage
    • 44mm in size

    Price: $249.99

  6. Fossil Gen 5 : A smartwatch designed for the sporty fans out there, the Fossil smartwatch offers every reason you can buy. The brand is currently on the fifth generation of watches, with it evolving with a new iteration. This premium watch features a lightweight design, a featuring GPS, and a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip that presents an improved user experience. The 44mm case is available in a varied array of colors, which includes smoke stainless steel, rose gold, and subdued black, promising to offer you more than one reason to style it.It runs on Google’s Wear OS and hence offers the liberty to users to choose from apps and watch faces available. With offering an improved battery life, the stylish design is backed with 1GB of RAM and offers customizable battery modes for easy convenience. Its 44mm case comes with a 1.3 inch AMOLED always-on display. Although it lacks the much-needed heart and fitness tracking features in the watch, contrary to other smartwatches, however, exhibits a sophisticated stainless-steel frame bound to catch everyone’s attention.Enabling contract less Google Pay payments, the best Wear OS smartwatch for women offers a designed and well-equipped GPS chip, which makes it easier for you to map all outdoor workouts. It can be concluded as a watch that hits all the right notes by rendering a simplistic and stylish design that looks good and feels great when worn on the wrist. It offers high performance with a large array of features.


    • Audible notifications with text and email
    • Google Assistant responses have been spoken
    • Accept calls
    • Water-resistant
    • 44mm 1.3inch AMOLED display
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB storage
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100
    • In-built GPS
    • Offers heart-rate sensor

    Price: $285.26

  7. Apple Watch Series 3 : Built using a premium design, features, and functionalities, the Series 3 is a blessing in disguise. It comes equipped with a GPS and optical heart rate sensor in addition to the latest features making it a power-packed smartwatch.The waterproof watch enables users to track swimming, heart rate, and detect HR conditions. It presents an always-on display that comes in the boxier shape and design. It comes in 38 mm as well as 42 mm sizes with a 1000-nit display. It has an in-built optical heart rate sensor, GPS, waterproof design, a beautiful display, and more, without compromising on the battery life. It can also be claimed as the most excellent example of additional connectivity blended with an elegantly designed model.Users can choose from Space Grey and Silver color and comes in ceramic, stainless, and steep and titanium options of materials. As compared to Series 5, it is a bit on the chunkier side; however, it is preferred mainly for users who like it big. The LTE version boasts its very own cellular connection and lets users track their daily activities, while outdoors, making it one of the best smartwatch for running.


    • Works only with iOS
    • Available in 38mm and 42mm size
    • Offers optical heart rate sensor
    • Can track activity and swimming
    • 11.4mm thick
    • Apple way
    • 18-hour battery life

    Price: $199

Key Takeaways

The best smartwatches of 2020 are hence here to give each other a tough run for the money. Wearing a smartwatch in 2020 can be the biggest boon with being able to acquire most just from one single device. While there are varied factors to consider while making the final buy, however, with the features and review mentioned above, your next smartwatch shopping experience is going to be a fulfilling one.


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