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Python development outsourcing: a few essential things to consider


Do you want to hire or outsource Python development for your organization? Python development outsourcing is very popular, but it’s important to know what you will get through outsourced Python development.

Python developers write code and fix problems for the parts of a website that you don’t see. If you want to make your website work better, you should hire Python developers. They know how to set up and improve your site’s hidden systems. They can also assist with the technical framework of your company, create an application, build tools, create websites and integrations, or even publish new services.

The specifics of the job (and the experience of your Python outsourcing team) may vary dramatically. It’s essential to know precisely what you are recruiting for so that you don’t miss out on the essential skills you need for your specific project.

What can you expect when you outsource Python development?

There are several jobs performed by developers that use Python extensively, so you can’t really place someone in the box of a “Python developer”. A Python developers outsourcing can include software engineers, web developers, data scientists, and business analysts. These professionals should be able to understand the language at a higher level and be capable of using it to accomplish a number of tasks, including:

  • Data collection
  • Analytics
  • Database creation
  • Web development
  • Design
  • Scripting
  • Automation

This is not an exhaustive list; of course, a Python developer may be able to do much more. Python developers have to work in close collaboration with data analysts to provide valuable insight. Python is used in web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and research. Industries are varied, too, from finance and banking to education to ecommerce.

Recruiting for Python can be difficult, as some of the biggest companies in the world, including Netflix, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Dropbox, are constantly recruiting Python developers to power their software solutions.

What does a Python developer do?

A Python developer’s responsibilities can be varied. They might write reusable code, integrate with data storage solutions, design apps and websites, or integrate user-facing elements with the back-end of a site.

They may use tools that include:

  • Scikit-Learn for data science, including machine learning, data mining, new features, and data analysis.
  • Keras, a high-level neural network library, is suited to machine learning and deep learning, and Theano, a valuable
  • Python library for math computations.
  • SciPy for technical and scientific computing.
  • Selenium is used to write scripts in other languages such as C#, PHP, Ruby, and Java. You can use Selenium to perform tests from any browser in all their major operating systems.
  • Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework designed for acceptance testing that works with web apps.
  • TestComplete is an automation testing software tool often used by Python developers.
  • Python developers will also use web scraping tools, like LXML for C libraries, Beautiful Soup for screen-scraping, and Scrapy, a web crawler that extracts data from pages.

What skills should your Python software outsourcing team have?

The skills you’ll recruit for Python development services may vary based on the responsibilities of the team, but in general, you would look for the following skills:

  • Python skills: A dedicated Python developer should have beyond-average skills in the Python language. They need to know how Python is applied in data science, web development, or other fields applicable to your company.
  • Python libraries: There are numerous Python libraries available, like Pandas or NumPy. A Python Developer should be well-versed in available libraries and able to use them. The Python Package Index is a good starting point. They should also be familiar with ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries like SQLAlchemy or Django ORM to write Python code instead of SQL to create and alter data and schemas in their database.
  • Python frameworks: Python developers need to know what the available frameworks are, including Django, Flask, CherryPy, and Grok.

What do candidates earn?

Python developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers work with code to create sites and apps and work with data and AI. It’s very commonly used in big data centers or gaming studios. Despite being a standard programming language, Python developers can command high salaries. The average Python developer in the United States earns around $121,875 per year or $62.50 per hour.

Python is also one of the most in-demand skill sets in 2022 and one of the most wanted programming languages in the world.

Because the market is so expensive, salaries and rates constantly go up, and it’s much harder for startups to compete. Many companies are bridging the gap by using freelancers or outsourced companies.

Outsourced companies provide developers that fulfill the necessary function within a software team without actually working for the company full-time. This can save costs because the staff usually don’t need to be paid benefits, and all of the administration is handled by the outsourcing company.

An even more economical option is offshoring. Offshoring follows the same model as outsourcing, but the developers are based in a different country. Popular Python offshoring destinations are Ukraine, China, and India.

Offshoring is probably your best bet if you don’t have a considerable budget to recruit and retain a Python talent pool. A Python developer, at mid-level, will probably charge between $15-30 per hour compared to a US developer, that would charge $65-$80 per hour for the same work.

Offshore teams are provided with their own computers, software, and premises, which makes it even more affordable. If a team member leaves, the company will replace them. You can scale your outsourced team up or down depending on your immediate needs. Many companies choose to hire a dedicated development team when outsourcing development to an offshore agency to complete a specific project and then just hold on to a few developers to conduct periodic maintenance. Again, this can reduce the cost of your project exponentially.

Offshoring isn’t without its challenges. It’s crucial to find an English-proficient team with the right experience and skills. You should also work with an offshore location that is in a timezone similar to yours so that teams can cooperate more closely.


If you want to find the best team at a low cost, you should outsource Python development. You’ll find the skills you need far more quickly and easily.


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