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Advantages Of Using Internal Wiki For Your Company


Daily, employees spend valuable time looking for company-related information instead of focusing on penning deals with top clients. Scrounging through management and communication time is a waste of time and effort that could have been better used to complete mission-critical work.

Modern businesses recognized this and they developed ways to keep all employees effective and productive at the same time. Instead of having scattered pieces of information across a plethora of platforms, a single internal wiki can answer all employees’ questions.

If your company is also looking to improve its knowledge management capabilities, then using the same model as Wikipedia to collect, store, and share a collective’s knowledge would be the best choice.

However, before we start with the benefit of using an internal wiki, it’s important to fully understand what it represents and who uses it.

What’s a corporate wiki

An internal or corporate wiki is a place for employees to store, share, and collaborate on various content. This allows your team to share their knowledge in a central place, and break down the collaboration barrier.

Of course, it is not just reserved for employees. Employers can add information regarding operating procedures, guides, customer support, and much more. However, the internal wiki is maintained primarily by the employees for the sole reason of having a team spirit.

Generally speaking, there are two types of wikis, private and external. Private wikis are internal wikis, and they include information about work-related operations, vacation policies, company holidays, employee information, and much more.

On the other hand, external or public wikis are the ones that contain information, such as FAQs and product-related information.

The benefits of using an internal wiki

The benefits of using an internet wiki are numerous and here are some of the major ones worth mentioning.
Faster onboarding

A time will come when a valuable employee will depart and you might feel as if nobody will ever replicate that type of productivity. But, that’s not always the case and there are plenty of ways to help your new hires adapt to the new environment and workflow.

With clear and concise guidelines listed in your internal wiki, your new hires will adapt faster, making your onboarding process more efficient and cheaper.

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Increase in productivity

Speaking of productivity, there is nothing worse than an employee wasting time looking for important information as they are about to close a deal with a client. This happens more often and businesses that want to capitalize on every opportunity they get are always prepared.

When the need occurs, employees can easily access the internal wiki, take a look at the information they require and seal the deal with the client without having an unnecessary follow-up.

Maintain knowledge

When an employee is on a leave or taking a vacation, there might be a lot of stress for the substitute to keep up with all the new tasks and objectives. Most of the time, this will lead to immense stress and leave your employee feeling confused and defeated.

However, if everything is documented in the internal wiki, the substitute can easily find all the required info they need to complete their tasks optimally.

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Data security is one of the top concerns for all organizations whether small or big. Even with the best IT team, sometimes bad things happen and important data is lost or stolen. This can be avoided by moving your data to private wikis. With the wiki architecture, it’s much more difficult to hack and steal information and there are fewer chances of human error.

Organized structure

A wiki platform that allows companies to create and manage a collaborative, internal knowledge base can seriously contribute to a company’s overall organizational structure.

With a private wiki, there will be no more confusion about where company information can be found as everything will be in one place. This will lead to an increase in the organization of your company which will allow your employees to work more effectively.

Final thoughts

We all understand how valuable collaboration is when working with other people. For that reason, as a business owner, you will have to find a place to enable your employees to collaborate seamlessly. With an internal wiki, you’ll be able to grant employees easy access to all work-related information very quickly and will allow them to focus on the work that matters. In addition to that, your company’s productivity will increase as it becomes more and more organized.


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