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Instagram Hacks For Marketing Business That You Might Not Know

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Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for business promotions and marketing. However, you will have to note some points whenever it comes to promoting your brand or application on Instagram.

Around 60 percent of all Instagram account holders visit Instagram daily, so it’s understandable how important it is to implement the right hacks.

Instagram is one of most favorite social media platforms that is a large contributor to the latest Social Media Marketing Trends. The large to the small businesses are using Instagram marketing hacks to help them find out the potential customers. The involved metrics help to take their businesses to a new height. So, implementing the Instagram marketing hacks precisely can give you better marketing ROI.

Instagram hacks for your business

Use of “#” hashtags on Every Post

Instagram hacks for marketing - hashtags

One of the best hacks for Instagram is to use hashtags in the caption. If you want the post to be visible to the search feature or show up on the explore page, then you will have to use the hashtags on every post. Instagram lets you use only 30 hashtags in the post and ten hashtags on the stories.

For small to medium-sized businesses, the hashtags help in the higher reach. Use around five or six hashtags in every post in case you have less than 10k followers. In case you have more than 10k followers, then use two hashtags. You sometimes have to consider hiding the hashtags in the caption on the first comment.

For Instagram marketing, you will have to involve some space before the hashtags. The result then shows a cleaner appearance and also gives you additional marketing benefits.

Posting amid 9 and 11 a.m. EST

Amid 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. EST is the precise time to post. As per research, it is optimal to find the valid times depending on the day or based on the user’s preferences and habits.

Over 80 percent of B2C and over 80 percent of B2B marketers on Instagram shows how tough it is to sustain in the competitive arena. You will have to find out the time that will be the most suitable for the post. In addition to that, also pay attention to the frequency.

Posting around one or three times every day can be a good option. Though we better know that there is no one size fits all kind of posting frequency, you will have to pay precise attention to the maintenance of the optimal frequency.

Post Instagram Stories as Frequently as Possible

Instagram story hacks

One thing regarding Instagram is that the feed post gets lost due to the other post. One of the easiest ways for grabbing the attention of potential followers is putting Instagram stories. Search for the best songs for Instagram stories.

Also, please pay attention that you are posting them regularly. Instagram stories serve in the form of visible stories right at the top of the feed, and so it is also possible for the viewers to click on the stories. You can use IG Panel to gain followers.

These stories using the best Instagram filters are engaging and will be lasting only for one day. So you can be very much creative with the Instagram story ideas for photos. With that, you can also add the polls, post some videos on it, and the other things to make sure that Instagram marketing is becoming easier for you.

Evaluation of The Content Performance

The businesses listed on Instagram are always focused on finding new consumers and posting high-quality posts as frequently as possible.

Sometimes it may happen that you are going through a hectic schedule. So you are not able to check the performance of the application. Such a situation is only going to degrade the quality in the long run. Always pay attention to the use of specific tools to measure the performance of every post and strategy. For example, Halloween is coming soon so you can plan for the Halloween Marketing promotion earlier.

Set promotional Instagram story design for promotion of Instagram marketing. Instagram marketing will become successful only when you spend enough time understanding what will be working for your business as a Growth hacking method and what can give you satisfactory results. For example, Instagram for Kids is the new evolution for child-safe content. Without the evaluation, you cannot proceed or expect any growth in the revenue.

Implementation of The Saved Replies for The DM FAQ

Whenever you are running a business on Instagram, you will come across the FAQ in the DM. Some of the common ones are like “what time of the day are you operating” or “when will this product be back in the stock” for such questions, you will have to pay attention to the use of the saved replies.

For that, what you have to do is open the Profile. Tap on the three lines that you find on the top right corner of the screen. There, click on the “settings” button and scroll down to the “business” tab. Make a selection of the option “saved replies.” Now tap on the + button that you can find at the top right corner of the screen.

Please type in the message and also include the shortcut to it. Set the reply. Always pay attention to typing the shortcut that you have created. It can bring the blue button to appear in the message box, thus guiding the customer quickly.

Automatic Post Scheduling of One Week

Grow with Instagram by scheduling the content in 20 minutes. Rather than brainstorming and writing the captions every day, what you can do is schedule them all at a time. It can allow you to schedule the content for one week in one sitting.

Schedule the feed post stories and whatever you want. Also, please pay attention to writing down all the captions, preparing the hashtags, and keeping them all in one safe place.

The customer-based tools will be helping you in this objective. Besides, it can also help you with the creation of the content labels for keeping everything organized. Some tools will also give you the auto-publish option that can help automatically publish the post to Instagram when you have scheduled it.

Make the Instagram Story’s a Solid Background.

Whenever you are re-sharing the feed post on the story, you will get the option of changing the background to a solid color. Always ensure that you are changing the Instagram story’s background to a solid color. For that, select the color from the color tray. Hold the finger on the screen for around one of three seconds.

After you hold the screen, the story background will be filled with the selected color. The screen has a solid color that makes the post look pleasant with the use of translucent color.

In addition to this technique, use appropriate photos for Instagram highlights. Suppose you have uploaded a picture of the video from your camera roll and you have followed the steps correctly and implementing Instagram hacks for a story. In that case, you can rest assured that it will be very engaging content.

Fixing the Shortcuts for The Easy Responses

You can create automatic responses for saving them loads of time for applying to the comments and questions. This is useful especially for the business pages and the community managers who face repetitive queries every day. You can use it for your account in case you’re getting lots of the repeated questions.

It is one of the best Instagram hacks that will be helping you in saving your time while also marketing correctly.

What you will have to do is merely tap the hamburger button. Then go to the settings. There tap on “creator.” Navigate to “quick replies” and then tap on “new quick reply.” Type the response that you want for sending in the message section. Now click on the option “save.” When you want to use the phrases, always use the shortcuts.

Use of The Special Fonts for The Stories, Text, Bio, or The Post

Instagram hacks for marketing - stories

Instagram comes with unlimited font options. But you can also use more if you want to customize the text. If you wish to have some interesting aspects in your post, you will have to incorporate the font to grab the users’ attention.

Recent estimates suggest that 71 percent of users on Instagram are below the age of 35. This concept suggests that the posts must be very enticing. The unique fonts will be helpful for the business account to stand out more on the Instagram feed. Besides, it will also highlight the brand. What you will have to do is to find the special font for Instagram.

There are many applications that you will get available on the Internet. Type the text in the textbox, and you can download the unique fonts app. The different fonts will be available, and you have to choose the one that works the best for you. Copy and paste the text into Instagram.

It won’t take more time for the Instagram post to stand out. Use of the special fonts is one of the best high impacts Instagram hacks that you can use for setting the Profile apart from the competitors.

Key Takeaways
We have discussed what are powerful features for your Instagram strategy. When tried on your account, Instagram marketing hacks prove to be terrific and effective ways to grow your followers. In addition to that, the marketing tactics increase engagement and expand your brand’s awareness. Read about more white label social media tips.


1. What are Hidden Features of Instagram?

One of the vital Hidden Features of Instagram is that you can create Rainbow text in Stories. Also, you can organize, save the post in collections. In addition to that, one of the best-hidden features of Instagram is editing photos before posting them. Read about some privacy settings on Instagram.

2. Why is Instagram good for business?

Customers Expect Instagram as a Trust Signal. Moreover, Instagram lets your customers & users can tag you. Get a competitive advantage when you can tag and sell your products. It helps with Online Reputation Management. Networking makes it even better.

3. Does Instagram have Privacy Settings?

Private Profile is the most popular privacy setting on Instagram. Instagram has Privacy Settings, and with that, you can also remove a Follower. You can turn Off Activity Status and Green Dot, Block Comments, as well as Stop Direct Messages. Though you cannot change the privacy of individual posts, there’s a way for customizing the privacy of stories.



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