How Text Blast Services Can Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

How Text Blast Services Can Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing

Every businessperson and marketing strategist knows that well-devised marketing plans are the number one way to build a business. This is true for all types of marketing groups, including commercial, retail, industrial, service industry, and wholesale businesses. But marketing is also a critical tool for other uses too, such as religious, non-profit, political, philanthropic, artistic, and community organizations.

Targeted Marketing

While traditional media and print marketing still play a major role in reaching people, much has changed in the way people interact since the dawn of the internet. Social media, smartphone, and internet communication platforms have substantially expanded in the last decade, making them the number one platform for successful marketing campaigns.

That is why most people who are looking for high-performance marketing designed to reach a specified audience have turned to internet marketing tools like text blast service and mass email marketing to get the word out about their goods, services, organization, program, projects or candidates to a large, targeted audience.

Text Blast Services Can Substantially Expand Your Reach Through Targeted Marketing

Certainly, robocalls, print mail marketing, and traditional media marketing can have a substantial impact on market reach. Text blast services like mass email marketing have become a powerful tool in reaching and attracting responses from targeted audiences. They are a vital tool for staying in touch.

One of the main reasons mass text and platform email marketing work so well is because these services allow the recipient to open, browse and respond at their leisure with easy links and headers to draw a target audience in a less invasive way than mass mailing flyers or pamphlets.

Mass texting campaigns can send bulk emails to existing contacts, participants, and consumers as well as to prospective new ones. All that is needed is a list of recipients to get the communications started. Mass text companies then help devise a package that best suits their sender’s marketing needs.

Cost and Impact of Mass Text Services

In contrast to other forms of reaching a targeted audience, this service is relatively inexpensive and highly cost-effective. People who are looking at marketing this way will find the best way to get involved through purchasing a service that handles text messages quickly and expediently with little effort from the sender other than composing the email and sending it via the platform.

Mass text services are offered in several different packages. In some cases, senders choose single-use services, while many others choose plans that help them stay in touch through service plan packages which can be monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

When it comes to impact, mass text services have one of the highest effective rates in the industry. Open rates for targeted texts average 90% which makes it an unparalleled impact tool. While this rate can be as low as 70% it can readily reach as high as 98% depending on whether the recipients are familiar with the sender and are deeply invested in the information sent.

Limits to This Type of Marketing

While mass text services have an unusually high rate of readers once they are sent, the amount of information that can be sent in a text is limited in scope to a short message. This is usually no more than 160 characters. This limited capacity means the information sent must be concise in order to grab the attention of the recipient.

For people who are looking to offer more substantial information in a text, the best way this is handled is through embedding a link into the text that recipients can click on to get more substantial information from the sender. This usually consists of a link that sends the recipient to a website address or webpage where they can gain more complete information.

Making A Plan To Start Using Mass Text Services

The first step in implementing this type of service is compiling or purchasing a list of targeted cell phone contacts who will be the recipients of the campaign. People who choose this service can have a single list or multiple lists with information sent to small or large groups of recipients. Text messages can be sent out as frequently as needed. However, most plans have limits on the number of messages they will allow under the guidelines of the plan purchased. In most cases, service plans can be readily expanded as needed for both short-term and long-term needs.


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