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How EdTech Tools Can Help You with Your Essay


Students of today are very different from previous generations. Technological advancement has changed how students approach education and consume information. Our world is changing rapidly and most learning institutions are struggling to catch up. Therefore, the need for educational reforms is greater today than ever before.

What can learning institutions do? They can redesign their classrooms to fit the needs of modern students. They need to embrace technology to create amazing learning experiences that appeal to modern students. This might involve training teachers, using new technology, modifying the organization of their classes, and redefining what education means in the 21st century. This is not an easy task. However, it can be done gradually.

Some learning institutions have already shown us the way. They are working closely with software development experts to help bring different kinds of technology into their students’ learning experience. In this article, we are going to discuss how edtech tools can help you with your essay. But first, let’s dive into the benefits of edtech to students.

Benefits of Edtech

Provides Immersive Learning

The digital world has a lot of resources that engage students and provide experiences that will help them understand a wide range of topics. There are a lot of apps and software for a wide range of subjects ranging from math to biology. Immersive learning also comprises augmented and virtual reality that offers sophisticated classes to learners.

Personalizes learning

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional learning is every professor has to prepare a class that suits every student. This means that it will be difficult for tutors to consider all the types of learners in class. Fortunately, technology can diversify learning styles by enabling teachers to follow the progress of students individually whenever they want. Some apps gather information from every student whenever they work on assignments or submit them and suggest areas that tutors should focus on. Digital learners can study at their own pace especially if they are struggling with a particular subject.

Provides access to learning resources

Modern students are already used to searching for what they want online whenever they encounter a problem or want to learn something new. They are conversant with e-books, search engines, how-to videos, forums, and online platforms. Educators can help students by giving them remote access to learning materials online and using gamification elements to improve learning.

Makes learning fun

Traditional classes bore a lot of students. This is because technology plays an important role in most students’ lives. Therefore, its absence makes it difficult for them to learn. Including education technology in class can enhance their interest in learning. Apart from that, it can bring fun into class. Games can be used to teach a wide range of subjects such as chemistry, math, physics, and biology. Educational robots and interactive videos are additional elements that can bring excitement and value to the class.

EdTech tools that make essay writing easy

When it comes to writing academic essays, most college students usually have a hard time. The essay writing process demands a lot of time and energy. Tutors can help students get good grades by providing them with the right tools and support. If you do not understand what your essay is all about, you should consider seeking help from an essay writer online. Here are some of the best tools that students can use to make the essay writing process easy.


This is a historical and cultural platform for both tutors and students. It is one of the best resources for research papers on history. Students can go through digital artifacts such as newspaper clippings and photographs from a specific time. Since most of the content here revolves around politics, civil rights, and government, it’s useful for English, social studies, and history.

Book Creator

From research journals and science reports, Book Creator is an important resource that helps students of all ages create beautiful digital books. Students of all levels who have specialized in different subjects can use Book Creator to demonstrate their understanding. Apart from showing aptitude, this platform helps students review what they have learned while helping them develop graphic composition and digital design skills. Complete books can be shared with tutors and students for feedback.


If you’ve always thought about teaching learners how to contribute to a class website or blog, EduBlogs is the right platform for you. It is powered by WordPress and provides customized websites for schools and classrooms. It enables teachers to create blogs, control privacy, and moderate content. Tutors can add students to the platform to enable them to create content and become contributors. EduBlogs has a lot of projects learners can participate in to improve their writing skills.

Pro Writing Aid

This is a Chrome extension that helps learners improve their writing process. This grammar tool is good for college students who are working on reports and complex essays, especially on Google Docs. Apart from checking grammar, this tool enhances readability and consistency of style. It helps students eliminate dull paragraphs and overused words to improve their writing skills with compelling language. It also has an in-built plagiarism checker to ensure that students submit original papers.

Citation generator

The more students climb up the education ladder, the more complex their papers become. Every academic paper needs to be referenced properly to avoid plagiarism. Referencing is one of the most confusing and annoying aspects of writing an essay for college students. Therefore, having Citation Generator can help you save a lot of time and energy when writing an academic paper.

Thesis generator

Thesis writing can be extremely difficult for college students especially when they are writing complex research papers. This tool can help students learn how to craft a good thesis using the information they already have about a particular topic; argument or idea they want to present in their papers.


Essay writing is essential in college. It helps students think critically and voice their thoughts and opinions about a wide range of subjects. While essay writing can be a daunting process, using the right tools can make your work easy and help you save a lot of time. If you are overwhelmed by the essay writing process, you should consider seeking help from experts online.


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