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Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy


The “Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy” message that appears when you try to snap a picture of your screen could be an annoyance. It’s possible that you’ve found important information on the internet and wish to give it to the person who provided it. Screenshots could be the best method to accomplish this.

Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

The most common reasons why you receive the message are usually:

  • A browser-related issue. For instance, the ability to take screenshots isn’t available when you browse using Incognito Mode via Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • The issue is rooted in the app. Certain apps aren’t able to enable screen capture, so you’ll get this warning when you try to capture one of their screens.
  • A device-related issue. If a screen-capturing restriction is set within your phone, all attempts to capture anything, this message will be displayed.

Though using a different device to capture the image is an option, it’s not the most ideal. Find out how to fix each issue with the same camera.

What Are the Reasons for the “Can’t Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy”?

The most obvious reason is the telephone policy.

Your Android device may be governed by a policy that doesn’t permit taking photographs.

This means that you have an account restriction also.

The second reason could result from Google’s Incognito Mode.

It isn’t possible to take screenshots while the user is operating in Incognito Mode.

This isn’t a possible mode, and there’s not a need to. Simply exit this mode and then open Chrome often.

Additionally, you can install a different browser and then make use of it as the Firefox version of Incognito Mode and take a photo.

A third explanation is that the application is governed by its own policies.

Investment, banking financial apps, investment apps as well as WhatsApp often prevent us from taking pictures.

There’s a valid reason for this: extremely sensitive information and hackers, human mistakes like sending photos.

How to Fix?

To capture images in the privacy of the camera on your Android phone, have to go to the “flags menu” on Chrome “flags menu.” This is where Chrome’s experiments features are located. This feature is only available for certain variants of Chrome.

Step 1: To enable screenshots:

Step 2: Launch Chrome.

Step 3: Then type “chrome://flags” into an address bar.

Step 4: When you are on the Chrome flags screen, type “Incognito Screenshot” into the search box. If it is available The Incognito Screenshot option will display in the search results.

Step 5: Select the pull-down menu beneath it, and then choose Enabled.

Step 6: In order for these changes to go into effect, simply click Relaunch towards the lower right-hand corner.

Step 7: To allow screenshots within Firefox Private browsing

Step 8: Launch Firefox.

Step 9: On the upper-right side of the display, click the menu with three dots.

Step 10: Select Settings.

Step 11: To the left, click towards the bottom, choose Private browsing.

Step 12: Then, switch on the Allow screenshots to be displayed in private browsing.

Restrictions for Devices

A phone manufacturer or institution may have placed restrictions on screenshot capture.

If your Android device is provided by work or school, there may be an account-based or device-based restriction that prevents you from taking screenshots for company security policies.

If you are unable to take screenshots, and the device is private, it could be that the feature was disabled after purchase.

You can disable and/or uninstall the Google Apps Device Policy App to stop your device from violating its security policies.

1. Open the Setting app and select Safety.

2. Choose from the following:

* Select device administrators

* Device administrators

3. Do not check the Device Policy App.

4. Click on Activate, then Ok.

Finally, you can capture your screens for free

The screenshot capturing feature allows you to save information for later reference or send a complete screen to someone. “Can’t take a screenshot due to security policies” this message can make it difficult to capture the screen. This can be avoided by disabling or removing an app, or installing a screenshot capturing application.

After we have shown you how to solve this problem, what caused it and what can you do about it? Leave a comment below.


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