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What is Your New Year’s Resolution for 2022?


What is New Year’s Resolution?

It’s a promise that you keep to start or improve something new in the upcoming new year. It will help you to achieve the goal that you have taken. Setting New Year’s resolution will also reflect what’s important for you.

Resolution can be anything it could be business related, personal, health, fitness, or sharing social responsibilities.

Here are some of the ideas and examples of New Year’s goals. Some experts share their New Year’s Resolution list and its importance.

Business Resolutions

Imran Khan CEO & Founder at shares that “I have so many New Year’s Resolutions to grow our business and increase revenue, But I have also a few points to share with you.”

These points need to cover for the upcoming year.

  1. Make Business Planning a Weekly Event
  2. Join a New Business Organization or Networking Group
  3. Put Time for Yourself on Your Calendar
  4. Set Realistic Goals
  5. Tune up your strategic plan
  6. Review sales targets
  7. Schedule regular meetings with your key suppliers
  8. Stay up to date on marketing innovations
  9. Improve your email marketing
  10. Try out some new tools

Andrei Kurtuy, Co-Founder & CCO at Novorésumé, shares new year resolution ideas;

Making new friends or partners:

There’s a reason why runners like to exercise in groups and freelancers seek out co-working spaces. It is beneficial to have someone to hold you accountable and inspire you to achieve your objectives and complete your tasks. After making a commitment to another person, people are more likely to achieve their goals. 

However, when they include regular meetings with their partners to check in on their progress, their chances of success climb even more.

business resolution ideas

Gwenan West, head of people and talent at HR software provider CIPHR says that;

“My new year’s resolution is to find a way to encourage more open discussions in the workplace and encourage employees to be able to be their own true self at work. We spend the majority of our life working and to have to hide your true self at work must be exhausting. I believe if we encourage our colleagues to be themselves, this will encourage a more open culture and we will see the benefits in increased collaboration and productivity.”

Focus on success and financial freedom:

Valerie Barnett Founder at PleasingCare shares his resolution that I will not let my earnings sleep on my bank account anymore. I’ll get out of my comfort zone, try new ventures that will produce profit, take risks in investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, and obtain more knowledge about passive income. Last year, I wasn’t brave enough to let go of my hard earned money but next year I will be more open to possibilities and take a leap to a journey that will lead me to where my money will work for me. I’ll be more open to more opportunities that will help me reach a more stable life and financial freedom. 


Emily Anderson, Head of Marketing at want that she is recovering workaholic, she has a very random New Year’s Resolution: “I don’t want to work more than 1000 hours in 2022. This is around 4 hours per working day which is half of an actual working day and around one-third of what I have worked in 2021 so far. So it is quite a stretch for me but I think I can make it happen. 

Thanks for reading my answer. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.”

Bryan Clayton CEO of GreenPal has a business resolution to spend less time on things that don’t matter.

It’s easy for any team to get sidetracked by shiny objects, whether it be the latest social media marketing opportunity or business development opportunity. We resolve to focus on one or two initiatives at a time and focus all of our intensity on them and then move onto the next initiative , as opposed to jumping around at different opportunities all the time.

Mikkel and CEM at Dixa making a resolution to learn a new language. His job is to work with customers and improve their experience, he want to expand his knowledge of languages. For instance, Italian is a great base for Spanish as well. 

Not be afraid of taking risks

This pandemic has brought great changes in how we manage our everyday life and progress. We refused to take risks because of the fear of failure, but, we may not know what this risk will bring us. It can be a big or new opportunity. Learning to take risks is like learning to trust the process and not being dependent on getting success. Says April Maccario, founder at AskApril

take risks in business

Aseem, the CEO of Help Desk Geek, his New year goal is to make him and his platform more steadfast in the face of a crisis and be better at crisis preparedness. Being in a position where your peers are dependent on you, you should be equipped for any situation at hand and that is what every executive should aim to achieve in 2022. And the last two years have taught us that we must always be prepared for a worst-case scenario – no one could’ve seen or predicted the covid or its devastating effects! 

This is why contingency plans and backups are now necessary!

Personal Resolutions

Listen to my wife more

Henry Davis Owner of AdeptGolf believes that listening to your wife gives you a certain understanding to better yourself as she is just looking after you. Most of the time, it doesn’t hurt to listen and follow your wife’s advice. 

Doing this makes your wife happier and it makes your life better and enjoy your family life better, thereby deepening your relationship with her. It makes your life more peaceful and gives you an edge on life itself.

“Here today – gone today ….live life Now!”

The pandemic has threatened our version of immortality like never before – we need to live in the moment and embrace each step of the journey.”Make Integrity a Verb in your world.”The antidote to fake and the post-truth society people claim we live in is integrity. Make it happen when people aren’t even watching in your life! Suggests Kevin KellyInternational Speaker and Best Selling Author 

Reach 5,000 subscribers for my Blog

Presently I have 2300 subscribers to my email list. I monetize my blog using ad networks, and most of my daily traffic comes from subscribers. Hence, I want my blog to hit the 5000 subscriber mark by the end of 2022. I plan to achieve my goal by focusing my efforts on digital marketing. I will double down my attention on SEO and Social Media. To grow my subscriber list, also planning to implement email marketing. This is resolution is set by Rohan Kadam from “” 

Save 10% of salary a month

saving money

Daniel Foley, SEO Specialist of Planday shares his goal, “I’m starting to get concerned about not having any money, and 10% is a reasonable amount. It’s not huge, but it’s also not small enough that I won’t see it pile up. I’ll deposit the funds in a specific bank account that will allow them to grow… Actually, I don’t know much about it, so perhaps my next resolution should be to learn how to invest money!!”

Health Resolutions

Prioritize the importance of a healthy work-life balance:

While many small company owners have a 9 am to 5 pm job, this isn’t always the case. For example, a real estate agent may be busier on weekends and less busy throughout the week. During the holidays, a health and wellness practitioner may enjoy an increase in business. Burnout is on the rise as a result of all the overtime being put in. To avoid burnout, it’s crucial to take the time you need to replenish your mental and physical health. 

Keith Mint, Founder of Minted Empire thinks about adding goodness to my life, I think a lot about what I’m using to fuel my body. Instead of eating less of this, or cutting that, I’m adding wholesome, nutritious food that fills me up and keeps me going. And just like that, I’m treating myself to something that makes me feel good, and I no longer have room for foods that don’t.

Read about this famous Italian Food worth traveling for.

Joe Younkin’s new year’s resolution 2022 is based on this years’ experience. He has decided to work on emotional intelligence as a new year’s resolution. He adds “It will assist me in identifying, understanding, expressing, and regulating my emotions. This will help me use empathy, problem-solving, and social skills to discover answers. Also, built terrific connections and finally won people over in my organization.” He is the Founder & CEO of Our Fit Pets.

Healthy lifestyle

Nora Mitchell Editor-in-chief of Household Advice aiming to use Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram to meet new people who share the same passions and to attend more online conferences to see all the new and exciting trends coming up in 2022 when it comes to household decor. These connections will inspire her to try new things and make new friends with those who inspire her.

Knowing your worth:

This may sound a little selfish but it’s more of kindness to one’s self because this resolution implies that we acknowledge the fact that we deserve so much more in life than just being an option or someone that is least prioritized. Knowing one’s worth isn’t implying to be entitled or step other’s toes to yell at everyone that “I’m such a VIP type of a person”. Knowing your worth means not trying to fit yourself for something or someone who doesn’t see your worth as a family member, as a friend, as a co-worker, and even as a person.

Knowing your worth means learning how to love the sound of your footsteps slowly walking away from a crowd that makes you feel worthless and useless simply because that’s not who you are. This resolution implies that you are don’t deserve to be taken for granted and you always deserve better as long as you do good. Says Johnathan Smith, Founder CamperGuide.

Less Stress:

In today’s fast world, overworking can cause stress. Not only are long working hours associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease, but they can also waste our quality time. 

This New Year, 2022 make a resolution to use your time well in a variety of ways to help you manage your stress and improve your mental health.  

These foods will help you boost immunity.

Some suggestions by Aniko Dunn (Psy.D. working for

Here are a few suggestions to implement work-life balance in the coming Year: 

  • Categorize your work/life priorities.  
  • Pay attention to what you control.  
  • Explore ways to improve your existing situation at work as well as in your personal life. 

Spend quality time with family&friends: 

Quality time with family

Spending quality time with your loved ones, including family &friends, can actively help you feel better during this time and help with effective stress management in the long run.  

Connecting with friends you can talk to can improve your feelings, reduce stress and keep things focused. Good listeners and helpful friends are valuable, so spend some precious time during your day with them. 

No-spend month

“This doesn’t mean I don’t spend any money, but I don’t spend money unnecessarily.” Says Thomas Brown

CEO of Wigsmaster. He always spends a lot of money impulsively buying products that he doesn’t need, and he doesn’t think he can afford to waste money like that anymore. So he wants to make this resolution. 

Not only does this help break the impulse buying habits, but it also allows you to reuse some of your previous purchasesSeek out at least one forgotten friend.

One of my new year’s resolutions and a resolution that most people focus on is health. That’s why my resolution for 2022 will be to focus on improving my eating habits. I want to substitute sodas or drinks that contain lots of sugar and replace them with water. Additionally, I will like to substitute fast food with bowls with fruits and vegetables. Eating and drinking healthy is impotent for health. If I drink more water I could avoid health issues and gain weight.” David Adler, Founder & CEO of The Travel Secret.

Ryan Yount, founder of LuckLuckGo says that my new year resolves to work out and jog in the morning. I intend to do this to get fit, feel good about myself and stay healthy. As an office worker who works a 9 to 5 job, I spend most of my time sitting down, which affects my posture and physical fitness. I also take a train or drive to and from work, so I miss the opportunity for cardio exercise. These new year’s resolution ideas will present an opportunity to shed the extra weight gained from hours of sitting behind the desk. Morning runs have also been associated with lower stress levels, an added advantage since I work at a highly intensive and demanding job.

Social Resolutions

Make sure that I am able to give back to the community

Anton Giuroiu, an architect, CEO, and Founder of Homesthetics says that my objective is to include corporate social responsibility activities into my plans so that I may assist those who have not yet recovered from the pandemic’s consequences. I feel it is only appropriate for me to give back as someone who was able to keep my business afloat through this difficult period.

Try new things

Hector Gutierrez CEO of JOI has a new year’s resolution which is to try new things. While some people may think mainly of the barriers we face right now with a new COVID wave, the online universe has SO many opportunities, and many are affordable or even free. I want to try new types of meditation practices, including group ones, and also join a book club. I also plan to do more volunteering and advocacy for climate change organizations. There’s a lot you can get done remotely; it’s about finding the motivation to do it. It can help to find a friend to try something new with you, but if they quit or back out you should still try it without them!

Extend a helping hand

Founder and CEO of theupperranks want to consider the time when you were just getting started in your professional life. You were probably experiencing a mixture of excitement and optimism, as well as nervousness and uncertainty. Were you given assistance, or might you have benefited from more? Paying it forward is one of the most fulfilling new year’s resolutions for me. I plan to make contact with someone in my sector who is just getting started and might benefit from mentoring or a sounding board for ideas. People will take notice of my generosity, and I will be seen as both an expert in my industry and someone who is pleasant to deal with as a result.

Alina Clark Co-Founder & Marketing Director at suggests some goals to intend this year. 

  • Intend to break one bad habit you’ve. 

Intending to get up early. Identify one bad habit and intend to get rid of it.

  • Intend to forgive one person who you didn’t yet. 

Because it reduces the ache in your heart. Forgive and get some peace for your mind.

  • Intend to spend more time with a person. 

For instance, I decided to spend more time with my family and my partner. Because they are the two strong pillars of my life. Identify yours. It could be your employer too.

  • Intend to make the best use of available resources. 

By best use means less wastage. It’ll allow you to make your life easier.

  • Intend to look forward and live in today. 

You don’t know what the future holds for you in the next hour or so.

So, intend to look forward but live in present. Make the best use of this period to make some beautiful memories, to improve yourself.

Set some more intentions as per your needs and commit yourself to achieving them. 

These were some new year’s resolutions ideas to keep in 2022.


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