Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2021

Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2022


As businesses walk into the future, new trends line up the horizon now and then. Change is the only constant in the business world, as there have been several interesting B2B marketing trends that have emerged in the last few years. B2B connections are strong and extremely vital in the world of business.

By acting as a spine, these connections allow an easy flow of services and ideas between diverse businesses. This even shapes a more favorable approach in the B2C environment for customers seeking any and every kind of service. Knowing that Business marketing strategies are important, it is time to look at the ones that have changed the game in the last few months and continue to work wonders.

Having stepped into 2022, here is our takeaway on the top B2B content marketing trends in 2022

Here are the top 10 trends that we think are keeping alive the B2B connections with a dynamic spark.

1. Account-based, intent-first targeting

Most marketers are familiar with account-based marketing (ABM). In fact, 70% reported using account-based marketing (ABM), and that number is expected to rise in 2022. Forrester predicts that growth marketing will continue to rise with more than half of marketers aligning their ABM and demand programs by 2022.

Withers states, “This suggests that in a few years people won’t think about ABM or demand separately — it will be part of one objective.”

A targeted list of companies with intent-to-purchase is the most important aspect of an ABM program. Last year was a turning point in intent data for marketing departments. According to the research firm, 70% of marketers had an intentional strategy in place or were planning to introduce it in 2022.

2. Use of Interactive Tools

Indeed, one of the bestB2B marketing strategies is the tremendous and proper use of interactive tools that have changed B2B dynamics massively. Always a seller in advertisement and branding, interactive content has never failed to have an edge. With the recent surge in social media usage, it is easy to note a business pattern that carefully curates interactive content.

Statistics suggest that such kind of content is more effective when it comes to firstly educating the buyer and secondly convincing them. A good example of the same can be seen in the form of the Salesforce ROI calculator. Businesses are now all set to deliver engaging content campaigns that drive better performance in the market. Interactive tools are becoming indispensable to the world of B2B marketing. They are also taking place rightfully so as they have a lot to offer to shape a more defined and likable customer experience.

3. Taking to a Virtual Tangent

Taking to a virtual tangent has been both a choice and an imposition. While we were naturally heading towards more creative and active use of social media by brands and businesses, the sudden pandemic heightened its need. This desperate switch to a virtual tangent has also brought about some great online growth strategies for businesses. The top trends in this domain can be seen in emerging episodic content, podcasts, virtual events, and so many other practices.

It isn’t wrong to conclude that virtual growth is now as important as its effective offline sales. This is why more and more businesses are taking to this major trend in 2022 to keep their B2B existence alive. We will see more and more things take to a virtual tangent as the new age business comes to life with the help of these amazing trends.

4. Chatbots – B2B Online Marketing

I am Marketing Manager at Digitalize Trends. My role is to research & ideate on trending topics & need to write the niche content as per industry norms. To help & provide relevant information to the community on trending technologies.

makes room for this interesting trend as well as any other. Chatbot applications have come to the forefront and help streamline the interactions between people and services. This enhances the customer experience manifold.

Simultaneously, companies and businesses are met with new opportunities that can help improve the overall customer engagement, business productivity, and efficiency by bringing down the otherwise total cost spent on customer service.

5. Live Video and Video-based Content

As our appetite for consumption of films continues to grow, businesses and brands have begun capitalizing on our need for motion even when processing information. As a result, there isn’t a shortage of live video or video-based content. Their creation and consumption are increasing every day. This practice is also working in the favor of businesses and brands.

Live video and video-based content are working wonders for helping businesses grow in 2022. With the right video content strategy in place, a business can derive a lot from creating right on this simple front.

6. Emerging Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing industry has continuously been evolving over the years. B2B influencer marketing is a trend that just cannot be ignored. It is expected to show a growth of up to $15 billion by 2023.

Simple research on this front reveals that industry experts are open to collaboration for influencer marketing, and this collaboration massively aids the effectiveness of marketing and the present customer engagement. Many B2B marketers believe that collaborating with industry experts puts out information that feels more believable to the audience. This goes on to improve client or customer conversion rates and the growth graph of businesses.

A noteworthy statement could be taken from various brands that have admitted time and again that their marketing strategies would have done a lot better if they had made room for a B2B influencer marketing program.

7. Emails and Automation

The one-to-one connection that emails create continues to be of serious importance. Emails have been used as a marketing tactic for a long time now. However, effective changes in how this has been done have brought light to email potential and the importance of automation.

The basics that work out in 2022 can be seen in personalized storytelling, customization of experience, and informal appealing content strategy. This stands in strong contrast to explicit and blunt sales offers. The latter has ceased to be a thing in today’s creative and technologically driven world. Marketing automation is another great trend that invites attention.

8. Content Marketing and SEO

The significance of SEO has been known for a long time now. However, many brands are manipulating and inventing new and creative ways to ensure the SEO component of their business is in place for optimum results. Content marketing has also changed in various ways and now sits right on top as a major marketing trend in 2022. This is to say, SEO and content marketing can be seen together in the same frame when we discuss top B2B marketing trends.

The importance of content is undeniable, and it has made its way to the top of the game. We’re certain it will continue to reign as a top B2B marketing trend.

9. AI-Powered Marketing

It’s a very far-fetched task to understand how and when exactly AI took all the reigns to itself. In today’s B2B world, one cannot understate Artificial Intelligence’s vital impact on businesses and brands. Often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, it has brought about immense changes in how the marketing industry works.

When we talk about marketing, few brands are making good use of AI for business. The current figures say that the numbers here are less than one in five.

Nevertheless, one important thing to pay attention to is that two-thirds of B2B marketers are proactively planning and implementing AI for new-age marketing initiatives. AI has made and can make marketers extremely efficient.

Any day, it has the advantage of offering better and in-depth insights, adequate analysis, and needed streamlining of essential routine tasks. AI-Powered Marketing is all set to show its importance and utility as a cardinal B2B trend.

10. Agile Marketing

While agile marketing can be seen adequately as an iterative approach that remains inspired by software developers, it has some great areas of potential. It has had its proponents for an indefinite period, and the state of things in the year 2020 has only inspired marketers in any and every space to consider and evaluate the undeniable benefits of sticking to an agile marketing approach.

Marketing trends of 2022 see agile marketing as an important trend. Agile marketing makes use of the basic but significant rules. This rule values speed to market along with ongoing optimization, and it includes waiting extra for any initiative to turn perfect before it is rolled out. Marketers all over the globe plan on increasing agile usage as the years go by.

The agile approach changes the world of B2B marketing as it brings along customer-centricity, experimentation, testing and optimization, and continuous improvement.

If the primary question at hand is “How do I market my business in 2022?” we have many answers in all of these mentioned trends that have surfaced on the horizon.

These popular and effective B2B marketing trends have been changing the world of B2B interactions over the last year in some capacity. They form the base of our discussion because we see them up to more mischief in the coming year. All of these factors already centrally define the world of B2B connections, and they are bubbling with the potential to be on the top of their game in 2022. Businesses and brands following these simple trends will most likely flourish in the coming years.

Another vital topic for discussion is how exactly the pandemic has brought around these effective trends in some capacity. It becomes important to discuss this as we see these trends bring a world of change to B2B marketing.

11. Customization and Personalization

This practice can be best seen in the loss of cookies and the major move made to first-party data. This recent trend makes room for new opportunities that allow customization and personalization in the world of B2B marketing.

As buyers continue to become aware and look forward to a uniquely crafted and meaningful content experience, personalization continues to thrive. As a result, personalization can only be seen growing in importance to fulfill buyer expectations in the new day and age.

How has the pandemic decided which digital marketing trends stay?

The challenges that 2020 brought along forced B2B marketers to re-assess and re-evaluate everything that they are doing. The simple question is – “What is the right example of B2B marketing?” had to be re-evaluated. This meant taking a fresh look at everything from their core offerings to their overall approach to marketing.

All kinds of businesses and brands had to revamp their content marketing strategy owing to the damage caused by the pandemic. These vital trends during the pandemic have been agents of force and effectiveness that have driven some of the most important changes for brands and businesses. Digital marketers worldwide feel that many of these changes are here to stay and will go around for years to come.

Customer-centric marketing and account-based marketing also got a chance to shed their shells and peep out as full-blown practices. They now define the B2B world we see in 2022.

A variety of other trials and errors were a part of the process for the longest time. However, the discussed trends stood out as trailblazers in the business world, and they together challenged the pandemic.

With newer B2B trends emerging every day, we have a lot more to look forward to. In case you have been wondering how your business can take off with the help of these trends, here’s answering the question for your convenience.

How to market your business in 2022?

Businesses have taken over the world this year in shapes and measures. There has been a drastic rise in entrepreneurial endeavors despite the situation around the world, and all of this is due to unique business models.

Often, you will find companies that are selling specific products that may not have had a niche in another market. These market-specific products generally target social media wherein people are spontaneous and can buy as long as appeal prevails.

For getting successful outcomes, many businesses trust veterans in the online field who’ve worked this way before. Many seek out digital advertising companies that promote their business for them on a commission model. It is always a good idea to get digital backing with these things as they help you to establish an online presence.

With the growing pandemic situation worldwide, many forms of marketing have failed to generate interest, while the social media front has been very active. People have started tuning in to their social media a lot more, which has led to a higher potential for B2B clientele generation.

While marketing on other fronts isn’t dead, it is suggested that you levy a higher interest to your online front. This means that your business website needs to be smooth and functioning at its very best.

Many websites go out of their way to create an interactive experience for their customers. The importance of customer experience is great, and based on how people find your website, reviews and criticism will be generated that may or may not go in your favor.

Be sure to create an appealing site that is aesthetic as well as interesting. A customized approach often yields quicker outcomes and has a fondness for a slightly casual tone. This makes it feel like your users are being referred to as a person by someone they know over a simple machine.

Key Takeaways

Giving your brand a personality is also very important. You can do this simply by implying your brand image or even use a mascot for favorable promotional outcomes. Making your business more human will generate higher interest and let you interact with your customers more effectively.

Overall, you should always remember to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and to understand where you need to do better. Moreover, if you choose an able marketing agency, your good work will reach the right people. Otherwise, you will just create a brand that no one can see.

These top B2B marketing trends are easy solutions that businesses can implement to witness enhanced success and popularity. It’s time to implement these simple tips across your B2B strategies to make room for ideal growth and success.

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I am Marketing Manager at Digitalize Trends. My role is to research & ideate on trending topics & need to write the niche content as per industry norms. To help & provide relevant information to the community on trending technologies.

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