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Fancy Rose Gold Jewelry Items This Season – Read Below


Are you someone who always wanted to try out new and different types of jewelry designs and colors? Then today we are here to talk about this aspect. Jewelry itself is an item of unique personalisations and most women know best what designs they like and what they hate. Some women prefer Gold while some prefer Silver, Platinum, others. But there is one color tone of gold called rose gold. 

Mind you this is not a new metal but this particular color of gold has been available since the last century and women of all age groups equally like this color. This is also because of the fact that rose gold represents a slight pinkish tint and pink as we all women know is a sober, light, feminie and cute color.

You can buy rose gold items of jewelry in diamond engagement rings, earrings, tennis bracelets, pendants and lots of other forms. But the most important aspect of choosing a rose gold jewelry item is that it can significantly add up to your style quotient. Of Course you can wear Diamonds, other gemstones but what a rose gold item of jewelry brings to the table is not easily replicable to those. The instant glamor that it offers is sheer noteworthy and this is something most women crave for.

Here are some rose gold jewelry ideas:

1. Earrings

A rose gold Tanzanite earring along with a Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli pendant and Strontium Titanate ring and a nice black dress will go a long way into making yourself beautiful. You see rose gold items of jewelry can match very well with almost every colored outfit. Hence you won’t have a hard time finding what to wear with which rose gold jewelry.

But as a general rule try to combo it with other contrasting colors of jewelry. For example- if you are wearing Diamond diamond rings for women rose gold colored jewelry then try to wear a Tanzanite pendant or Tanzanite necklace. This is because the visual bulk created by rose gold color and white Diamonds will get counter balanced by the bluish Tanzanite.

2. Bracelets

A rose gold colored Diamond tennis bracelet is actually something that lots of women frown upon. The sweet and beautiful enigma created by the rose gold colored diamond tennis bracelet is simply unique and hence it looks absolutely fabulous in the wearer’s hands. Along with a rose gold colored bracelet you can also try wearing amazing green Jade jewelry items like necklaces, stud earrings, others.

But another aspect of wearing this is actually a down side. You see rose gold colored jewelry items get dirty more often than Sterling silver. Hence you have to take special care of them and preferably keep them in jewelry boxes when not in use.

A jewelry box stores not only jewelry items but it also aids in their safekeeping. You should try and buy different jewelry boxes for different items of jewelry and never keep a rose gold jewelry item mixed with another jewelry. This is because a rose gold jewelry item is extremely sensitive to friction and may develop scratches if you keep them with others.

3. Anklets

Anklets are the jewelry for the leg and most women wear them while dancing or performing other activities. You can wear anklets in rose gold color and along with it also wear other chic western wear or yoga wear. This is because anklets are primarily a casual item of jewelry and hence women who wear them intend to use them for yoga, dancing, outdoor events, and others. Since now is the summer season anklets are a hit fashion as most of our legs are exposed. 

Also once in a while you should clean your anklets with plain normal temperature water and certainly do not use lukewarm or hot water to clean rose gold colored items of jewelry. 

4. Pendants

Many women prefer to wear pendants because they help them highlight the single gemstone which is what they would want. Hence if you also intend to do that i.e highlight your favorite gemstone in your overall look then you may also try buying a rose gold chain pendant. 

It will help you in two ways i.e elevate your look and confidence since you will be wearing your favorite gemstone as a pendant and secondly the rose gold colored chain will help you in adding the extra style quotient.


Rose gold is a special pinkish hue colored jewelry item and most women prefer to wear it along with their favorite gemstone. You can too buy rose gold jewelry but remember the extra care and maintenance that you might have to undergo behind it. If you can do it then this particular item of jewelry will be the most beautiful and most exquisite item of jewelry that you will own.

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