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Reasons Why Packaging Matters for Your E-Commerce Brand?


Most e-commerce businesses consider high-quality packaging to be an additional expense. Some sellers need to realize that proper packaging can be a significant cost-saving measure. The product is protected during shipping by good packaging, which reduces the chance of it being returned by customers.

If your customer returns the product, you will have to pay for reshipping the product. If a refund is requested, you will have to reimburse the cost of the product, which would reduce your profits. These extra costs can be avoided by ensuring proper packaging. The best packaging material can increase your product protection, so it is essential to choose the right one.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Brand Packaging is essential in building a lasting relationship with a consumer. Once a customer receives a well-packaged product, the impression remains long after the purchase. Packaging can affect how customers perceive a brand.

A practical user experience determines whether or not a product succeeds. Customers are happier when they receive a good package. E-commerce sellers need to check whether the packaging makes it easier or harder for customers to use the product.

The packaging of a product can earn the loyalty of customers. E-commerce packaging is an innovation that packaging companies are developing to improve their services and compete for customers.

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Establishing A Brand Identity

Packaging plays a vital role in creating a positive first impression on your customers, which is another reason you should be aware of its importance in eCommerce. If your product is well-packaged, your customer’s opinion will be positive. Packaging plays a significant role in establishing a brand reputation.

Custom labels with the logo & name of your brand will help you stand out from the competition. 

Put vital product information on your packaging so that your customers know what they’re buying. Ensure your packaging clearly shows expiry dates, manufacturing dates, etc.; following FSSAI guidelines for labeling is mandatory for cosmetics and food products.

Connecting with the customer and differentiating your brand from the competition requires high-quality printing and packaging materials combined with a distinctive design. 

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Protecting Products from Damage

There is more to packaging than just holding a product in a container. A better solution is to pack products in such a way that they are protected from wear and tear. The package should be temperature-controlled when the product is health or food related.

Chocolates are often shipped in gel packs on Amazon India and Flipkart. Sellers use 10 mm or 30 mm bubble wrap when shipping breakable items. A package can be simple, so the customer does not spend much time unpacking it. Safe delivery of the product should be its primary objective.

Creative solutions to this issue include 3D printing packaging for eCommerce. You will benefit from safe packaging in the long run since it reduces your return rate and improves your seller rating. 


These days, most people are used to receiving online-ordered packages at their doorsteps. A unique experience will quickly turn a curious customer into a brand advocate. Including a Thank You card addressed directly to the customer is one example. By doing so, you show your appreciation to your customers and that your products are packed with their needs in mind.

Retaining Customers 

When your packaging is excellent, you will encourage customers to repeat purchases and pique the buyer’s interest. Making the customer’s buying experience personal requires you to go the extra mile. As a result, you can get a lot of repeat business. If you dare to be different, you will turn a curious customer into a brand advocate within days.

When you go above and beyond to meet your customer’s expectations, you’re doing great packaging. As a result, your brand becomes more visible, and customer loyalty increases. People share positive experiences with friends, family, and loved ones when they are happy. You can use word-of-mouth, social media, or an unboxing video to spread the word.

Increase in Sales 

The success of your online business depends on your sales. It is luckily possible to convince customers to buy your product by the packaging you use. Collaborating with packaging companies can help you to capture attention. You can do in-store marketing by packaging your product in a package that stands out and is aligned with your branding. It’s because people associate a brand with its colors, packaging materials, and typeface. It also explains why you can tell a checkmark is for Nike and not for another company.

When you run a profitable online business, you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your money. Your sales will increase if you read a product packaging design guide and know how to apply it to your business.


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