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20 Music Bingo Games Ideas That Will Please Any Crowd


Who doesn’t love the sound of different songs in the form of games? Well, combining your favorite music with the game of bingo is the perfect combination of unlimited fun, laughter, and lots of cherished memories. Playing music bingo that encompasses all age groups is super amazing and makes for a great activity. But it can get pretty tricky to involve all the members. So, in this exhaustive guide, we have covered all the top playlists according to different age groups that will make the game enjoyable for all! Let’s dive right into the details below!

Top 20 Music Bingo Games Ideas That Everyone Loves

Believe it or not, music is the string that binds us all together. Playing musical bingo can get any crowd entertained with their favorite playlist! Have a look at all the different types of playlists available for a great music fiesta rocking!

The Official Hits Decade

Taylor Swift

Well, who isn’t a Taylor Swift fan? The artist is all set to take over the world, and her music is on everyone’s lips.

2009 hits: Kanye’s ultimate numbers blew everyone’s minds, and Lady Gaga kept shining high with her ultimate hits in the year 2009.

90s: Let’s just call the 90s the official music year with some top numbers from artists like Beck and Gin Blossoms. These songs will make you time-travel to the best time of your life.

The Hair Bands: With terrific rock numbers like Guns-n-Roses, KISS, Poison, etc., leading the charts, the hair bands have been ruling the 80s for all the right reasons. You can definitely choose them for your old rock ballad. 

Older Crowd Favorites

The Beatles: From Blackbird and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to Yellow Submarine, this band has some legendary classics. Everyone remembers their lyrics, and they start singing along on their own. This iconic band has created a legacy that no one can forget.

Golden Oldies: Be it Otis Redding to Elvis, there is a whole list of classic entertainers that everyone loves listening to. Who can literally forget good ol’ Patsy Cline?

The 70’s: The ’70s should be officially named the music era. With some inspiring artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Joni Mitchell, this was one of the best times with many timeless tunes.

Life’s A Beach: Jimmy Buffet, Don Henley, and The Beach Boys are some of the popular music artists rising to give the world the best songs of all time. You can choose any of their songs to create a great music bingo game.

Family Reunion

Looking for a family-friendly music bingo song that takes your heart away? Well, there is a long list of 

X-Mas Songs: Who doesn’t love the sweet Christmas Carol sung by many popular artists? This holiday-themed music bingo is literally everyone’s favorite.

Harry Potter: A mystical music bingo with Harry Potter songs will keep everyone excited. From kids to elders, everyone is in awe of Harry Potter-themed songs.

Disney Classics: Music bingo becomes more interesting and excites everyone with ultimate Disney classics. From Under the Sea, Toy Story, Circle of Life to Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and many more, you can opt for any from this endless list.

Movie Soundtracks: Many all-time classics like Titanic, Ghostbusters, Despicable Me, etc., are truly remarkable. They are admired by fans from all over the world and will surely make you fall for their divine melody! With this superb playlist, your music bingo game is sorted.

Iconic TV Shows: For a terrific family team, you can opt for songs from famous TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Scooby Doo, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and so on. You will definitely cover music for all age groups.

Play The HARD Way

This is a special section for the tough competitors who want to take the game to the next level.

Name The Countries: To give a hard time to your players, you can start a music bingo in which the players will identify the artist’s name and the country’s name. For example, a card with the song name Lose Yourself. The player has to correctly identify the artist’s name (Eminem) and the country name he hails from (America). Isn’t it pretty challenging?

Nicknames: Who doesn’t love a game inside a game? So, keep some Trivia questions up for tough contenders. Asking them the name of the Queen of Soul and the King of Jazz can help you make the game pretty tough.

Antonyms: Many clever participants love to figure out the opposite song names. This can be quite tricky since you will have very few clues, and getting right in the first go is quite a nail-biting challenge that tickles your brain.


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