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Most Useful Keyboard Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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A blog about some Keyboard Hacks you can do with just your keyboard. Did you know that it’s possible to save a ton of time on your computer by using keyboard shortcuts? No? Well, here’s a list of hotkey combinations that’ll help you work faster than ever.

It’s no secret that working on your computer can be a bit slow when you need to do things using your mouse. Did you know there are some amazing keyboard hacks that will help you work faster? I’ve compiled a list of useful keyboard hacks that you can use to improve your productivity at work.

This is a curated list of useful Keyboard Hacks that will help you work faster on your computer.

1 Find anything on the web: Command + F
2 Copy and Paste: Command + C and Command + V
3 Select all items on a page: Command + A
4 Hide all items on your desktop or menu bar: Command + Option + D
5 Close a webpage on Chrome instantly: Command + W
6 Minimize all windows at once. Option + Command + M
7 Save a document as a PDF instantly. Command + Shift + 3 (Mac OS) or Control+P (Windows)
8 Screenshots. Control+Shift+3 (Mac OS) or Window+Shift+S (Windows)
9 Switch to the next window in an app. Control-Tab (Mac OS) or Alt+Tab (Windows).
10 Switch back to the previous window in an app. Control-Shift-Tab (Mac OS) or Alt-Shift-Tab (Windows).
11 To decrease the screen’s brightness press the function key (F1) key.
12 To log out of the computer use both Alt and F4 keys
13 Close the current window you are, and press Alt and F4 once.
14 To go to a new tab press Control and T
15 to scroll up or down on a page press the space bar and shift and space bar respectively.
16 If you want to undo something you did that changed the text, click Control and Z at the same time.
17 If you want to find something specific in your document, hold down control and f to search in that site or document.
18 When typing an email, if you want to delete a whole word, hold control and press backspace.
19 CTRL+SHIFT+N. Allows you to make a new folder whenever you need one.
20 You don’t need a mouse to access the scrollbar – Use the arrow up and arrow down keys
21 You can open a new tab right away with Ctrl + T.
22 Alt + Tab allows you to switch between tabs and Windows.
23 To create a checkbox, type (-) and then tap the space bar.
24 You can put emojis in your text without needing to use your phone by pressing Windows + dot(.)
25 You can search through Google or Wikipedia without typing the whole sentence – type ‘wiki’ in your browser’s address bar, then a space, then the name of the article you want
26 Switch between windows within a program by clicking Ctrl + Tab.
27 If you want to highlight text quickly, hold Shift and press the arrow key.
28 You can also set your own keyboard shortcuts for repeatable actions.
29 WINDOWS KEY+D. Minimizes open windows (It works for Windows 10 as well)
30 WINDOWS KEY+UP Arrow. Maximize a window.

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The computer keyboard is more powerful than you might think! This is a list of useful keyboard hacks that will help you work faster on your computer.


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