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3 eCommerce Fashion Industry Trends Worth Knowing in 2024


The world individuals live in today has become more fast-paced than ever. And if you explore and dig through statistics, the fashion industry is undeniably one of the most fast-paced sectors. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye in this industry. Therefore, avid shoppers and fashion followers are mindful of those trends, ready to add their carts once a good deal is available.

From shopping in physical stores to now browsing through clothes online, the fashion industry is one of those biggest contributors to the rise in eCommerce. There’s nothing like beating the lines and staying at the convenience of home while still able to satiate their desire for the latest trends. For fashion retailers, it may therefore be safe to say that they’re missing out on so much if they don’t have any Internet presence.

Fashion itself is fast-changing, more so eCommerce. When you mix both, you’ll come across the coming in of new tech trends every so often. Staying on top of what’s new can give you that competitive advantage against the thousands of other fashion retailers.

To start, here are some trends you need to know:

Personalization And Customization

fashion industry trends

One of the strengths of eCommerce fashion shopping that contributed to its success is how easy it is to simply sit, browse from behind a screen, and purchase clothing options with one swipe. If they want to, they can type certain keywords on the search bar. They can also tick their choices from the filter options to narrow down the selection of pieces. These all make eCommerce shopping a lot easier than it is to shop physically.

Fashion brands in the eCommerce sector, however, will also note that the effort has to be taken a step higher. To stand out from the competition, it’s important to show personalization and customization in the shopping experience. 

By this, it means that through artificial intelligence and data, the brand’s website or app is equipped to show new items in store based on what the previous searches made by the shopper was. Those suggestions are anchored upon shopping preferences, making the online shopping process easier.

Apart from the shopping experience, this need for customization should also reach the products retailers sell. Many shoppers nowadays are also on the hunt online for more customized pieces. Click for more insights and draw inspiration for your next product.

More Sales Will Be Made Through Mobile Devices

Online shopping

More advanced smartphones have brought a new level of dependence by many cellphone users on their devices. People can now complete many online activities by using a smartphone, including shopping.

In recent years, many global developments have given way to the rise of online shopping. Previously, this was something done only through the internet. Nowadays, purchases made through mobile devices are prevalent due to convenience.

As more and more individuals have access to smartphones, fashion retailers must start venturing into eCommerce to adapt to mobile platforms. It’s crucial to ensure their website is mobile-friendly. Better yet, fashion retailers must have an app for their brand.

Sustainable Fashion? Yes, Please!

sustainable fashion

In the later part of 2019, the world was shaken by the coming of a virus no one was ever prepared for. This resulted in a global pandemic that lasted at its peak for at least two years. Fast forward to 2024, the world is still starting to recover from those past years.

This global COVID-19 pandemic is important to highlight as it brought a greater demand for sustainable fashion. As many people lost their jobs, the situation emphasized living on basics even more. Many may have realized the need for only a few clothing items, shoes, and bags. Unfortunately, however, many still wind up unused. Hence the switch to sustainable clothing.

Like any trend, this doesn’t apply to all brands. But many expect a high increase for more sustainable choices to continue. ‘Sustainable choices’ refer to shopping only for the basics for a more sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, it also involves choosing neutral and monochromatic colors to make it easier to mix and match and re-wear clothing pieces.

To meet this demand, online stores or eCommerce fashion brands then need to have that section of sustainable pieces on their websites and apps. It doesn’t just ensure that shoppers will come back to choose their brand, but it also creates a positive brand image that it’s a company that values sustainability.


While it’s only been in recent years that online shopping for fashion items has become the norm, there seems to be no stopping its growth from infancy to ripeness. Online shopping is here to stay. For many shoppers, online shopping is all about convenience and scoring the best deals. Brands have to cope with the never-ending demands of shoppers, especially in the online world. The trends discussed in this blog post aren’t yet all-encompassing, but it’s a good start for fashion retailers to get to know about.

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