Spirited Evening in Chicago

An Insider’s Guide to a Spirited Evening in Chicago


Enjoying a spirited evening in Chicago gives you insight into the nightlife that the city is known for offering to both locals and tourists alike. On top of enjoying signature cocktails and music from the hottest DJs and bands, you get the opportunity to see and be seen in one of the most recognized scenes in the entertainment industry. With this insider’s guide, you can make sure to maximize every second of your amazing night.

Make Sure to Pre-Game

When you know you’ll be dancing and drinking for hours into the night at Chicago’s top bars, you need to be prepared. If you get the chance, try to take a short nap before you get ready. Many of the biggest nightclubs stay open until the early morning hours. You’ll also want to eat a light meal that helps line your stomach and prevent hangovers. A bit of avocado toast or a banana are two easy snacks to eat before you head out that are known for being great for hangover prevention.

Know How to Skip the Door Cover

Many Chicago nightclubs have door cover charges that fluctuate from one night to the next, and they can add up fast when you want to visit multiple venues. Are you looking for a bar crawl in Chicago that waives the door cover charges and makes it easier to visit all of the bars and nightclubs on your list? The participating venues will also offer discounts on drinks and food that make your entertainment budget go even further. Being able to grab a taco can give everyone a second wind as the night raves on.

Check the Dress Codes

Chicago nightclubs may have a festive atmosphere encouraging you to enjoy yourself to the max, but you’ll first need approval from the door staff. Many of the nightclubs in the city prefer to keep an upscale vibe that includes asking patrons to avoid wearing certain items. 

For example, the Electric Hotel asks revelers to avoid wearing sweatpants, shorts and jerseys. Sticking to a smart, upscale style will prevent you from being held up at the door. If you’re going on a bar crawl, then you can also check the information you receive. 

Pick a Themed Bar Crawl Night

If you’ve never strolled the Chicago streets with a group of people all dressed in their finest ugly sweaters, then you haven’t lived. Themed pub crawls provide you with built-in fun since everyone in your group will be in the mood to party. 

Not only will you be sure to fit the dress code by following a theme, but you’ll also find that your group generates a lot of attention. Since everyone wants to be around those in the know, you can bet you’ll make many new friends you’ll want to dance with again.

Dress for Chicago Weather

The fall and winter seasons can get cold in Chicago. But you’ll also be warming right up as you dance the night away. Ideally, you should plan to dress in layers. Being able to toss on a scarf or sweater as you walk from one venue to the next will help you stay in the mood to have fun well into the morning. 

Or, you might work your layers into your costume. A spooky cape or creepy clown costume will keep you warm while also serving double duty as your contribution to the group’s themed event.

Plan to Leave Home Early

Chicago might be known as a windy city, but that doesn’t mean that traffic is a breeze. The River North area is known for getting busy on weekend evenings when everyone is trying to head to the clubs for a night full of fun. 

Making sure to check the traffic reports an hour or two before you need to leave is a good idea for avoiding any snarls that could prevent you from meeting up with your group on time. 

At the end of the night, you’ll be tired but better understand what makes Chicago one of the best places in the world to enjoy a night on the town. Now that you’ve sampled the top-rated bars and nightclubs, you have to decide when you’re ready to do it all over again.


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