Common Android Problems and solution

10 Common Android Problems and How To Fix Them


Android phones are the widely used operating system and Google is working hard to provide updates. In the world of technology, as no smartphone is perfect same goes for the operating system. Android operating system

Every smartphone has a problem and those are model specific. In android phone, the most common problem that a user’s face is the app not installed error in which you are not able to install the app from google play store or even sideload it. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 Common Android Problems and solutions every android user needs to follow.

So if you are an android smartphone user or are planning to buy one then this is the best tutorial that you should read. This will help you to get familiar with the problem that android users face and in the future, you stuck with the problem that is listed below, you know what to be done exactly to fix that issue. Now without wasting more time, let us go through the common android problem list.

Some most common problems in android phones.

  1. Apps crash
  2. Slow performance
  3. Battery drain problem
  4. Low storage
  5. Bloatware
  6. Security and privacy concern
  7. Slow internet connection
  8. The system is sluggish or crashing
  9. Overheating
  10. Google play store not working

Now we had listed all the common problem that an android user faced if are facing any of the above then continue to read where we had discussed how to fix the common android problem.

10 Common Android Problems and solution

There are several problems associated with android phones and in this detailed troubleshooting guide and we will walk through each of these common android problems along with the solution.

Apps Crash

Whether you consider this as a pro or a con for and android, it allows android mobile apps to sideload it. There are numbers of app downloading website available over internet which provides you to download apps and install it in android phone. 

There can be several reasons why your apps are crashing. The solution to those is to check whether you had download that app from the official Google play store. 

Fix apps crash

  1. Check for an app update on the Google play store
  2. Clear apps cache and cooking
  3. Re-download it from the play store

Slow Performance

The most common complaint of android users is system is lagging, the phone getting hangs, and the observer lag in opening apps. In this section, iPhone always wins. It is not always about your mobile configuration and hardware, mobile UI also plays an important role. Better software optimization always serves good performance. Other than that cache also affected phone performance. 

Steps to clear cache in Android phone

  1. Firstly open the phone and go to setting
  2. Now tap on the storage option
  3. Now scroll and search for other apps and tap on it
  4. Now open apps one by one and click on three dots and select clear cache

You can read this guide to build a Live Streaming Application.

Battery Drain Problem

If your phone battery gets drain with the least amount of time usage and less screen time then you are facing the problem of battery drain. A couple of reasons can be behind battery drains such as Background apps activity, software bug, or malware attack

Steps to fix the battery drain problem

  1. Monitor apps usage
  2. Wipe data cache of android phone
  3. Restrict background data and apps usage

Low Storage

Over time, apps create cache and cookies files which are also referred to as temporary files or junk files. These files are created by the apps and system operational files for smoother user experience and snappy operation. But if the amount of these junk files increase, it starts consuming more and more phone storage and shows you a low storage problem. In this case, it is necessary to clear junk files


As you purchase a new phone, there are some of the apps that come pre-installed, and these apps if you wish, you can’t uninstall them. These type of apps that comes with your phone and you can’t uninstall them are called Bloatware. Samsung users are must be aware and the Samsung UI is the most bloated system UI and then comes MiUi.

There is nothing much you can do other than purchase a mobile with a stock android phone. Stock android phone only comes with Google apps and those are also very few.

Security and Privacy Concern

As users can sideload apps from the app website, there is a high chance of getting malware installed in android phones and this is the biggest drawback of the android system. If the user doesn’t pay attention, he/she ended up getting malware installed on the phone.

Android phones must be updated to the latest Android security patch to be safe from malware and virus attacks. These security patch updates depend on phone manufacture.

Tips to keep the android phone secure

  1. Buy android phone of the company that promises regular updated
  2. Keep android phone updated.
  3. Don’t open a malicious website or download apps from an untrusted source

Slow Internet Speed

The user had reposted much time that they are not getting proper speed on mobile data. In this, it can be either low mobile connectivity or of users faults. Users need to check its signal strength first. Seconds comes to your app’s internet usage. If you had put Whatsapp auto-download on, then you might get slow internet speed as WhatsApp is download audios, videos, and images in the background.

Steps to fix slow internet problem

  1. Change your location and check for full network connectivity
  2. Stop auto-downloads in Whatsapp, Messenger, and telegram

The System is Sluggish or Crashing

System lag or crashing can be because of a problem with the system files. Yes, it happens with almost all android phones especially on the older version of android. In that case, if your apps are also getting crash and you are getting system apps stopped popup then it is sure that your operating files got corrupt. 

Steps to fix system crashing in android

  1. Perform factory reset: Open phone setting and About phone
  2. Now open Reset and backup
  3. Tap on Factory reset and allow it


Overheating is not only a problem in android phones, but iPhone users also complain about it. Overheating problem is huge than it sounds. Due to overheating, small and delicate mobile components can be damaged. Heating issues decrease phone battery life and also damages your hand skin.

  1. Don’t use third-party chargers and cables
  2. Don’t use your phone while charging
  3. Close apps which are not in use
  4. Adjust brightness according to your need.

Google Play Store Not Working

Google play store is an app comes pre-installed is the most used apps in android phone. This app helps you to install apps install in your phone. If the user is concern about security and privacy, this should be the only source to download apps on an android phone. Users had reported several problems related to the google play store not working. 

Tips to fix for Google play store.

  • Re-login Google account.
  • Clear data and cache of Google play service and play store.
  • Open app info and click on Disable to replace it with the factory version. Now open the play store again and allows it to get updated to the latest version.

Wrapping up

These were some of the Common Android Problems and solutions. These are the error that android users face and we had provided the solution to fix those. If you have any other issues then feel free to use the comment section, we will help to fix them.


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