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Explore 6 Best Vector Graphics Editors for Windows


If there’s a concern for Graphic Designing there are two well-known types of graphics named vector and raster graphics. Remember that raster graphics fully break when they are expanded (stretched) more than they can. On the other hand, vector files are highly suitable for designers as they don’t break on expansion or zoom. This is the most obvious reason behind the conversion of PNG to SVG vector files with the free assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter and Vector Graphics Editors.

In this informative text, we are going to elaborate few of the best versions of vector graphics editors that let you deal with vector graphics on Windows OS. But before that let’s explore a few essential pieces of information.

Why Convert Raster to Vector?

Raster files to Vector assist any to make use of both raster and vector files as well to solve a GIS problem. For these types of conversion, you could use the various analysis methods that are unique to these two forms of geographic data. Thus, the legitimate source of the online lets you convert a raster image to a vector without compromising on quality.

Even there you get the best PNG to SVG converter that only allows you to convert PNG to SVG vector according to certain illustration presets.


It is indicated as free and open-source software that allows you to open, create, and make editing for your vector graphic files. Even this best tool lets you convert PNG to SVG without making any degradation to resultant images. Inkscape supports different kinds of vector graphic formats including eps, SVG, Dxf, and pdf.

There you could explore a different number of tools and options that are highly useful in creating and editing vector images. If you’re thinking about how to convert PNG raster to SVG vector with this free PNG to SVG converter, then its main interface lets you do it within no time.

Inkscape is referred to as a cross-platform medium, which means it lets you work in any operating system. It is said to be a great alternate to graphic designing software such as Adobe Illustrator.


Scribus is another well-known vector graphic editing tool for Windows that is loaded with different vector file-formats including sxd, odg, svgz, eps, ai, and much more. Besides that experts always recommended proceeding with PNG to SVG converter whenever you need to convert PNG to SVG vector graphic.

The upside about this vector tool is that it is released under GPL and a 100% free vector graphic editor. This program works best with Ghostscript, so users should need to install Ghostscript before proceeding with this handy tool.

Synfig Studio:

Synfig studio is highly recommended open-source and free 2D animation vector graphic editing software that works best on Windows 11 and Linux. This is indicated as a simple vector graphics editor and creator but only opens up 3 to 4 separate windows that depend on parameters such as working area, tools, command file, and layers bar.

Additionally, for the conversion of png to SVG vector graphics, it’s essential to work with an online PNG to SVG vector graphic file.

It also provides you with a wide array of tools including eyedrop tool, width tool, fill tool, mirror tool, Bline tool, text tool, sketch tool, and much more.


This vector software can be able to open file-formats including ipe, pdf, eps, and XML as well. But if you aim to convert PNG to SVG vector, and then don’t fret more as there are innumerable PNG to SVG converter sites available online.

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OpenOffice Draw:

OpenOffice Draw by Apache Software Foundation is referred to as the best vector graphics editor that is loaded with different editing possibilities at a great extent of level. One of the famous tool for OpenOffice Draw is the connector which comes with different types. The upside is that it can open and create as well different types of file formats including different document file types. But it does not allow you to convert PNG to SVG, for that, you need to fetch an online PNG file to SVG converter right now.

DrawPlus Starter Edition:

It is indicated as the most powerful vector editor and creator program for both beginners and experts. It lets you design and create attractive vector artwork that too with minimal effort. This tool is packed with great tools and is even said to be the best alternative to expensive vector graphic editors such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and much more.

Even Vector Graphics Editors provide you with certain tools like bucket tool, pen tool, pencil tool, paintbrush tool, and much more.

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