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What Is A Room On Facebook & How To Create It?

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Facebook’s new “create a messenger room” feature has taken over the market. The buzz around it is real, and a lot of people are stuck with the question – “What is ‘create a room’ on Facebook?” This option lets you host a video conference at your convenience. It stands out for the room limit of about 50 people. Since Facebook did not allow effective office meetings and video-chats with such a large limit earlier, the feature certainly seems to be sparking a lot of curiosity and questions.

The feature is accessible on both computers and mobile phones just like whatsapp introduced the create room feature on desktop.

Similar to other efficient video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc., Facebook rooms is another poster baby in the world of video conferencing and tech revolutions.

How can you create Facebook rooms?

So, having understood the different purposes of the new room feature, the next step is to try it out. Facebook users have been continuously testing the new facebook room feature. If you have not specifically tried it out yet, you can easily do so through Facebook messenger.

Amidst all the chaos and happiness, the first question is – How to create FB rooms? The feature is user friendly and doesn’t show any bugs so far. You can quickly test and start using Facebook rooms for compelling video conferencing.

Follow these below precise steps to create a Facebook room.

Here are simple and easy steps you can follow to create a Facebook room:


1. Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on your device (laptop/mobile phone.)

2. Successfully launch the Facebook Messenger on a device of your choice.

3. You will see the “People” tab at the bottom right of the screen. Click on the tab.

4. Click on “create a room.”

5. Add participants that you wish to add to the room.

Add participants in FB rooms

6. Share the link of the room with other participants conveniently. (Note: You can also share this with users that do not use Facebook)

Share the link of the room with other participants

7. Other participants can join the room using the link shared by you.

8. You can access the rooms feature through WhatsApp and Instagram Direct that will happen through the smart portal display.

Read about what Instagram has included in their privacy policy.

The new Facebook ad that is promoting the feature seems to have taken the advertising campaign pretty seriously. The way the ad works is that it shows you pictures of your friends lined up. The option of saying “Hi” to them pops up. The moment one clicks on the ad, the possibility of creating a room is made available.

What else is in the store?

The new rooms feature can be seen as a simple drop-in video call feature made available by Facebook. It is effortless to use the feature, and one can do so through the Facebook app or the messenger app. As soon as a user is being added to a room, an invite is sent out for the user to join. This applies just as well to non-facebook users.

Another privacy concern is the visibility of the room. Having researched enough about the new feature, we have some good news to spill on this front. Users who create a room can control their privacy settings to decide the visibility of the room. This means that your room will only be visible to chosen people on their timeline. The choice for your privacy and good video conferencing is now at your fingertips is what Facebook believes.

All you need to know about Facebook Rooms

Facebook rooms as a feature do not remain restricted to the platform. In fact, the very idea is to facilitate effective video calls for large groups through WhatsApp, Instagram, and other media platforms.

The idea is to bring more on your table with your usual and reliable apps. This will make sure you do not need to flock your phone with apps for a few basic needs.

Considering that the feature is new, a lot of Facebook users are taking their time getting used to it. Frequent questions such as “How do you get rid of “create a room” on Facebook?” are common. However, once you understand and know how to go about the feature, accessing it is extremely simple. These simple steps and the basics about the feature can get you going. Facebook is one of the most important social media platform that you need to include in your SMM strategies.

Key Takeaways

This feature looks interesting, but we do not know how the feature will perform in the market. Having just slid into a domain full of video conferencing options, the fate of Facebook rooms is difficult to predict. However, it certainly is an excellent addition to Facebook’s diversity of features. It also ends up speaking a lot about Facebook’s customer concerns. The big-name seems to have brought all kinds of interactive facilities right at your fingertips. Facebook Rooms is now geared up to revolutionize the world of video conferencing.


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