Electric Bikes Under $300

Latest Electric Bikes under $300 of 2024: An Ultimate List


Check out our latest and best options on electric bikes under $300 that we have reviewed below.

Electric vehicles are shaping the future since humankind comprehends the importance of transitioning to chargeable conveyance options to combat the growing concerns about depleting fuel worldwide and increasing pollution levels. If you travel short distances, an electric bike is great for work and grocery shopping.

There was a time when electric bikes were expensive, and very few people considered them worthwhile as it took a long time to recover the invested cost. With the governments encouraging manufacturers by offering e-bike rebates, the makers are passing on the benefits to buyers, which means every person can now invest in budget-friendly e-bikes without compromising the quality and riding experience.

What are Electric Bikes?

When we talk about an electric bike, it is defined as a bicycle fitted with an electric motor for propulsion. Many e-bikes in the market today offer diverse power, utility, and visionary features that make cycling an amazing venture. The engine draws its power from a rechargeable and removable battery.

A bike qualifies as an electric bike when the motor’s power helps you propel, so the energy increases when you pedal fast. You can choose different power modes for desired assistance and battery support.

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How Do Electric Bikes Work?

Every electric bike has a motor placed in the front, rear rack, or center, depending on the manufacturer’s design. An e-bike with an axle-mounted battery works through the chain and gears, while a hub-based design pushes the wheel directly. A sensor is installed in all electric bikes to measure your effort during pedaling and then make the motor match the output.

The concept of an e-bike is that the motor does not entirely take over for power output; the rider is consistently involved and needs to pedal. Most brands make removable batteries for charging convenience; however, few still need to park the cycle near a charging point for the power.

Usually, electric bikes have a controller mounted on the cycle handlebar, which allows you to keep a check on the battery level and choose the power you need for the ride. The e-bike technology has evolved and advanced immensely in the last few years, which has rendered designs that can be used as mountain bikes or commuter bikes according to the user’s needs and lifestyle.

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Advantages of Electric Bikes

The electric bicycles have had an uplift as brands understood that the electric road bike is there to stay, and upgrading with new features will make commuting easy and affordable. Here are some main advantages that every electric scooter user has enjoyed for a long:

1. Environmentally Friendly

The e-bikes were designed to offer a sustainable transport alternative to petroleum vehicles that cause pollution and harm the environment irreversibly. The new-generation electric road bike does not emit of harmful gases and thus is environment-friendly.

2. Cost-Efficient Transportation

The best budget-friendly e-bikes are cost-efficient since you save the money spent on buying fuel. With degrading levels of petroleum, fuel prices are set to soar in the future, which can be a challenge for people with limited budgets. With minimum maintenance, the electric bike is worth investing in.

3. Health Benefits

Using an e-bike is beneficial for the rider’s health since you do not completely rely on the battery power and have to pedal continuously. Therefore, it keeps you fit and away from all lifestyle-related health issues that people commonly suffer from. People with a sedentary lifestyle who cannot cycle long distances can use the best electric bike and maintain a healthy routine while completing everyday tasks efficiently.

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7 Best Electric Bikes Under $300

In this e-bike guide, we are listing the top 7 picks under $300 that are adding value to the way people commute and enhancing the experience with add-on features that make bike riding smooth and easy for teens and adults.

1. LEADZM Electric Bike

This is one of the best electric bikes under $300 that you can ride up to your destination and then carry inside since this one is a folding electric bike.

Convenience and utility packed together at an affordable price makes it a good buy for daily commute without spending a fortune. Users love this sturdy and lightweight electric bicycle because one can easily carry it around.

Reasons to Choose

  • Equipped with a 36V 6AH battery and 250 W powerful motor, you may journey to nearby locations with a 25-30 km range on pedal assist mode. The maximum speed is 25 km/h, that’s a totally stunning output.
  • The most weight ability for this affordable electric bike is 100 to 130 kg.
  • The disc brakes help you strongly manage the movement and tour through the busy streets with no hassles.
  • You get 3 special driving modes, specifically pedal help, manual mode, and natural electric powered mode, making it convenient and smooth.
  • The e-motorcycle is IP54 waterproof.
  • It is easy to assemble for new users and comes with a detailed manual.
  • The best rubber tire is non-skid and waterproof, making it a safe journey for all seasons.
  • Users can regulate the seat and handlebar in line with their height, making sure consolation.
  • The LCD show suggests details like riding velocity, last battery, mileage, and many others., all factors crucial for the rider.

Possible Issues

  • The electric bike has thin and small tires, which some commuters do not prefer buying.
  • Compared to some other electric bikes for adults under $300, the battery needs charging more often, which means you cannot travel longer distances.

2. Sailnovo Electric Bicycle

Another popular choice of electric bikes under $300 for adults, the Sailnovo, is convenient to carry and store. Users have described it as the best electric bike for a city ride who needs to travel frequently from one destination to another.

Reasons to Choose

  • 350W hub motor with 36V 374.4 WH Lithium-ion battery renders a maximum speed of 18.6 mph, providing a perfect balance between speed and power output.
  • The maximum load capacity for this electric bike is 120 kg.
  • It comes with 3 riding options where one can choose from pure electric, fully manual, or hybrid pedal-assist mode, making the ride flexible according to the situation and requirement.
  • The Sailnovo e-bike is constructed of an inert, strong aluminum frame, making it long-lasting.
  • The electric bike has dual disc brakes and an LCD display so that the rider can keep track of important stats.
  • The anti-shock tires and non-slip handlebar make the ride smooth even on the busiest streets.
  • The adjustable saddle and handle head allow different members of a family to enjoy riding the electric bike.
  • It is 90% pre-assembled and does not require any expertise.

Possible Issues

  • The 14-inch wheels are small when compared to other adult electric bikes under $300 and may pose stability issues at higher speeds.
  • The e-bike is suitable for city commuting and isn’t as good as a mountain bike.
  • Some components tend to wear out quickly, which poses an issue for riders.
  • The electric bike offers single-speed transmission, which means the rider can alter gears to a limited capacity, leading to speed issues on steep hills.

3. Jasion EB3 Electric Bike

Jasion manufactures high-end electric bikes under $300 with an aim to render best-in-class features and performance to its users. The electric bike is comprehended for its uncomplicated design yet exceptional performance, making it a good electric bicycle for teens as well as adults.

Reasons to Choose

  • The hub motor is 350W, producing adequate throttle for long distances.
  • The battery capacity is 36V 7.5 AH, the reason for the power and ultimate performance. The top speed is 21 mph, and a one-time charge allows traveling up to 20 miles.
  • Similar to other electric bikes, this also has 3 operation modes, giving the rider the freedom to choose and ride comfortably.
  • The fold-and-go design lets the rider carry the bike whenever required without consuming much space. The handlebar and pedals are compact, adding to the portability feature.
  • The alloy steel e-bike has hydraulic brakes for smooth and safe rides.
  • Jasion pursues the best customer support for its buyers through 24×7 assistance with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has tri-spoke wheels, making it a good buy for commuting on rough terrain. Heavy riders use this electric trike for climbing steep slopes with ease.

Possible Issues

  • The size may not be suitable for adults with a big frame.
  • The quality of suspensions is average, which sometimes makes the ride uneasy.
  • The tire size is small for riders who extensively use electric bikes.

4. Winado Foldable Electric Bike

The Winado e-bike is one of the top-selling electric bikes under $300 for adults that produces enough throttle to make city commuting fun and easy. Riders can fold it in less than a minute and carry it whenever needed.

Reasons to Choose

  • 250 W motor powered with 26V 6Ah lithium battery recharges fully in 3-4 hours and renders a range of 15 miles.
  • The load-bearing capacity is 120 kg.
  • Features like hydraulic disc brakes and front and rear light suspension fork make it safe for commuting during the day and night.
  • The saddle can be adjusted 4” as per the user’s height.
  • Anti-skid wheels are wear-resistant, allowing users to ride for a long time without hassles.

Possible Issues

  • 12-inch wheels tend to become unstable at higher speeds.
  • Only suitable for local city commuting, a range of 15 miles is less compared to other electric bikes under $300.

5. PEXMOR Electric Bike

PEXMOR adult electric bikes under $300 offer a perfect blend of versatility, power, and utility for its users. People who love cycling and see it as a recreational activity should consider this electric bike without any doubts.

Reasons to Choose

  • The Best electric bike with a 350W hub motor and 36V 6Ah battery that can be used to commute up to 20KM in throttle mode. The power generated allows us to achieve a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.
  • This best e-bike can bear a load of up to 120 kg with ease.
  • The folding electric bike is easy to assemble and can fit well even in compact vehicles if one wants to travel to the city outskirts and use PEXMOR as a mountain bike to explore nature.
  • The brand has prioritized safety when designing the electric bicycle to ensure better control and additional features like LED lights and a bell.
  • The metal frame is sturdy and has rubber, anti-skid tires, making the electric bike durable.
  • Front and rear disc brakes with suspension fork allow the rider to control the bike fully.

Possible Issues

  • Speed is less than other affordable electric bikes.
  • Not suited for off-roading or different rough terrains due to small tire size.

6. WTVA Electric Bike

A Fat tire electric bike that makes cycling fun and exciting. This one has a different structure than other electric bikes under $300 for adults. The innovative design makes it the best urban commuter bike for all age groups.

Reasons to Choose

  • A 500W rear hub motor with a removable battery of 36V 10.4 Ah generates immense power.
  • It is equipped with an intelligent pedal assistant, an innovation that very few electric bikes under $300 have.
  • The 27.5×2.0 inch fat tire electric bike is specifically for grownups and has all three riding modes.
  • The maximum speed attainable is 20mph, which is commendable for an electric bike.
  • Apart from flexibility, the bike comes 85% assembled, which makes it easy to set up and ride.
  • The aluminum alloy body gives a sturdy and stable ride to individuals.

Possible issues

  • Designed for flat city roads and, hence, not the perfect choice for heavy riders who wish to buy a mountain bike.
  • It isn’t easy to find spare parts since they are unique.

7. ANCHEER Electric Bike

Specifically designed and marketed as a mountain electric bike, this one is a masterpiece in terms of structure and features. Amongst the best electric bikes on a budget, it gives tough competition to other electric bikes.

Reason to Choose

  • 250W rear hub motor efficiently throttles the top speed of 17mph.
  • 3 different pedal assistance allows the rider to have a smooth cruising effect even on rough terrain.
  • The 36V 10.4Ah battery enables a range of approximately 40mph on a single charge.
  • The handlebar and stem can be adjusted to attain the best possible riding experience through any trail.
  • The cycle manufacturer offers a 1-year service warranty to ensure the user has the best experience.
  • The maximum weight range is 120 kg.
  • People wanting fully loaded electric bikes under $300 can be a good choice by buying this e-bike.

Possible Issues

  • Seat height can be adjusted to a limited extent only.
  • The user interface is average.
  • Distance covered in one charge is less.

What to Assess When Buying an Electric Bike Under $300

When you plan to buy budget-friendly e-bikes, there are several aspects to consider since this would impact your choice. If you are searching for an e-bike and still haven’t researched much, here is an exhaustive list of factors that you should consider:

1. Types of Electric Bikes

There will be several types of e-bikes when you visit a bike shop or look for one online, and each is designed to attain a specific goal. Therefore, you need to be aware of e-bike types before venturing into the details of models available.

There are the commuter bikes for daily, short-distance travel, and then there are the mountain bikes for uneven terrain. Also, the electric cargo bike has a longer wheelbase and rear rack to carry stuff. Once you have clarity on what you want, you need to start a specific research and reach the goal with the least effort.

2. Quality and Durability

Even if you buy affordable electric bikes, you should never compromise on the build and durability of the e-bike since you might regret it later. As numerous brands are venturing into this segment, it is possible that you may find cheap options that may grab your attention instantly, but these may not be the best quality you may desire.

Hence, you need to check the specs, like the metal used in making the frame, and if it meets the industry standards. Do not neglect the built quality to save some money; rather, research thoroughly and invest wisely. A good branded electric bike you buy today will be useful for a long time.

3. Battery Life

Electric bikes are all about battery life; therefore, you should check for the battery make and recharge details to choose one with extended life. A lithium-ion battery is the best available option in the current scenario. Also, you should decide whether you want a removable or fixed battery since you must charge it frequently.

If you do not have a power connection where you can plug in the electric bicycle directly after every use, opting for a removable one to ensure ease of charging is recommended.

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4. Range & Speed

A person who invests in an electric bike wants speed and range, which means the distance that the cycle would cover in a single complete charging. If you use the e-bike for nearby commuting, you may still go for one with less range, but if you plan to go far and enjoy riding an electric bicycle on the outskirts of the city, you may need a bike that has a higher range so that you can cover more distance in a single charge.

5. Motor power

The motor’s power is measured in watts and defines the energy rate generated to assist the rider. The higher the wattage, the more will be the power output, which means faster acceleration and enhanced hiking ability.

This means that for flat city roads, a less-powered motor would work fine; however, for mountains and slopes, one needs higher motor power.

6. Warranty & Support

Reputed electric bike brands extend the best customer support for their buyers, which includes assistance in installation, replacement of spare parts, and warranty so that the user has the best buying experience.

With growing competition, every brand is trying to design functional and feature-loaded best e-bikes, simultaneously maintaining impeccable customer support to solve queries and issues. You would need assistance if any part of the e-bike wears out or gets damaged, so always choose a brand with a trusted background.

7. Safety Features

Undoubtedly, power, motor, and durability is the most crucial aspect, but you should also consider additional features offered by various brands like advanced brake systems and quality, LCD display where all your trip-related details will be displayed, handlebar, and seat adjustment feature for comfort and ease of riding, etc.

These features may not seem to be crucial initially, but these have a role in elevating the riding experience to the next level- an experience every rider desires.

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Maintenance and Care Tips for Electric Bikes

Maintenance of an electric bike is important since if you ignore this aspect, your cycle may get damaged, affecting the overall performance. Here are some tips that you should be aware of to have the best ride always:

1. Cleaning and Lubrication

You should clean and lubricate the cycle parts regularly since it enhances the product’s life and makes the ride smooth. Always use a good quality lubricant specifically formulated for electric bikes and follow the instructions carefully during the process.

Clean the dirt accumulated in gears, batteries, and wheels so that it doesn’t interfere with the bike’s performance. You may use a soft cloth to wipe out the cycle at the end of the day to eliminate any moisture that may cause rusting.

2. Battery Maintenance

You should religiously follow a battery maintenance routine since it would increase the durability. You should remove the battery when washing your e-bike and charge it after every ride.

Some people tend to drain the battery completely before plugging it in for charging, which is a wrong practice as this reduces the battery’s charge-holding ability, especially if it is a lithium battery. Even for shorter trips that consume some battery charge, you should plug in the charger to the full amount and enjoy a hassle-free ride each time.

3. Basic Troubleshooting

Having in-depth acquaintance with every component lets you act appropriately in case of operational breakdown. Therefore, you should know the brake mechanism, battery connections, throttle, etc. If you can manage the issue in initial stage, you can eliminate major damage in long run.

4. Safeguard

When riding an e-bike, you should follow all essential precautions, like using a safety kit and checking the battery levels and air in the tires so that there are no unwanted incidents. If you take precautions in advance, you will be safe and have an amazing bike riding experience. Using an e-bike in the terrain for which it has been designed is recommended.

Commonly Asked Questions about Electric Bikes

Q1: Is it possible to buy electric bikes under $300?

There was a time when buying an electric bike was an expensive affair. Still, with the evolution of electric vehicles and manufacturers designing bikes at lower rates, you can also find electric bikes under $300. These bikes have all the essential features and power a rider desires.

Q2: What are the main types of electric bikes in this price range?

Several electric bike options under $300 have different motor power and can be used in 3 modes: pure throttle, assisted, and manual, depending on the rider’s choice. One can easily find folding, lightweight bikes that have sturdy built. While most bikes have smaller tires, some have bigger tires for enhanced functionality. If you desire a city commuter under $300, you will be amazed at the alternatives available.

Q3: How fast does a cheap electric bike go?

Every brand has different battery power and, therefore, different maximum speeds. The top speed ranges from 15-21 mph so that you can choose one according to your lifestyle needs and budget. The full speed also varies according to the tire size. Hence, you should carefully check the specs before buying one.

Q4: Are these e-bikes easy to assemble?

Most e-bike manufacturers offer pre-assembled cycles where you must make small attachments and adjustments according to your needs. 85-90% assembled bike reaches you with a clear manual, which you can follow easily without technical knowledge. The e-bike makers aspire to attain the best user experience via a quick installation process. If users find any difficulty assembling, they can connect with the brand customer support for help, as they are experts and have the best solutions for e-bike installation and operation issues.

Q5: How to decorate your own electric bicycle?

Custom e-bike die-cut stickers from BPS.com are a fun way to express your personality. Electric vehicles decorated with personalized stickers can express the owner’s unique style and hobbies when driving on the road, making the electric vehicle stand out among many similar vehicles. In addition, stickers provide a level of protection against paint wear.


Buying an electric bike is smart since electric conveyances are set to revolutionize the transport system and help us achieve a better future. If you love to ride a bicycle for commuting short distances, an electric bike is for you. With the different mode options, you can use it manually, assisted, or throttle mode as per the situation.

People who aren’t very active in the present and want a product that would give them the dual benefit of commuting and exercise enjoy electric bikes a lot. If you plan to buy one today, do thorough research before buying since it will help you choose a durable, powerful, and practical bike with unique features that make bike riding a great experience.


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