Amazing Charts Vs. Cerner EHR

Amazing Charts Vs. Cerner EHR – Features Comparison


The Amazing Charts EHR allows clinicians to see detailed information regarding any patient or group of patients, instantly. As a substitute for the Cerner technology that is currently used by most hospital organizations in the United States, Amazing Charts can provide the ability for doctors and other health care professionals to share patient data seamlessly, access records quickly and easily, and create custom measures that can be used to track progress more accurately across many patients.

About Amazing Charts EMR

Amazing Charts is the result of a collaborative effort between practicing family physicians and They attempted to create a tool by taking into account the difficulties that physicians face. This cost-effective solution is known for its advanced capabilities and is packed with impressive features that help physicians relieve pain to some extent.

It has an integrated voice recognition tool that allows users to complete time-consuming documentation tasks with minimal effort. Amazing Charts also allows physicians to make meaningful treatment decisions by bringing all client records onto a single page and offers low-cost pricing plans.

About Cerner EHR

Cerner EMR system is one of the most sophisticated, comprehensive, and integrated on the market. It was established to support medical professionals in providing better patient care. For hospitals and other medical organizations, the Cerner EHR system is a comprehensive solution. It gives them a simple way to keep track of information from patients and doctors and physicians, collaborate with other hospitals, and provide their patients with the best possible care. Cerner’s products aren’t just for multispecialty hospitals and health centres; they also cater to small, single-doctor clinics.

Top features of Amazing Charts EMR

Online treatment and medication

Patients found it difficult to get proper care during the Covid-19 pandemic. People with chronic illnesses were the hardest hit. Amazing Charts EMR, on the other hand, puts a stop to that suffering by enabling remote treatment. Patients can receive timely treatment with no initial cost by gaining remote access to practitioners. Amazing Charts reviews show that, in addition to digital diagnosis and other features, it also allows for digital prescriptions. The best part about e-prescriptions is that it can be shared directly with patients’ preferred pharmacies. As a result, any chances of misunderstanding are reduced, and the gap between doctors and patients is bridged.

Because you have constant access to patient information, there is a low risk of medication error, and the software will notify you if you make a mistake. As a result, digital prescriptions are a thousand times more effective than traditional prescriptions. Prescription refills save time, allowing your practice to be more productive and efficient.

Tools to Improve Client Satisfaction

For many businesses, one key objective is maximizing customer satisfaction. If patients are unhappy with the care they receive, the entire system will collapse. Of course, this will have an impact on your reputation as well as your financial situation. Here’s how AI can improve your practice. Retaining client satisfaction is therefore critical. This feature is the most talked about feature in Amazing Charts Reviews

Due to the overwhelming workload in small clinics, keeping track of patient health can be difficult at times. It is, however, not something that can be done manually. Amazing Charts EHR comes to the rescue. This product includes powerful tools and services that ensure patients receive the best possible care. Patients can also leave reviews and recommendations about their experience using Amazing Charts EHR. Positive feedback will encourage you to continue your efforts, while negative feedback will allow you to enhance your weak areas. This will also demonstrate to your customers that you value their input, increasing their level of satisfaction.

Optimised Clinical Workflow

Maintaining the right balance is key to running a successful practice. It’s impossible to concentrate solely on client visits or administrative tasks. You must manage both at the same time. But how can this be? Amazing Charts EMR helps to simplify medical operations by providing outstanding features and affordable pricing plans. You can organise all of your procedures to align them with your professional needs using the EHR service provider.

From a medical standpoint, this product will assist you in gathering all medical records, such as patient charts, histories, patient records, prescriptions, laboratory results, and payment information, in a dynamic patient portal that you can access with a single click. Its high-tech and user-friendly services easily manage financial tasks such as claim management and insurance eligibility. It also automates data entry procedures. This means that it cuts down a company’s staff over time, thus increasing its revenue. This demonstrates that this detailed solution outperforms a single human brain in terms of clinical effectiveness.

Cerner EHR Features

Clinical Documentation

Cerner’s medical documentation system is designed for efficient user data entry. Cerner EHR, for example, enables you to document notes using voice narration because it can convert them to text format. It also makes things simpler. It aids in the collection of patient data and makes it more accessible.

Client Engagement

According to Cerner EMR reviews, the program has solutions that increase patient participation. Cerner software believes that all patients have the right to be more engaged in their healthcare, and as a result, it provides a patient portal to help them do so.

Patients can securely send information to their doctors, schedule appointments, check their patient data, demand prescriptions, and offer additional important documents or other details to their doctors through the cloud-based portal. The portal can also be used to share educational information and resources that practitioners can utilise to assist their clients with healthcare issues.


Interoperability is a key feature that distinguishes the EHR solution when it comes to connecting health environments to provide seamless and efficient patient care. Cerner offers physicians the most up-to-date patient data updates. By analysing the information obtained from your EHR. It is possible to spend less time analysing the most recent medical data and more time offering the maximum quality of care to clients, allowing you to make more informed decisions about each patient.

Amazing Charts Pricing vs Cerner EHR Pricing

Amazing Charts Pricing begins at $39 per month. On the other hand, Cerner EHR Pricing begins at $25.


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